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Though I was banned from a long time ago for expressing unorthodox views on race, I still like to peruse their petitions now and then. For my convenience, I receive occasional emails from them notifying me of such petitions.

It’s interesting that even though has various petitions in favor of increasing the numbers of “diverse” students at universities, like this one for example, they complain when said diversity comes back to bite them. A recent petition, titled “Remove convicted rapist from Big Red football team” bemoaned the light sentence meted out to a rapist, and the fact that the rapist was allowed to remain on the school football team.

What the Change petition conveniently neglected to mention is the fact that the rapist in question, Ma’lik Richmond, being black, is a beneficiary of the self-same policies that it supports. It should be obvious to anybody not living in a cave, that athletes, particularly black athletes, commit campus rape well out of proportion to their numbers.

Another petition complains about the lack of diversity in the upcoming game, Assassins Creed Unity. The petition reads, in part:

This petition has been created to express the disappointment of Ubisoft fans at the lack of representation of people of colour and females in the four-protagonist line-up of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

If they’re going to protest the supposed lack of diversity in a single film, or series, then must certainly have a petition protesting the lack, thereof, in an entire film industry. I’m referring, of course to Nigeria’s version of Hollywood, known as Nollywood. Submit a Google image search for “Nollywood star” and you’ll get endless photos of black actors and actresses, many of them light-skinned, but all of them black.

Nollywood“Diversity” Nigerian style

Some might expect the people at to bring this up, to call out Africa’s most populous country on this blatant racism. But we’d be kidding ourselves to expect any sort of consistency from The only related result that comes up, from a search for “Nollywood” on their site, is a protest against the use of a biracial actress. This petition reads, in part:

Igbo people, like any other people range in physical characteristics as well as complexion. However, the majority of Igbos are dark brown in complexion. Igbo people do not look like the bi-racial Thandie Newton. Thandie Newton is an accomplished and talented actress in her own right. However, she is not Igbo, she is not Nigerian, and she does not physically resemble Igbo women in the slightest.
As a result, I have created this petition to demand the following things:
1. The use of Igbo men, women, and children, who look like the majority of Igbo people (which means brown in complexion) in the leading roles of the film adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s, Half of a Yellow Sun.

In an earlier post, I asked if Nigerian Americans might be intellectually superior. A commenter, who calls himself “Wales” (comment #10) cited some statistics and linked to some YouTube videos. His point was that Nigeria is a very large, changing and diverse country. He wrote:

As a Nigerian I do know that it is extremely difficult to generalize or group Nigerians one way or the other. We have it all. The Good the bad and the Ugly. The truth is that we are extremely diverse and you are likely to see lots of extremes both good and bad coming out of Nigeria.

Perhaps, but if we were to hold Nigeria to the same standards that those in power hold the Western world to, it would fail miserably. Actually, a more accurate assessment would be that this is yet further proof that “diversity” simply means “fewer white people.”

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  1. Gerry says:

    Same could be said in part for the MOBO awards (Music of Black Origin) held yearly in the UK? All black artists.. Definitely no whites allowed? Televised by all the TV companies, sponsored by all the large mega corporations… Do we have the same for whites??? You bet we don’t, there would be an outcry of ‘Racism’ if ever such a thing was to happen??

  2. panjoomby says:

    part of my social science faculty job was spent doing “minority recruitment” – i eventually quit my tenured position. i believe in recruiting good/smart people. i don’t think race should enter into it. liberal do-gooders were afraid we’d miss diamonds in the rough if we didn’t scour the NAMs. well, the NAMs often didn’t show up for appointments. NAM fraternities & sororities were difficult to work with. Minority recruitment was a big waste of time. & it implied the folks in that particular social science field are not good enough – as if we needed fewer whites & more of certain other groups to be better – which is nonsense!

  3. SFG says:

    Technically, it means *fewer* white people, although you could argue the people behind it see white people as an undifferentiated evil mass. 😉

  4. It’s rare for me to agree with a black, but he’s right. Only total racial separation–that’s separation, not segregation–will cure the disease called diversity.

  5. wilson says:

    Just a heads up — Asassin’s Creed Unity is a game, not a film.

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