The insidious hate-mongering of Reuters

Though Reuters is certainly not the only organization to engage in hate-mongering against whites, two recent articles illustrate its double standard when reporting interracial crime. Here’s one of the two articles, where the defendant was a white man:

JACKSONVILLE Fla. (Reuters) – Michael Dunn, a middle-aged white man, was sentenced to life in prison without parole, plus 90 years, by a Florida judge on Friday for killing an unarmed black teenager in an argument over loud rap music.

Reuters makes absolutely certain we all know that the murderer is white, while his victim was black. But when the perpetrators are black, and the victims of another race (such as Asian), Reuters is silent about the race of the perpetrators – as we see here:

(Reuters) – Two men accused of fatally shooting a pair of Chinese graduate students at the University of Southern California were charged on Tuesday with capital murder, making them eligible to face the death penalty if convicted, prosecutors said.

The only reason the (implied) race of the victims is mentioned is that the crime caused an international incident. Given that rap is primarily a black thing, and that incident #1 involved a white man who objected to loud rap, one could argue that the race of both parties was relevant enough to mention. However, we can make a similar argument regarding the second incident. The neighborhood was crawling with dangerous feral black “youth,” and the Chinese students were neither warned, nor prepared, for this. USC essentially killed them with political correctness – by withholding important information about blacks, and by not making John Derbyshire’s essay, “The Talk: Nonblack Version” available to them. When American universities accept students from safe parts of the world, it’s their responsibility to enlighten them as to the realities of life in the ghetto.
In fact, the second article continues:

Earlier this month the two Chinese students’ families filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing the school of misrepresenting the area where they were shot as safe and failing to provide security patrols.

By and large, people are shallow creatures. They “know” whatever information is fed to them. They believe what they are told, and their blind obedience to trends and fashions allows certain industries to milk them like cattle, making countless billions of dollars in the process.
When the hoi polloi is fed a constant stream of media clips, which insidiously imply white guilt and black victimhood, reasoned argument cannot shake them from their resulting faith. It becomes ingrained in them.

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5 Responses to The insidious hate-mongering of Reuters

  1. Well said. It is absolutely racist and thus prohibited to warn people of dangerous neighborhood. Derbyshire’s talk is not an issue of hate, rather it is out of compassion to preserve people’s health and life.
    A Ghetto warning GPS app named Ghetto tracker was soon renamed and forgotten. Reginald Denny and many others could have been warned and saved.
    Political correctness causes hate, mayhem, and murder.
    I wish this great definition went viral. Let us work on this. It needs long explanation for people to believe and understand.

  2. Stan Mute says:

    It occurred to me this morning while visiting your blog after a long and inexplicable hiatus, that history repeats itself. By that astute observation I mean that history explained to a child about his ancestors. An african boy (in Africa) will be told: “BongoBongo, your grandfather was a great man. He ran through the savannah and was trampled by elephants. Your great grandfather was also a great man. He ran through the savannah and was eaten by a lion.” And this is true whether the child was born in 2003 AD or 2003 BC for our African friends. Should they be in America, the story varies slightly: “Dontravius, yo grandpa was a great man. He done 45 to life for raping and killing a white woman.” And, “Yo great grand daddy was a great man. He done got hisself lynched for raping and killing a white woman.” And this, I suspect, will be as unrelentingly repetitive as their cousins’ stories back home in Africa. Meanwhile, as we know, white kids hear different stories about how ancestors were farmers, soldiers, lawyers, craftsmen, explorers, sailors, etc.
    Okay Captain Obvious, why are you sharing this with us this morning? Well, it helps me put into context the media’s differing reaction to the rare white on black crime versus the unrelentingly repetitious black on white crime. “And in the news today Bill we have yet another Dontrell who raped and murdered a young white woman.” “That’s remarkable Susan. Isn’t that the sixth Dontrell who raped and murdered a white woman here in Des Moines this year?” “Yes Bill, but remember that the Dontrells are still down by three rape-murders to the Dontravius’s and the Trayvons are quickly catching up with four just in the last month.” “Well we sure will have to watch this closely Susan. And in other news, we see D’Markis shot a four year old in a drive-by shooting. This is the nineteenth young child shot by a D’Markis since January..” Doesn’t this get old rather quickly? It’s “dog bites man” on steroids and twice as depressing. So can we really blame the media for their exuberant jubilation when they find a white offender and african victim?

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