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Sometimes white cops really are in the wrong

I don’t know all the facts, but at first blush, the cop shown in this video is out of control and should never have been put in such a position of authority. His actions, as seen in the video, are … Continue reading

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Maternal deaths in Uganda and birthrates

A current Yahoo article bemoans the high rate of maternal fatalities in Uganda. The article, written by Amy Fallon, reads: Kampala (AFP) – As she lay bleeding to death in Valente Inziku’s arms in a Ugandan government hospital in October … Continue reading

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Combating modern day slavery

I was with a friend in downtown Portland today when we noticed a large group of teenaged girls marching through the street with signs about slavery. We caught up with them at a park a few minutes later and I … Continue reading

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Two items in the Oregonian

Two items caught my attention in yesterday’s Oregonian: “Teen faces rape, other charges in Lane County” and “Racial impact tool to roll out soon.” The first article, which has a similar online version, illustrates the Mexican crime problem in Oregon: … Continue reading

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In memory of Lounes Matoub

I remember reading a short news blurb back in 1998. It said something about a popular Algerian folk singer being murdered. Though I hadn’t a clue who the singer might be (his name was not mentioned), I felt a pang … Continue reading

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