Combating modern day slavery

I was with a friend in downtown Portland today when we noticed a large group of teenaged girls marching through the street with signs about slavery. We caught up with them at a park a few minutes later and I asked about the nature of their protest.
I spoke to one of the directors of the march, a young lady named Avital. She told me that sex slavery, especially of underage girls, is a huge problem in Portland. I wondered if she was familiar with the scandal in northern England, where authorities allowed native girls to be exploited, raped and murdered for years because they feared being called “racist.” She said she was familiar with it.
Then I asked her why all the protesters were white, with a smattering of Asians, and included not a single black girl. I had previously been informed that they were from St. Mary’s Catholic school for girls. According to their website, they are about 5% black and 5% Hispanic. What I was getting at was that, if this protest was against slavery, one would expect some participation from their black students. Apparently, this is not the right kind of slavery for black students to be overly concerned with; most of the victims are white.
Avital’s reply was disturbing:

Unfortunately, Portland is about 70% white so we just don’t have the diversity.

I told her that I don’t see that as a problem. I said that I’m glad to live in a white city. I pointed out that my Chinese friend (who was with me) doesn’t consider it a problem that his city, back in China, is almost exclusively Chinese, and that the blacks of Detroit don’t consider the fact that Detroit is almost completely black to be a problem.
At this point she turned pale and her jaw dropped. I doubt she’d ever heard any sort of pro-white sentiment before today. She then excused herself from my presence.
I think it would be a good idea to seek out groups of high school students and give them pro-white flyers that tell them there is nothing wrong with being white, that it is not a deficiency if a city is majority white, and that they have every reason to be proud of their heritage.

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  1. Nathan Wartooth says:

    Portland? You mean the most racist city on the planet?
    I got a good laugh from this article. I have a feeling that any city with any percentage of blacks is a “racist” city.

  2. Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    I’m reblogging this post by Jew Among You for several reasons.
    First, it’s good that teenage girls know that there are girls, mostly white, in the USA who are being kept as sex slaves.
    Second, it’s good that these girls protest such vile illegal acts, perpetrated mostly by blacks and Hispanics.
    Third, what is horrifying is that the girls were ashamed of being white, deploring the fact that their hometown of Portland, Oregon is 70 percent white. They also seemed to be unaware that it is not white men who are taking girls into sex slavery.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I began to hear that back in the 1990’s that Portland was a hotspot for runaways. Many runaways, mostly white, for whatever reason would flock to Portland. Consequently, there were/are many homeless adolescents and teens in Portland.
    These kids, mostly white, are looked at as ‘throwaways’. Since most whites have been duped today into being altruistic towards other races outside their own, these kids are overlooked. I can speak for many in saying that it is amazing how many white sons and daughters’ struggles are overlooked BY THEIR OWN WHITE FAMILY MEMBERS and minimized because of the stupid and false mantra called ‘White Privilege”. Many white families make the callous assumption that their kids’ struggles are bogus, that their kids are just acting like spoiled brats. As a result of this mindset, many white kids become alienated within their families and instead turn to drugs and negative influences from peers etc. in place of family.
    It all boils down to White Families taking each other for granted.

    • jewamongyou says:

      We do see a lot of “street kids” around here. For the most part, they’re late teens/early twenties and they can be dangerous. From what I can tell, they’re always into drugs.

      • Most of the homeless people I have encountered were either on drugs, criminals, or mentally ill. When people do give them money to try to help them, I am sure almost all the money goes to booze, cigarettes, or other unwise expenditures. When I was growing up, the homeless were presented as a class of saints who suffer because of the greed and indifference of society. In the real world, I don’t think I’ve met even one homelss person who wasn’t there because of his or her own poor choices.

  4. BX says:

    Good post. That these delusional school students feel the need to say that because Portland is “only” 70% white, that they “[lack] diversity” just goes to show that they are talking like they think they have to, PARROTING what they consider to be politically correct, morally-superior, rubbish, without being capable of a single original thought on the topic. Your return comments to her must have left her gobsmacked and her poor little mind spinning. Little wonder this girl from a nearly totally white school, chosen specifically because there is none of the scum there she thinks she has to stick up for, left the conversation quick smart.

  5. Many years ago, I was listening to a radio program. It was co-hosted by Gloria Allred (the feminist attorney) and someone else, who’s name I don’t remember. A Mexican called up and told them how his friends found a passed out drunk woman outside. They brought her in and took turns raping the unconscious woman. The caller, so he said, refused to participate in the gang rape. At the same time, he stood around watching it. Gloria and her co-host mildly chided the Mexican for failing to put a stop to this or call the police. She told him something like. “Next time you know what you should do.” This woman claims to care about women’s “rights?”
    Somehow, I am told, because I oppose feminism I therefore “hate women.” Yet, a well known and prominent feminist gave a very mild verbal reparmand to a man who was a witness and legally an accomplice to a gang rape! I believe his behavior was excused because of “the color of his skin.”
    Imagine if an affluent white man called up and said “My corporate excecute friends found a passed out woman outside. They brought her in and took turns raping her. I watched and did nothing.” I am pretty sure they’d have the call traced and a police investigation would have been initiated. I get the very strong impression that many feminists are perfectly fine with rape and violence against women, if the perpetrator isn’t a white male! If a non-white rapes or assaults a white woman, its because we failed to “educate” (civilize?) him. If a white man does it, it is because he’s an evil white man who hates women! I can’t take feminism seriously.

    • BX says:

      It’s all about trying to show the world how politically correct she is. In the battle for self-righteous political correctness, racism trumps sexism nearly every time. Look at feminists refusing to criticise middle eastern culture like they really should given their opinions. I have heard proud feminists talk respectfully about how only Maori men can do the haka (war dance) and not women – as it’s their precious culture. But if their own Western Culture only allows men to do something and not women, they spend an hour pontificating about it. And it honestly does not occur to them that they are being hypocritical!

  6. really sad. All Human Rights care about if criminals and hoolingans are treated with excessive force. They don’t care about people behaving properly and thus not inviting any force by police.
    It is interesting, for many years we had police with submachine guns in European airports, and nobody thought they had to show their outrage by provoking and fighting them.

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