Two items in the Oregonian

Two items caught my attention in yesterday’s Oregonian:
“Teen faces rape, other charges in Lane County” and “Racial impact tool to roll out soon.”
The first article, which has a similar online version, illustrates the Mexican crime problem in Oregon:

A 17-year-old on a field trip to an Oregon Ducks game organized by the Washington County Juvenile Department managed to slip away and allegedly rape a woman outside the stadium.
The accused rapist, identified as Jaime Tinoco, was discovered by a police dog near Autzen Stadium the night of Sept. 13 after he reportedly grabbed a 39-year-old woman and dragged her into the bushes, according to KATU-TV.
Tinoco was on a trip to Eugene to watch a football game at the University of Oregon with a group of about a dozen teens being supervised while on probation…
There were four employees from the Washington County department watching the group when Tinoco walked away. The program is an alternative to detention that develops life skills and socialize teens instead of slapping on additional prison time.

I suppose we could consider the ability to rape “life skill” and “socialization.” This skill might come in handy, for Jaime, while in prison.
The other article, so far only in the print version, has more to do with a push for leniency for black criminals. It’s titled:
“Racial impact tool to roll out soon,” and here’s a quote:

Calling them “a good first step toward justice,” state Sen. Chip Shields on Tuesday outlined how he hopes new “racial impact statements” will address racial disparities in criminal sentencing and child welfare cases in Oregon…
Momentum behind the effort to draft such statements is drawn from statistics showing that, among other things, African Americans make up about 2 percent of Oregon’s general population but about 10 percent of the state’s prison population.

It seems to me that 10% is suspiciously low; it should be more like 20% – when we consider the overall criminality of blacks. I’m very close to a person who got in trouble with the law, here in Oregon, and he told me of his own experiences in jail – among them the fact that blacks are wildly overrepresented among the hardened criminals he encountered. I’m convinced that our “justice” department has been wary of being called “racist” for many  years, and that it metes out lighter sentences to blacks with this in mind. This might have been the case with the person I’m close with – who can pass for black himself.
To all but those in the media and politics, it should be obvious that blacks are overrepresented in the prison system because they commit more crime. Not because they are subject to racism in the police force or the “justice” department. This being the case, practically all laws will have a disparate impact upon blacks – as they will against men. Any attempt to soften this impact will have the effect of encouraging even more criminal behavior from blacks. As this increase in criminal behavior trickles down into the prison system, more cries of “racism” will be heard, and yet more leniency demanded. It’s a vicious cycle. What we need is harsher sentencing for blacks and Hispanics, not more leniency. Only harsher sentencing can reverse their spiral into lawlessness. Only harsher sentencing can protect the rest of us from their depredations.

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4 Responses to Two items in the Oregonian

  1. “Progressives” complain about the fact that so many blacks are in prison. They imply that we should let them out, have even more lenient sentencing, or that blacks were put into prison because of their race! The truth is there should be a lot more blacks in prison! How many black thugs were let go because cops were afraid of being accused of racial profiling?
    Blacks will always commit more crime. Unfortunately, I expect sentencing to become increasingly lenient. I blame the Juvenile Department for the rape as much as I blame the rapist. If they hadn’t let out a dangerous criminal to go to a sporting even it wouldn’t have happened! The only people I hate more than these thugs, are the liberal idiots and pseudo-intellectuals who enable them and defend them.

  2. BX says:

    “Blacks are over-represented in prison because juries and judges, police and investigators, are racist against them. Well if not that, then blacks are over-represented in prison because of ‘institutional racism’, the system itself is racist against them, and all whites must accept collective guilt. If not, then blacks if nothing else are over-represented in prison because of past racism, causing an underclass which commits more crimes than other races because of poverty as well as the ongoing passive-racism they receive every day.” So go the excuses. Ignoring the fact that other races/ethnicities have put up with racism and ‘past injustices’ and have integrated within a generation or two.
    The idea that blacks commit more crime because of lower (average) IQ, a propensity to lack foresight, having large egos/attitude with a lack of serious thought, and having a propensity to violence, is, quite deliberately, not even considered. (For consideration may lead to conclusions which are not ‘pleasant’.) Most people will convince themselves of anything… *anything* … but the truth.

    • Any excuse or rationale is accepted, as long as it blames whites and exonerates minorities. The specific details or exact psychology of it varies, however, the bottom line is that whites are an evil race of oppressors and blacks and hispanics are innocent victims, even as they commit violent crimes!

  3. As ‘s Jared Tayloer mentions in “The color of crime”: Crime victims themselves are racist because they accuse Blacks of having committed the violent crime against them. So it can not be the racist police, and justice system who convicts less or equal percentage of Blacks than are accused by victims.

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