Letter from Richard Spencer

I hope Mr. Spencer doesn’t mind if I reproduce today’s letter, from him, here:


Dear ,

Never in my life have I faced such adversity . . . never have I been so inspired.
By now, you’ve probably heard the stories coming out Budapest: our conference being banned by the Hungarian Prime Minister . . . our perseverance and willingness to take a stand for our ideals . . . our speakers being threatened with deportation . . . my arrest and imprisonment by the Hungarian state for thought-crimes . . . and our event taking place, against all odds.
Crises reveal character. And I am tremendously proud of our how our institution and broader movement responded. Despite the government’s ban, attendees came from around the world to meet fellow Europeans and have a conversation about our future. After I was arrested and detained, Jared Taylor, aided by comrades, stepped into my place and hosted what was, from what I hear, a joyous and stimulating gathering.
The night of my arrest encapsulated the dual nature of this past weekend—adversity and inspiration. I was apprehended by police in a Budapest pub, where dozens of attendees and I had gathered to build fellowship before the next day’s conference. The room was filled with our European family: Britons, Canadians, Scandinavians, Flemish, Croatians, and more. We instantly became old friends, though most of us were meeting each other for the first time.
I was reminded of the need for groups like The European Congress, a forum and meeting point for European identitarians and traditionalists.
And I was reminded of the necessity of The National Policy Institute.
At NPI, we produce original writings on RadixJournal.com, featuring the work of Gregory Hood, Michael McGregor, and all the regulars. We publish new books, with a lineup that ranges from Richard Lynn to Piero San Giorgio to Tito Perdue to Alexander Dugin. We host conferences and public events, which have featured, among many others, Alain de Benoist, Tomislav Sunic, and Jack Donovan.
We are doing things that are powerful, things that are getting noticed, and things that rock the boat.
We are willing to take risks. And we are willing to take hits.
There are certainly more pleasant ways of spending a weekend than in a Hungarian jail; however, if I were to do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. We must never lose our nerve as our adversaries react . . . and overreact . . . and try to shut down our projects. (And if we’re not upsetting the establishment a litte bit, then we’re probably doing it wrong.)
We’re more powerful than we might believe. Our power stems from our resolve, from our pride, and from our audacity.
And you make it possible. Your tax-deductible donations to NPI are the lifeblood of everything we do. Giving to us is a direct way of aiding your comrades who have taken risks and made sacrifices. It’s a way to “do something.”
Over the past week, our movement and our ideas have received a tremendous amount of coverage, and generated sympathy and good will from surprising sources. Our challenge is to ensure that this doesn’t become just another passing moment, but instead becomes a watershed in the rediscovery of European consciousness.

Richard B. Spencer

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6 Responses to Letter from Richard Spencer

  1. Mr. Spencer should be commended for moving forward despite persecution. I am very glad that the conference took place despite the illegal acts of the Hungarian government.

  2. 0jr says:

    Hungary – Let Freedom Ring http://www.rense.com/general75/aahe.htm EUROPES KOSHER RIGHT WING PARTIES http://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2014/09/14/europes-kosher-right-wing-parties/.Why was he laughing at a meeting in a bar with the jew looking boy waving before the arrest. Why was he the only 1 arrested .Why didnt he have it in ireland uk or izrealhell nyc.What did they accomplish besides bad mothing Hungary

  3. Robert Marchenoir says:

    It was a big mistake for Jared Taylor to associate with Alexander Dugin. Not because of the reasons alleged by Ojr, but first of all because Dugin is a raving maniac, a madman. He’s also a fascist — although he’s so unhinged it’s debatable whether any rational political ideology can be attributed to him.
    He was a founder, or co-founder, of the Russian national-bolshevik party. The name says it all, really. Its flag looks exactly like the Nazi flag, except the svastika has been replaced with a Soviet hammer and sickle.
    Although the national-bolsheviks belonged to the opposition (and were prosecuted as such), Alexander Dugin is one of the ideologues competing for Putin’s attention, and his beliefs are broadly aligned with Moscow’s regime.
    Unfortunately, many far-right parties or individuals in Europe tend to side with Russia. I cannot stress strongly enough that Putin’s interests and agenda couldn’t be further removed from ours. When I say ours, I mean European peoples’, including Americans, who want to preserve the Western civilisation and the white race.
    Putin’s Russia is an incredibly toxic mix of a nuclear mafia state where the KGB (now called the FSB) holds the power (and not only because Putin is the president).
    The KGB, the government and indeed the whole economy are corrupt to a staggering extent. The mafia, the oligarchs, the KGB and the government have strong links and are using each other. You need to buy your way into everything, and you deal with people who think nothing of killing you — or hundreds of innocents — if you cross them, or it just advances their power. It’s the same thing in business or politics — indeed business and politics can’t be separated from each other.
    Journalists are routinely killed for telling the truth. The police work hand in hand with the crime gangs. Judges are bought by the mafia, “businessmen” and politicians — they are the same. Democracy is an illusion : elections are rigged, and the opposition is fake.
    Vladimir Putin — and Alexander Dugin — are very much at ease with that lawlessness. The rule of law that’s so central to Western civilisation is completely alien to them. They don’t plan to defend Europe or Western civilisation — whatever they may say to the contrary. They have embarked on a path of Russian ethnic supremacism, backed by military agression abroad and a dictatorship at home. They are rabidly anti-Western. They are against free markets and individual freedom.
    Russia also has a formidable worldwide disinformation and subversion system at work, not to mention the classical intelligence side of it. It was tremendously effective under the Soviets, it’s working at full speed right now. They have plenty of money to buy off so called Western “experts”, professors, politicians, businessmen, you name it. Don’t believe a word of what’s coming from Moscow — or from their agents of influence in Europe and elsewhere. They are lying through their teeth.
    Some deluded souls think that Putin will help Europe and America fight multiculturalism and mass immigration. Nothing could be further from the truth : Putin gloats over anything that weakens the West.
    If you think that Vladimir Vladimirovitch has some secret trick to hold immigration and Islam at bay, think of this : Russia has one hundred different ethnic groups, many of them Muslim. And they are not immigrants. They are natives ! Moscow is already Europe’s largest Muslim city. Soviet Russia made a mess of the war against Muslim Afghanistan, Putin made a thorough mess of the war against Chechnya, and now native Muslims hate him because of this.
    The multi-ethnic nature of Russia was a major problem during Soviet times. It was swept under the rug through communism, terror, mass deportations and genocide. Now that Putin’s autocracy is one notch down from Stalinist terror, the problem has not gone away, and the Kremlin strongman has no clue about it.
    Apart from blaming America, “liberals” and homosexuals, which won’t get him far.

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