Celebrating diversity in New York

Here’s a video of a young woman enjoying diversity while strolling through New York. I can think of several problems with the video. Firstly, since when is an offhand compliment “harassment?” Secondly, would she rather be ignored by the opposite sex, and how would she feel if desirable men ignored her? Thirdly, it does appear that she chose trashy neighborhoods for her stunt.
Aside from all of the above, the video does illustrate the hypocrisy of people who clamor for ever more “diversity” in white countries, and then get upset when the natural consequences of such “diversity” come back to bite them. I’m not speaking of Miss Roberts; rather of news outlets such as Reuters and Yahoo. If they truly wanted more respect for women in our society, then they’d try to preserve white/Western society. They’d lobby for an end to mass immigration, and encourage higher white birthrates. They’d also hold Western European culture up as the ideal, to which everybody (regardless of ethnicity or race) must strive. They would stop pandering to third-world cultures, and they would insist that immigrants adapt to OUR culture – and leave their barbarity behind.

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  1. This elitist and racist girl was just too stuck up to give these poor urban gentlemen the time of day! They were complimenting her, yet because of her hatred, based on the colour of their skin, she wouldn’t even acknowledge them! She ought to be ashamed of herself! It sickens me that in 2014 this kind of racism still persists.

  2. Jagdflieger says:

    “Muh dik” in action.

  3. Stealth says:

    JAY, why do you allow the Elder here to post replies on your blog?

  4. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Stealth, His title and avatar say “Nazi” but I don’t think he really is. More likely, it’s just to add shock value to his blog.

    • Stan Mute says:

      No. I visited his blog. He’s a Jew hater I think. And note that this assessment is from a guy who harbors serious questions about “The Holocaust” and is very skeptical of “6 million” gassed. My skepticism of course began when I learned it was a crime to be skeptical in some countries – almost certain proof that there is a heaping pile of BS in there somewhere. And I’m also convinced Israel ranks as the 20th century’s dumbest idea – who chose the geographic center of the world’s Muslims to create a jewish state? Was there no open land in Canada? South America? The American West? Anyway, despite being a holocaust skeptic and thinking israel must be abandoned or relocated, I’m quite philo-Semitic. Notably, this guy claims to be a philo-Semite as well. But who would call his persona any variant of Zyklon given the official story of that product’s use? It’s like naming yourself Jewpoison isn’t it? I’d like to see real and thorough investigation along the lines of David Cole’s work and see more than enough to make me question especially in the propaganda rich realm of WWII, but I don’t think you can call yourself Zyklon unless you’re a David Duke. Even if the substance is innocent, the camps were slave labor camps and not “death camps”, isn’t this bad enough? Assuming the best case then, he’s really saying it’s great that jews were rounded up, forced into slave labor, many worked or starved to death, and adopting a persona emblematic of the scheme.
      If you’re a skeptic, you could call your blog “Holocaust Skeptic” or even the more egregious “Holohoax”. If your purpose is to show the double standard, perhaps “Remember Dresden”. But you just can’t call yourself “Zyklon” anything unless you hate Jews.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Only he knows what’s truly in his heart. But the fact that he reblogs my posts, and sometimes comments here, is proof that his Jew hatred is not on the same level as “real neo-nazis,” who will have nothing to do with me. Also as far as I’m concerned, anybody can reblog my stuff. Some of my posts have ended up on Vanguard Network and Stormfront. I just don’t see a problem with Jew-haters (of whatever stripe) reading my posts or responding to them. It’s not like I’m inviting them into my house or entrusting my children to them. The internet is a world of ideas, and if Jew-haters or Afro-centrists or leftists wish to participate in this sharing of ideas, I say so much the better.
        I completely agree with you regarding his choice of words, and the naming of his blog. I just think the intention is to shock more than anything else.

  5. Flip says:

    Finally, one of few people that actually have the guts to say it. Here’s my little analysis:
    -She chooses an area with a large number of black men. Then she records herself getting “harassed” (really it’s blunt flirtation).
    -She’s a fairly attractive white woman and is dressed in a way that is somewhat sexually provocative. That’s a magnet for black men.
    -She just unintentionally broke one of hidden rules of white feminism: Only show white men that are being sexist or misogynist. Only women of color can complain about their men. Race beats gender.
    -I barely noticed any white men doing it, if they did it was the more lighter compliments. It was pretty much all dark-skinned guys dressed in trashy clothes that did the noticeable comments.
    Now there are some articles that do point out the harassers were mostly blacks with a few Latinos. Of course the only thing they complain about is that there weren’t enough white men shown harassing her and thus the video is racist. Others articles say that it puts white women as a protected class. Video creators said there were some white men harassing her but they edited it out because it was off camera or of poor video quality. I highly doubt that, they just needed an excuse to not appear racist. The articles are just prejudiced against whites. White men doing bad things does not excuse the actions minority men. Why are white men shamed even when they don’t commit the acts? Unbelievable.
    PS: I found out that the woman in the video is Jewish. Jewish women also have to put up with minority men. What are your thoughts on all this JAY?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I pretty much agree with your analysis. I can’t help wondering how a Jewish girl ended up with a last name of “Roberts.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe she is only partially Jewish?

      • Stan Mute says:

        Jewish mother probably. I know goys married to JAPS. Some have kids who go to Hebrew school and get bar or bat mitzvah’d. Some are totally unobservant (seems like the catholic/jews follow this path but such a tiny sample size that I’m just guessing).

  6. Rob says:

    The video illustrates what happens when a (presumably) upper-middle class woman walks through a lower class part of town, yet the media like to frame it in terms of gender inequality when it has more to do with social class and (dare I say it) race. Moreover, such behaviour must surely be somewhat effective on women of similar ilk, and so the problem is not men per se, but men of a particular ‘culture’. And with current trends as they are, the problem is only going to worsen. So-called ‘liberals’ will never connect the dots.

  7. This is a case where Men’s Rights and Race realism overlap. Very few people like Human-Stupidity and jewamongyou are active on both issues and see the stupidity of MSM on both issues.
    Here the hard core antifeminist reaction

  8. survivor says:

    All women and girls no matter how liberal know that black men are the most offensive sex harassers of all raxes

  9. AyatollahObama says:

    When it’s white male harassers, feminists complain about white men. When it’s black and hispanic harassers, feminists just complain about men in general, and by extension, white men. The races of the harassers should have been more salient to the feminists, because what are the odds that a huge majority of the harassers would belong to minority groups? Obviously there’s more to the demographics of the harassers than mere randomness. But those feminist cunts are blinded by their hatred of men, so they can’t even see the important lesson in the video- that women need to be more careful around black men than white men. That said, I disagree with the Manosphere when it comes to whether or not the behavior by the men constitutes harassment. Just because they are complimenting her doesn’t mean they aren’t harassing her.

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