Interview with a black race-realist

Race-realism is an acknowledgment of reality; it’s not the exclusive property of any particular race or ethnic group. Most of y’all are already aware that there are Asian race-realists. Some of y’all may be familiar with jayman. He’s an accomplished HBD blogger, and partly black himself. But there are also some full-fledged blacks who have accepted race-realism, and who are pro-white.
One such person is a lady who had commented on this blog. She goes by Jane Doe, and has agreed to an online interview. I have chatted with her face-to-face (edited/added 10/23/14), so I know she is what she says she is. Here’s the text of that interview, and I hope there will be further discussion in comments:

1) Can you describe your journey to race-realism?

I have been interested in the subject of intelligence since high school.  When I discovered the subject I learned that there is a one standard deviation difference in the average IQ scores of blacks and whites, with whites being higher.  I was curious about whether this difference was mainly environmental or genetic.  As a black woman of Nigerian ancestry I was eager to believe that the difference was entirely environmental.  My bias led me to read all the negative reviews of The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein and all the positive reviews of Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond and The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen J. Gould.  (I didn’t know at the time that only one chapter of The Bell Curve covered race.)
When I got to college I took an introduction to philosophy course which required me to read a book by Michael Levin.  This book had nothing to do with race, but it introduced me to the author.  I later discovered that he wrote many controversial books about feminism and racial differences in intelligence.  Since I had already read another book by the author and liked it, I decided to check out Why Race Matters.  It didn’t take long for me to become convinced that the intelligence disparity may well be genetic.  In the beginning of his book Levin asked his audience why anyone would think that blacks are equally as smart as whites.  Blacks have never behaved as though they are.  That introduction was all I needed to read, although I did go on to devour the rest of the book.
2) When you reached your HBD conclusions, who were the first people
(both online and in real life) you shared them with? What were their

Although I have never admitted to anybody face to face that I am a race realist, I regularly comment on American Renaissance articles and also on a blog called Occidental Dissent.  Every once in a while a white person will respond to my comments.  They typically express their surprise that a black person could become a race realist and tell me that while they have no problems with decent blacks, they don’t want to live among blacks in general.  I have rarely encountered hostility, although one person from Romania asked me to sterilize myself.

I’ve also posted articles from AR and OD on my facebook.  I generally get pretty angry responses from both blacks and whites alike.  I have gotten into debates about the book Why Race Matters with a cousin and my postings have garnered accusations of self-hatred from former friends.

3) Have you met any other race realists face to face? Do you desire
friendships with them? Have you attended any race-realist/ pro-white
I have never met a self-professed race realist in person.  As much as I love my egalitarian friends I would love to find friends that accept HBD.  I’ve never attended any race realist/ pro-white conferences either and I’m actually unsure about whether it would be moral to attend any of these types of events.  The very least I can do as a black is let whites associate with each other once a year without black intrusion.

4) As a black race-realist, how would you use this knowledge for the
betterment of your own race? What do you think the prospects are that
other blacks, in significant numbers, will listen?

Years ago, AR posted an article about an organization founded in California that pays addicts to be sterilized.  It is currently called Project Prevention.  I would love to get involved in that organization someday even though the sterilization is only temporary.  Given that it was a white woman who founded the organization I think chances are remote that blacks will join.  

I’ve also heard of organizations that pay black girls not to get pregnant in high school.  I hope that blacks will not scream “eugenics” and protest against those organizations when I get involved, but I’m not optimistic.

5) Do you believe there’s a more receptive audience among African
blacks than among American blacks?

No.  I find that African blacks blame whites for all their problems just as American blacks do.  I only have anecdotal evidence to back up my assertion, but I’m convinced that most African blacks think that colonization is responsible for most of Africa’s woes.  I’ve asked many of my relatives why we don’t just beg the Europeans to re-colonize us and I’ve gotten scoffs from most of them, although one aunt did say that nobody wants to admit that we were better off being ruled by Europeans.

6) Does it bother you that, when you visit sites like, or
even my own site, there’s so much anti-black diatribe? Do you find
yourself in inner conflict when you sympathize with the cause of
people, so many of whom hate you because of your race? Of course, as a
Jew, I’m in a similar situation.

It used to bother me a bit, but I’ve since become more tolerant.  In an ideal world, white race realists would understand the facts of HBD without having any animosity towards blacks at all, but our world is imperfect.  Many AR readers have witnessed black pathology and the unluckiest have been victims of our violence.  I can’t expect them not to go off on rants every once in a while.

As a young black woman who has yet to be in a romantic relationship, it used to severely hurt my feelings that AR readers find black women so unattractive.  (I remember one reader saying that he finds the creatures from the movie Avatar more attractive than black women!)  But now I’m happy about that.  The fewer white men that find black women attractive, the less miscegenation there will be.

I used to experience severe cognitive dissonance on a regular basis.  On one hand, I want the world to accept HBD before the West becomes a third world cesspool.  On the other hand, I want my family to be safe and happy.  I found a solution to not feeling guilty about my activism, though.  Mestizos and Arabs will mistreat blacks far more than whites would if they ever come to power, therefore, it is in the interests of every black person to prevent Mestizos from taking over the U.S. and Arabs from taking over Western Europe.    

7) I’ve written some negative things about blacks myself. Does it
sting, inside, when I write such things, or do you take them in
context and understand that I mean them only as generalizations, and
sometimes as a means of venting?

It doesn’t sting at all.  I’m glad you’re racially aware and I hope you never stop fighting for your race.  Although to be honest, I’ve often wished you would be less blunt about how Ethiopian women are beautiful and black women are unattractive!

8) What can we do to make more intelligent blacks aware of HBD? Do you
have hope that race-realists of all races can work together for our
mutual benefit, and to ensure respectful boundaries and autonomy
between us?

I’ve often considered trying to get blacks interested in eugenics by merely lying to them.  We could tell them that most scientists believe the IQ gap to be entirely environmental, but since we haven’t yet found a way to permanently raise the IQs of the lower income population we should try to prevent them from out-breeding the higher income population.  And also since we haven’t found a way make Head Start successful we shouldn’t let mestizos, Africans, and West Indians emigrate here.  

I wish I could say that I have hope that all the races could live in harmony side by side, but I don’t.  I believe that blacks will always demand more.

9) Can you share some stories about your interactions with whites,
where you  spoke the truth and they weren’t sure how to react, or they
pitied you as a “self-hating black?”

I told a white friend of mine who majored in anthropology that blacks on average score one standard deviation lower than whites on IQ tests.  She scoffed and said she wanted to see the sample size on that.  I had a long debate with an acquaintance who majored in anthropology about whether race is biological.  I told him that scientists can tell a person’s race from their bones, their DNA, and other biological characteristics.  He disagreed and de-friended me on facebook.  He wouldn’t read AR’s book review of The g Factor by Arthur Jensen or anything else I sent him.  My black friends just pity me because they think that I feel bad about myself because I’m black.

10) If you had 5 minutes to address the entire American Jewish
community, what would you tell us?

The American Jewish community should emulate the Israelis.  Sterilize blacks, secure the American border, and declare the U.S. a homeland for whites.  

11) If you had 5 minutes to address the entire American white
community, what would you tell us?
Stop caring what happens to blacks.  Stop adopting black children.  Stop sending aid and food to Africa.  For the love of God, stop having offspring with blacks.  Repatriate every last one of us and never look back.
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36 Responses to Interview with a black race-realist

  1. Cannot Tell says:

    Thank you for interviewing me!

    • Rachel says:

      I absolutely appreciated your interview. I am a black woman who is also doing my research on race-realism and agree with most everything you have suggested, including sterilization. Would love for us to connect as I am still in the beginning stages of learning more about race-realism. Thanks for sharing your story!!

      • jewamongyou says:

        I wouldn’t mind chatting with you either. I’ll shoot you an email.

      • Cannot Tell says:

        Hi Rachel! I’m always happy to make friends with other race realists. My email is I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

      • P. Rose says:

        Hi Rachel,
        I have come across a few other black race realists and they all happened to be women. I think black female intelligence lends itself more to understanding the truth around race with no male ego to interfere. I would love to discuss more with you and ask you some of the same questions I asked the others. Please feel free to reach out to me @

  2. I enjoyed this interview very much, thank you for it. The interviewee might enjoy this book review if she has not seen it yet:
    Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa
    There was also an interview with a black race realist on Amren a while back. It was fascinating…
    A Black Man’s Path to Race Realism

    • jewamongyou says:

      While I’m sympathetic to the man who wrote the Amren article, I feel that his actions are counterproductive: Marrying a Chinese woman in China – and then converting to Judaism may make him feel better about himself, but I don’t find it to be particularly altruistic.

      • He has some interesting insights to offer as a black man in China and a race realist. Nonetheless, I strongly disapprove of his actions.

      • It may not be altruistic, but it makes a certain amount of sense. He wants children with higher IQs than he himself so he marries an Asian.
        A high IQ is nothing without mental discipline. How many bums on Skid Row are near-geniuses?
        Kevin McDonald theorizes that Judaism is an evolutionary strategy masquerading as a religion. Erego, it not only encourages high cohesion among Jews, but it stands to reason that it also incorporates a huge degree of mental discipline in them as well.
        That makes for a formidable people. Why wouldn’t anyone want that for their own children?

  3. peppermint says:

    Repatriation sounds good to me, but is that what she really wants?
    We’re starting to attract serious interest from Blacks, so now it’s start to seriously ask the question of what to do with them. Liberia isn’t a good answer, Nigeria isn’t a good answer either. Would she consent to a colonialist relationship, or does she think that Blacks can rule themselves and build a lifestyle she can accept with an appropriate form of government?

  4. zimriel says:

    It always struck me that the US’s state system should have been ideal. Here’s the black state – if you’re not black, don’t expect protection after the sun goes down. Here are some diverse states (I’d probably end up there). Here are a few white states. Here’s, well, Utah. And so on.
    As far as conferences go, try asking whether Thomas Sowell would be welcome there. Given that, I suspect AmRen is best left to Europeans or at least Eurasians. If VDare is running the conference, though, that might work better – they’re more American nationalist, not strictly pro-white.

    • zimriel says:

      As for sterilisation, I’d recommend that to proven irresponsible dolts. I’d do it to white dunces too.
      A black state would pursue this aggressively – WEB DuBois was a major booster of Sanger’s eugenic programme, precisely because he saw IQ as the only way forward for his race.

  5. Obie says:

    What was the point of interviewing a so-called pro-white black man? Do you honestly think that his views are going to make blacks as a whole go easy on us or will encourage them to side with us against the Jews?
    Stop looking at the micro and start looking at the macro: blacks are a worsening and deadly menace to our people and a few sympathethic ones aren’t going to change that.
    When the balloon goes up, you’re not going to want to start a dialogue with blacks. You’re going to want to start in the opposite direction as soon as you set eyes on them.

    • jewamongyou says:

      What’s the point? I post what I think is interesting.

    • I agree that the vast majority of blacks will never accept race-realism. I regard those few blacks who do as an interesting curiosity. Like studying an endangered species.
      Black hatred of whites seems to be rising at an alarming level. At the same time, white “progressives” seem to believe blacks should be free to commit any crime, that a black can never be at fault for anything. If anyone would punish blacks or hold them to any kind of standards of behavior they are deemed “racist.” It is becoming increasingly ludicrous.
      The US government will never facilitate racial seperation, it goes against the very premise of our society. As the situation becomes worse, whites who can do so, should move to safer white areas or perhaps nations.

      • jewamongyou says:

        The way things are going, soon it will be a crime for a white to move to a more white area. It will be considered a “crime against diversity.”

      • BX says:

        Agree. Whites should, simply, have more children. And, for those whites reading this, don’t only have more children but bring them up subtley prompting them to breed with whites and also, most importantly, bring them up to *want* to have babies.
        The problem is whites are happy to have one or two (or occasionally three) kids while many of more of the other races will breed to their heart’s content.
        Even if the dimwits of other races have 4 children while their “superior” (i.e. normal) specimens have 1 or 2, within a generation the ratio of normal:inferior children will be roughly similar. The inferior increasing their percentage with every generation. This has already been happening and will continue to happen.
        Hence, I am not sure what can result in a positive outlook for humanity’s future. Maybe we get the intelligent Chinese to have more children, or Australia continues it’s child bearing statistics with whites and an increasing (intelligent) immigrant east-asian population. But, wherever whites are in the world, they are decreasing.

  6. BX says:

    A very good and enlightening interview with ‘Jane Doe’, who clearly has some wits about her. When she states that black Africans blame whites for everything she is 100% correct. They don’t just blame whites but they are absolutely obsessed with whites and colonialism. Why do lesser peoples always blame someone else and use that as an excuse for their own total laziness? Then when this laziness inevitably results in less material benefit, they blame whites for this even further.
    And not just sub-saharan Africa either, the northern Muslim part of Africa is just as lazy and feels just as entitled as the southern, black part. That’s even before they flood in to Europe.

  7. Crushing.
    Diversity treats everyone like abused children.

  8. high-t says:

    More and more it looks like the only long term solution is for america to fall. A post-America society will have to emerge as a white ethno-state. That will mean the end to both left and right liberalism and the mandated and enforced pro-white bio-politics. As much as my heart is in libertarianism, it could never succeed without a population of high IQ, high trust citizens. That type of individual liberty could only succeed in some futuristic world where positive eugenics created a high IQ race.
    America’s Founding Father’s had the best of intentions, but there is no way that there system could have succeeded with a population of Blacks and Hispanics. This young black lady is heroic in recognizing a harsh reality that essentially no blacks want to admit; ie HBD. And why would they when the reality of the situation is that because of their limitations blacks stand a large chance of being targeted for extermination at some point in history be some power that is not beholden to altruism and egalitarianism. My guess is if there is ever an Asian conquest of the earth, they will exterminate blacks and not lose sleep over it.

    • BX says:

      “As much as my heart is in libertarianism, it could never succeed without a population of high IQ, high trust citizens” – 100% correct and well put. That’s why in some continents, the one south of Europe for instance, there is constant large-scale corruption no matter how much democracy and liberty they have. You mix some libertarianism with low IQ, a propensity to violence, over-the-top selfishness, and high level of show-off attitude, and you get Africa.

  9. biff says:

    Parts of this were frankly disturbing to me. I would say to Jane Doe, you are who you are. You don’t have to hate yourself or your people. Calling for sterilization of all blacks and forced trips back to Africa is unnatural (coming from Jane Doe), and frankly very counterproductive. There could be a number of programs adopted that would effectively prevent further dysgenic trends without being so brutal, e.g., encouraging temporary sterilization (or long term birth control) for those with low IQ and/or making it a precondition for receiving government benefits, getting rid of incentives for single motherhood, etc. American whites are nice, sensitive people, generally speaking. They will not agree to mass forced sterilization or mass forced repatriation, and advocating these things makes “race realists” easier to dismiss as evil racists on the fringe, whereas immigration control and welfare reform are very much mainstream issues.

    • I concur. Like I tell my daughter, if I were a black man, I’d be a proud black man. Nothing wrong with that. Nobody should be ashamed of their race.
      We could probably just abolish Title VII and get along okay. Anti-discrimination laws are totalitarian, and destroy people’s ‘safe harbors’ from where they can interact or not as they choose. Welfare also induces really bad distortions.
      In other words, we better start dismantling this situation peaceably before it reaches a certain scale and then collapses into sectarian warfare.

    • BX says:

      Personally I think Jane Doe is mostly spot on, and calling for the “sterilization of all blacks and forced trips back to Africa” is the ideal state of affairs we should ultimately have. Sterilisation of most/all American indians a large chunk of whites, maybe 20% for starters, wouldn’t do too much harm either. However I understand your point that in the current zeitgeist, helped by decades of pseudo-brainwashing, whites in general would never vote for or agree to that. In this sense we need to take the steps more slowly. And the ones you state are good ideas.

  10. By the way Jew, would you like to give me my first kiss :$ ? I am 22 years old and finally want it 🙂

  11. Stary Wylk says:

    States are too large and too mixed. I think it would be more practical in the U.S. for cities and counties to be permitted to exclude individuals as residents on whatever objectively verifiable basis they choose. A majority black town could decide no nonblack or white or Asian person could reside there. White counties could do the same about whoever they chose. A referendum in each case would be a logical means of reaching such a decision. A plainly written constitutional amendment would be required to keep SCOTUS from cancelling this. A reasonable period, perhaps years, would have to be allowed for excluded persons to move.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The problem is that if we tried to implement such a policy these days, white states would allow anybody to move in, while black states would exclude non-blacks. Whites are far too brainwashed to be able to use such freedom responsibly.

  12. Jay says:

    You got trolled.
    Repatriate every last one of us and never look back.
    Ultimately, the troll could not compose itself.

  13. Nicoletta says:

    How can you prove that this anonymous black race realist exists?

  14. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Repatriate every last one of us and never look back.
    I can’t understand how a black American woman can have written that, even if she’s a race realist and all that. You didn’t speak face to face, did you ?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Blacks, once they acquire the truth about race, do sometimes go to extremes in distancing themselves from their own race. For example, the black race-realist who wrote the article for Amren (comment 2 above) went so far as to move to China, marry a Chinese woman and convert to Judaism.
      But no, I never met her face to face. We have had several interactions, over time, online. But I can’t prove that she’s really black or really female, or really anything.

      • Cannot Tell says:

        Hi Jewamongyou! I’m sorry that some people doubt my existence. If you want to skype so you can be 100% certain that I am really black, let me know.

  15. When i read this article, it reminded me of that Mestiza actress who said “Why do the minorities have to steal ALL the White comic book characters???? Why dont they create their own????”
    The World is becoming lazy and greedy at the expense of the White Men and Women, simple as that…. Sure, lets hijack White technology and “upgrade” our genomes by forcing Blacks and other non-Whites ON Whites. Let us “upgrade” our IQ ( supposedly) and our status by becoming half-breeds.
    This is genocide, holocaust and/or whatever you wanna call it.
    There are “anomalous” race realists you could never imagine existed just like the lady above, but we are out there. Unfortunatelly, our voices are drowned out by Political Correctness.

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