You hear the darndest things at work

Not long ago I was in the break room with two Hispanics and an Asian. They were talking about jogging in a particular area, and whether it’s safe for a lone female. The Hispanic woman smiled and said, “there was a white man jogging in that same area, so it’s safe.” I laughed inwardly at her candor. Non-whites have far fewer compunctions about blurting out what whites are only allowed (barely) to think in the privacy of their own heads.
I asked her later if she considered me “white.” She answered in the negative. I wonder if she’d have spoken so openly if she’d thought there were whites in the room.

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  1. zimriel says:

    Blacks don’t consider Jews white either.
    Still, for the purposes of gauging an area’s safety – a Jew jogging through that park might make it look ever *more* safe.

  2. icareviews says:

    I work with a black woman who occasionally says things like that. I don’t think she’s really conscious of the implications of some things she’s said – she’s a firm believer in Martin King’s “Dream” – but I’ve heard her mention “good” and “bad” neighborhoods as euphemisms for white and black areas.
    Even so, she still believes “racism” is one of the most pressing problems confronting America. How it manifests itself is, of course, somewhat mysterious. When I feigned sympathy and asked her how she had been a victim of this “racism”, she had to think for a minute and then the best thing she could come up with was that she had to wait a long time to be served once at some place of business. The horror!

    • jewamongyou says:

      Waiting a long time to be served? That ranks right up there with being lynched!

      • Inevitably, most non-whites who claim to be victims of racism, cite relatively silly things as examples. I remember in the great film “A Conversation About Race” A black woman, I think, complained about racist whites being overly friendly. Being overly friendly, or insincerely friendly, is also a very wicked expression of white racism! If we aren’t friendly, we are racist, if we are friendly, it is because we are trying very hard to hide our racism!
        Because society is fundamentally anti-white, whites can’t win no matter how we act! We will always be accused of racism. The greater the lack of real evidence of racism, the more silly things will be invoked to prove racism. If you like white meat over dark meat at Thanksgiving, you are probably a racist. Now things have degenerated to the point that if there is any altercation of any kind between white law enforcement and blacks, it is always a case of white-racism. The facts will be rewritten in order to support an anti-white narrative.

  3. M.L. says:

    “I asked her later if she considered me “white.” She answered in the negative.”
    Why did my BS alarm just go crazy? Hmmm…
    Why would “Jew Among You” be deemed non-white by this hispanic girl? He’s just a caucasian phenotype with brown eyes and hair; he doesn’t look remotely like a “person of color”. This strikes me as rather dubious. If having dark hair and eyes makes someone be taken as non-white, more than half of the white population would be taken as non-white. Either this chick is a moron who equates white with pale blonde (doubtful) or else Jew Among You is, as the Brits say, taking a piss out of you all here.
    This sort of comment is why I think Jew Among You is not really ‘among you’.
    Only WNs and Jewish leftists claim that Jews aren’t white, though neither in my opinion actually thinks it is true. The former say so to and distance themselves from Jews and the latter say so to identify themselves with the ‘innocent, oppressed, people of color’ as opposed to the ‘evil, privileged white devils’. I think Jew Among You is in all likelihood either an eccentric (the Jewish equivalent of that crazy Neo-Confederate black guy that attends League of the South demonstrations and sings “Dixie”) or else a troll engaged in some sort of mischief.
    In short, be very wary of Jews claiming to be or be seen as “people of color”. Blacks and Hispanics do NOT see Jews as non-white; in fact they tend to have a particularly strong resentment of Jews. The only reason the Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers are listed as hate groups by the SPLC and ADL is because they are extremely anti-Jewish; if they gave Jews a pass as fellow “people of color” and limited their venom to non-Jewish whites they’d be listed as anti-racist civil rights groups.

    • jewamongyou says:

      In real-life, some people consider me “white” and some don’t. I wanted to get some context for her statement; did she, at the time, consider herself among only non-whites or not?
      As for me, I don’t care one way or the other. Nor do I consider myself “oppressed” any more so than other whites (in the eyes of government I’m definitely “white”). My own race, perceived or otherwise, should be irrelevant (in most cases) to the views expressed here. You can either agree with me or disagree with me, but don’t accuse me of nefarious motives.

      • M.L. says:

        You’re implying that you’re racially ambiguous, and you’re not. You are unambiguously white and the suggestion that someone would speak around you with the presumption that you aren’t white isn’t plausible.

    • Just what kind of mischief do you think JAY is engaged in by espousing pro-white views? The charge is rather vague, perhaps deliberately so? I have known JAY for some years now and I am certain of his sincerity and genuineness.
      I think your BS meter needs to be polished. How individuals percieve others, and what they imagine their race to be is something that varies widely among individuals. I know this from experience. Genetic testing actually shows that Asheknazic Jews are partially European and partially Semitic, or Middle-Eastern.
      On the whole, I do think most blacks and Mexicans percieve Ashkenazic Jews as white. However, to say that all do, or that it is impossible that an individual Hispanic did not, is silly.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Thanks for defending me DC. This guy is basically calling me a liar, and I should have just deleted his comments. But I was more amused than angry; I’ve been considered racially ambiguous my entire life – and then for somebody on the internet to accuse me of making it up, just struck me as bizarre.

      • M.L. says:

        Middle Eastern and white aren’t mutually exclusive, particularly when we’re talking about the Levant, which is where the Middle Eastern component of Jewish ancestry originates. Do you suppose there is an International Race Line on the frontier of Europe and the Near East?
        This is really more of a Nordicist conception of white than an anthropologically reasonable one. Unless you think of white as meaning looking strictly Northern or Northwestern European there isn’t really a big difference in phenotype between the inhabitants of Southern Europe and the Near East. If looking like JAY means looking racially ambiguous then at least half of Europe is racially ambiguous. There’s nothing particularly ethnic looking about him unless you consider not being a pale blonde or ginger to he ethnic looking.
        As to what sort of mischief I think JAY might be up to, all I can say is that at times reading his blog I get the impression he’s doing a sort of Ali G/Borat thing here, posing as one sympathetic to the WN cause for the purpose of subtle satire. You know, trolling.
        I am by no means certain this is the case but he seems cool enough to tolerate my skeptical speculations so I share them.

      • M.L. says:

        JAY: All your life, you’ve been viewed as racially ambiguous? No offense but I just find that bizarre.
        You’re just a white guy with dark hair and eyes. Unless you’re a Nordicist who equates white with Nordic, there is nothing racially ambiguous about you
        I’d wager all of my limbs that if you asked 1000 people at random to classify you racially by your pic, given choices of white, black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, East Asian, South Asian, American-Indian, etc, virtually all would immediately choose white.
        The fact that you say you regard yourself as racially ambiguous and claim others see you that way is precisely the sort of thing that makes me suspicious.
        Unless maybe you use the term “race” the way most use the term “ethnicity”. You don’t look like WASPy. But no informed person would ever be stumped as to what your race appears to be.
        I guess I was effectively calling you a liar in expressing my doubts about your tale. I apologize; I think you’re a very interesting and intelligent person. But to be honest I do find your story hard to believe, and I’d be a phony if I didn’t say so.
        Let me try to tell you where I’m coming from.
        I’m not a WN or a liberal or a conservative. I’m white, I hate political correctness but I also find science denying right wingers incredibly annoying. I loathe both the Jewish Left and the Christian Right. I oppose illegal immigration and think immigrants should be expected to assimilate.
        But I’m not bothered by interracial couples and have no animus towards non-whites or Jews, though I do think the latter are generally hostile towards non Jewish whites, particularly the pale sort, and I think it’s obnoxious that Jews promote multiculturalism in the predominantly white Western democracies while resisting in Israel I don’t think the US needs to be a “white country” though I do believe there is a unique American culture worth preserving, regardless of its racial or ethnic make up. Immigrants should not be absorbed faster than they should be assimilated.
        I am mighty sick and tired of the white bashing in popular culture bit it doesn’t lead me to dislike non-whites. I think race is real and things such ad intelligence and athleticism are not distributed equally among them.
        Oh well I guess that gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.
        I’ll try to make my points in the future without being insulting but again I am the sort that speaks there mind and while so don’t like to offend I’d rather be offensive than phony.

  4. jewamongyou says:

    Re: ML,
    From an anthropological point of view you’re right. Many people from the Levant are white, or appear as white as many Europeans. But the liberals are partially correct when they say “race is a social construct.” In many contexts, especially in America, this is true. When a Southern Italian, or Greek, is considered “non-white” by people on the street, it’s “social race” at work, not scientific race. I’m definitely Caucasian, and arguably white – but the context of this post was whether I was “socially white” in the eyes of the employee. And her perception was “no.”

    • M.L. says:

      I get what you’re saying. I stated my skepticism a bit too strongly and obnoxiously.
      I know there are people who think anyone darker than a Frenchmen is ‘racially ambiguous’. But this is really a relatively recent and revisionist perception of whiteness that comes largely from the fact in US media we are constantly told that Hispanics are oppressed “people of color” akin to blacks, even though many of the best known media examples we see look mote Spanish than Mestizo or Mulatto etc.
      If you have been persuaded to think someone like, oh, Eva Longoria or Javier Bardem looks ‘non-white’, you probably will think of white people with a Southern European phenotype as “racially ambiguous”.
      But it’s inane and informed people scratch their heads.

    • M.L. says:

      “But the liberals are partially correct when they say “race is a social construct.” In many contexts, especially in America, this is true. When a Southern Italian, or Greek, is considered “non-white” by people on the street, it’s “social race” at work, not scientific race.”
      I think it’s important to recognize however that there is a very important difference between “social race” and “scientific race”, namely that the former is involves ignorance the impact of propaganda while the latter reflects objective reality. It’s important to recognize that 2+2 really does equal 4 even if, through relentless propaganda, the powers that be manage to convince a portion of the populace that it equals 5. It isn’t so much a construction of race as a denial of objective reality for sociopolitical reasons.
      I think for the most part the only reason someone in the US might construe a Southern Italian or Greek as non-white (and I hasten to add that Golden Dawn would be particularly bewildered by the suggestion) is because in recent decades we’ve been constantly told to think of Hispanics as “oppressed people of color’ and in many cases when one thinks of an “Hispanic” they don’t imagine a mestizo or mulatto or Amerindian but rather someone with a Mediterranean phenotype. But Hispanics who look like Italians and Greeks are white, or at least, are indistinguishable in appearance from full blooded white Spanish Europeans. Nobody would ever take George Lopez or Zoe Saldana for Italian or Greek.
      The fact that a moron might think a dolphin is a fish doesn’t mean that the concepts of “mammal” and “fishes” are social constructs. Race is an objective, genetic construct, not a subjective, ‘social construct’.

  5. Many people in HBD circles want to minimize racial differences between Southern and Northern Europeans, but they do exist. I consider Southern Europeans to be part of the European family, but they obviously are not as “white” as Northern Europeans. Genetic studies have shown this. I do not say this to hurt anyone’s feelings from Southern Europe.
    I have great admiration for many Southern European thinkers, for much of Southern European art and culture. However, modern Southern Europeans do have more non-white admixture than Northern Europeans. DNA studies show that Portuguese and Southern Italians for instance, have more non-white admixture. I believe we can also see this visually. Europe becomes “whiter” the further north you go, in general. Crime rates also decrease the further north you go.
    I hate to use the term white, because a skin tone in my view shouldn’t define a race. Unfortunately, this is the most commonly used term. There are white appearing Arabs in the Middle East who definitely are not European or part the “white” race. They also do not have a European level IQ or a common culture with Europe.

    • M.L. says:

      Non-white admixture is negligible in virtually all Europeans. It may be higher in Northern Europe versus Southern Europe but it’s still at the level of background noise which has no contributing factor to phenotype.
      Mediterraneans tend to be swarthier than Nordics because of they’re Mediterraneans genes, not because they have more non-European trace admixture. Trace admixture doesn’t determine hair or eye color or texture or complexion etc.
      My impression is that Jews like to highlight the differences between Northern and Southern Europeans in an effort to sew division and encourage as many European people as possible to not consider themselves white. Hence, these sort of Nordicist ideas play into the divide and conquer strategy of the hostile elite.

  6. M.L. you said earlier that “Immigrants should not be absorbed faster than they should be assimilated.” I don’t see assimilation of blacks, Mexicans, or Arabs etc. as at all positive. I do not want them to immigrate here, and if they are here, I definitely do not want them to assimilate with whites.
    Assimilation is the prelude to miscegenation. It is not desirable for whites to interbreed with lower IQ, higher crime, immigrants. The end result will be a lower IQ society with more crime, and the annihilation of higher culture. Assimilation destroys diversity and culture.
    I have far more respect for non-whites who are nationalists and proud of their own culture. I would much rather deal with the Nation of Islam and La Raza, than with blacks and Mexicans who just want to become white and intermarry with whites. If we can all agree that separation is best, then a solution to the race problem would become more likely. If we don’t seperate, civilization is doomed.

    • M.L. says:

      I think you’re making a false dichotomy here, where blacks and Mexicans must be either racial nationalists or eager to “become white and intermarry with whites”. The vast majority actually fall somewhere between these two extremes.
      I’m not convinced that NOI types are actually proud to be black. The whole embrace of Islam and attempt to identify as descendants of the ancient Egyptians suggests to me that a large part of the NOI mentality involves a racial fantasy of blacks who would prefer to see themselves as more akin to Middle Easterners than Subsaharan black Africans running around buck naked in the jungle.
      I also don’t think assimilation is necessarily prelude to miscegenation. Miscegenation rates remain low even in racially heterogeneous societies. People tend to marry within their own race. Given the reality of immigration, assimilation is necessary to preserve American culture and as an antidote to balkanizing multiculturalism.

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