Mercy inflation etc.

Mercy Inflation

During a recent day at work, I observed three different coworkers taking mercy upon lowly creatures. As I swatted a fly in the break room, a woman cried, “Don’t kill it; it’s only a fly!” Then, when I expressed a desire to do away with a moth, another individual gently scooped it up and let it loose outside. Later that day, yet another worker picked up a moth and walked a full 70 feet or so to set it free outside.
“What is the world coming to?” I thought. To the best of my knowledge, none of the aforementioned individuals were vegetarians – so their objection to killing other creatures seems to be one of convenience. It was obvious that these people consider such mercy, toward lowly creatures, to be meritorious. I disagree. It’s the same mentality that wants to grant A’s to all students, “winner” status to all sports competitors, and loads of (unearned) money to all people. The end result will not be more mercy, love and tolerance in the world. On the contrary. The end result will be a cheapening of the quality of mercy.
The ancient Jewish sages referred to insect pests as “cursed creatures.” They understood that mercy is not a commodity that should be wasted with wonton abandon. They said, “He who has compassion upon the cruel is destined to be cruel to the compassionate.”
It is an ominous omen for so many young people to have compassion upon flies and moths. It doesn’t mean that these lowly creatures have been elevated to the level of Mankind. What it means is that Mankind will ultimately be lowered to the level of flies and moths. In the end, in the not-so-distant future, the taking of a human life will be as inconsequential as the taking of a fly’s life.

Oregon’s Wilson River

The reason I don’t take vacations during the summer is that there are few places I’d rather be than Oregon in the summer. Among my favorite places is the Wilson River. It winds along Highway 6 from Tillamook State Forest to the Pacific Ocean via the town of Tillamook. There are many fine hiking trails, swimming holes, fishing spots and parks along the way. Traveling along Highway 6, it’s a good idea to stop whenever you see a group of cars parked alongside the road; it’s a good indication that there’s a nice spot nearby.

Even though our summers have been starting later, and finishing later, over the years, most of the population hasn’t caught on. Therefore, even though we’ve had a series of very warm days this October, the beautiful spots along the Wilson River are practically devoid of people. It’s a good time to enjoy the clear water (still not too cold to swim in) and the scenery. Here are a few shots I took a couple of days ago.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASitting by the river and watching the water flow by is a good way to clear one’s mind of the clutter of modern life. Many insights have come to me while contemplating the eddies and ripples of the water over the rocks.

Orania: How could they have not known?

It would appear that the leaders of Orania allowed/invited a crew from the BBC to enter their town and poke around. Considering the known anti-white bias of the BBC, I wonder how Orania could have been so naive. Did they really believe they would get an honest, unbiased writeup? Here’s the article. Read it for yourself and see how many lies, distortions and biased comments you can find in it. Obviously, the authors don’t think white people have the right to be left alone – even in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

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3 Responses to Mercy inflation etc.

  1. Stary Wylk says:

    Perhaps the people of Orania hope to reach those who can see through the BBC’s bullshit. I believe there are many.

  2. kanwilsal says:

    The moment you do not allow journalists in you are a completely cut off and ignored. They must be allowed to critique the town constantly and to the best of there abilities. A) People see beyond the bs as [Stary Wylk says]. B) As the town grows no one can someday suddenly be surprised when a small city thrives. C) Making money out of whining liberals is liberating. D) Even the most negative article gains more friends then enemies and make any attempt to exterminate the town impossible.
    Let me end with this imaginary scenario:
    Two groups of (libertarians/ religious purists/ racial purists/ white-nationalists / communists) decide to each start there own town in America. The first allow anyone to visit them and every second journalist go to write a winning article about how backwards, stupid, uneducated, reactionary, poor and misguided the inhabitants are. The do this just about every month and whole world gets to read about them and there ideas.
    The second group is a bit more militant and allows no one in that does not agree 100% with them and certainly no journalists. Hence no one knows about them, talks about them or have an opinion about them. Which one of the two do you think is in danger of being militarily invaded and destroyed?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is even one government on Earth that would so much as lift a finger to save a white town from being massacred by blacks. On the contrary, most governments would cheer for the blacks. But I agree that such articles might attract more (private) supporters and settlers.

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