Sometimes white cops really are in the wrong

I don’t know all the facts, but at first blush, the cop shown in this video is out of control and should never have been put in such a position of authority. His actions, as seen in the video, are an embarrassment.
Naturally, a lot of people are pointing to the above video and saying things like these comments:

I thank God every day I am not black, and this the exact reason why. These guys have it hard and I feel for them.
It’s about time they do the right thing. From my observation, It’s sad to admit and see that blacks are mistreated. I would not want to be black. I feel for the black people. Stop the hate.”
I can’t wait for all the usual suspects to come forward and say “The police would NEVER shoot an unarmed black man with his hands in the air !” Oh wait there was a dash cam this time !

None of us know whether the victim’s race had anything to do with this officer’s aggression, but let’s assume that it did.
Though the corporate media would have us believe that the only reason police dogs tend to bite blacks and Hispanics more is “institutional racism” on the part of whites, it seems more likely that these dogs are conditioned, by the reality on the ground, to assume that blacks/Hispanics are criminals – and act accordingly. Both men and dogs are subject to conditioning, and it’s unrealistic to expect either to act in exactly the same way when confronted with members of more criminal groups versus less criminal groups. Do cops behave the same way when dealing with little old ladies as they do when dealing with powerful young men? Would we want them to?
Blacks are more dangerous than whites, and police officers are exposed to this reality on a daily basis. Obviously, this will affect their behavior toward each group. But even though both men and dogs are subject to conditioning, we should demand a certain degree of professionalism from them. It would appear that officer Groubert, shown in the video above, lacked such professionalism.

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6 Responses to Sometimes white cops really are in the wrong

  1. Van Phauc says:

    *Often* white cops are in the wrong. Policing in America has gotten out of control. The question is, why does the media focus on the borderline or sub-borderline cases like Ferguson, instead of the (many) cases of clear poor conduct by police, like this one, or the black guy buying an air rifle who got shot?
    Probably because no one will defend this cop, so there will be no story.
    White inclination to defend police misconduct is at an all time low, but our sense of fair play still forces us up to stick up for an officer like Darren Wilson who was legitimately not at fault.
    Meanwhile, black tribalism forces them to defend Michael Brown, so conflict results.

    • Stealth says:

      Bad cops (black, white and otherwise) abuse white people as well as blacks and Hispanics. They’ve gotten out of control here in recent years, and something needs to be done. George Carlin, a disgusting individual in general, was correct when he said that many Americans are cop lovers. I think we should be a bit more critical.
      One thing is certain, though: the left making a racial issue out of the matter is counterproductive in the extreme.

  2. I saw the video.
    That cop clearly is not a murderer, he got nervous and did not have enough self control.
    One also must consider: a cop wants to survive 40 years of street work. Any moment someone can shoot him. If the guy has a weapon, you have a split second do decide if it is a weapon and have to shoot before him. Sure, this needs to be stressed in training.
    It is kind of known, world wide, that with US police you should do NOTHING that could look like you are getting a weapon.
    Note that Black police shoot more people, and Holder is OK with that

  3. Sometimes white cops really are wrong, I agree. More often though, I think black and Hispanic cops are wrong. Many minority officers are likely to side with other minorities, even criminals against white victims. This is a major problem.

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