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Hopefully, some of y’all can help this woman.

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The gangs of Gresham

The Oregonian recently ran a fairly comprehensive article about the growing gang problem in Gresham, a fairly large city that adjoins Portland to the East. The article dwells on the positive roll of a gang outreach employee called “Coach.” The … Continue reading

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You hear the darndest things at work

Not long ago I was in the break room with two Hispanics and an Asian. They were talking about jogging in a particular area, and whether it’s safe for a lone female. The Hispanic woman smiled and said, “there was … Continue reading

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Cool sounds from space

My brother sent me this link. I thought it was amazing enough to share with the rest of y’all: [youtube]

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Discover's HBD kit: Some assembly required

You can’t send firearms via U.S. mail, and you shouldn’t try to transport explosives with your carry-on luggage on a commercial flight. But it is possible to transport the components, and then assemble them later. In the same way, some … Continue reading

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