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Celebrating diversity in New York

Here’s a video of a young woman enjoying diversity while strolling through New York. I can think of several problems with the video. Firstly, since when is an offhand compliment “harassment?” Secondly, would she rather be ignored by the opposite … Continue reading

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The trouble with HIAS

I just got a link from Human Stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff), from Refugee Resettlement Watch  titled: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society praises federal agencies for “responding to anti-refugee resettlement backlash” The article states, in part: Pockets of Resistance! … Continue reading

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Chinese Girl in the Ghetto

My friend at Diversity Chronicle just sent me a copy of Chinese Girl in the Ghetto by Ying Ma. I found it to be riveting – as evidenced by the fact that I finished it in one sitting. One of … Continue reading

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Do microbes control our minds?

I just read a fascinating article, by Kathleen Mcaulitte, at The It has to do with the research of Jaroslav Flegr, whose theories about the microbe Toxoplasma gondii are revolutionary. Here are some excerpts from the article: … Starting … Continue reading

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The insidious hate-mongering of Reuters

Though Reuters is certainly not the only organization to engage in hate-mongering against whites, two recent articles illustrate its double standard when reporting interracial crime. Here’s one of the two articles, where the defendant was a white man: JACKSONVILLE Fla. … Continue reading

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Jason Cox versus Adam Tatum

Back in 2009 Michael Medved asked, rhetorically, “Are black victims of police brutality the only ones that count?” Medved contrasted the media treatment of white victim Christopher Harris, who suffered a brain injury at the hands of police, with black … Continue reading

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Letter from Richard Spencer

I hope Mr. Spencer doesn’t mind if I reproduce today’s letter, from him, here: WE’LL TAKE OUR STAND Dear , Never in my life have I faced such adversity . . . never have I been so inspired. By now, … Continue reading

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Mercy inflation etc.

Mercy Inflation During a recent day at work, I observed three different coworkers taking mercy upon lowly creatures. As I swatted a fly in the break room, a woman cried, “Don’t kill it; it’s only a fly!” Then, when I … Continue reading

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