Jason Cox versus Adam Tatum

Back in 2009 Michael Medved asked, rhetorically, “Are black victims of police brutality the only ones that count?” Medved contrasted the media treatment of white victim Christopher Harris, who suffered a brain injury at the hands of police, with black non-victim Louis Gates, who suffered a minor inconvenience. Harris got virtually no media attention, while the Gates incident was front-page news for weeks – with Obama even inviting the interested parties to the White House for a “beer summit.”
A more recent, and better, comparison would be between Jason Cox, a white victim of police brutality, and Adam Tatum, a black victim. Both were badly beaten. Cox, who was beaten by police in 2011, won $562,000 from the city of Portland. Tatum, who was beaten in 2012, is suing for 50 million dollars. Both incidents were recorded by video, which appeared to support the victims’ accounts.
A Google search for “Jason Cox +brutality” yields only 5 results, 4 of which are from local news outlets. In contrast, a search for “Adam Tatum +brutality” yields over six million results.
In answer to Medved’s question: Yes. In the eyes of the corporate-owned media, black victims are the only ones that count.
jason cox

tatumLet that sink in for a moment: 5 results for the white victim versus 6,290,000 results for the black victim.

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  1. anotheranonymous says:

    I think intelligence agencies like to see protests with no justification whatsoever, just to see who the recreational troublemakers are. They use a few provocateurs to get an estimate of the real problem population.

  2. The details are always important, but omitted. I only understood the Rodney King case recently, that Rodney King did not surrender nor allow a weapons search, on top of engaging in felony reckless car chase driving and being on parole and on drugs.
    I wonder how many victims of police beatings were totally innocent, or actually the beating was justified or necessary, or, at last, only an overreaction to inappropriate behavior towards police.
    Gentle giant Michael Brown was an example of a string of misdemeanors and felonies committed before getting shot.
    Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM and PC
    May I guess the white victim was beaten by a black officer? That would justify the lack of interest in prosecuting.
    Did you know that Black police shoots more Blacks then white police, and that Holder does not care?
    Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM and PC
    Are you afraid police will beat you, if you behave? The only exception, maybe, if you videotape police and, justifiably, don’t obey their orders to stop doing so.
    Of course, true pollice brutality with no justification should not happen.

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