The gangs of Gresham

The Oregonian recently ran a fairly comprehensive article about the growing gang problem in Gresham, a fairly large city that adjoins Portland to the East. The article dwells on the positive roll of a gang outreach employee called “Coach.” The author, Kasia Hall, writes:

As one of the only gang outreach workers in Gresham, Coach is on the front lines of a growing effort to battle the escalating gang violence that has law enforcement, city leaders and the community on alert. In 2013, tension of the previous two decades came to a head, with six of the city’s seven homicides considered gang-related.

Coach’s job? Cut the pool of gang recruits by getting kids off the streets and into jobs or school. His duties range from helping prevent street fights to “kickin’ it,” as he says, with the kids at a MAX stop — anything to help the yellow tape from going up.

Gresham hired Coach as a contract worker in December, and he is now regularly recognized by residents, from a gas attendant to youths on a street corner. He’ll spend time at the hot spots, watching and waiting. Many nights he’ll cruise with the windows open, looking out for potential trouble.

When we think of gangs, we generally imagine black and Hispanic gangs. Except in the movies, few of us have actually been threatened by dangerous skinhead, or motorcycle, gangs. But Ms. Hall makes sure we know that, even though blacks and Hispanics are the core constituency of these gangs, whites are in on the action too:

As subsidized housing in neighborhoods east of 82nd Avenue took hold, Gresham became a mecca for gangbangers, who planted new roots and brought their colors, shootings and stabbings with them.

According to a 2014 Multnomah County Comprehensive Gang Assessment report released in June, violent crime from 2009 to 2012 decreased in Portland by nearly 5 percent. In Gresham, it increased 24 percent.

On a recent Saturday night, members of the East Metro Gang Enforcement Team walk through apartment complexes, handing out stickers to kids while trying to talk to parents.

Many residents close their doors to the uniformed officers. They don’t want to talk for fear of retaliation from their neighbors who may be part of the Sureños, Norteños, Bloods, Crips, white supremacist gangs or outlaw motorcycle gangs.

A casual reader, from some other part of the world, might assume that white gangs are a major problem in Gresham. After all, based on the most recent census, Gresham is anywhere between 76% and 84% white. I would say the higher estimate is more accurate; many “Native Americans” are actually white, but call themselves “Native American” because of a great grandmother, who was “pure-blooded ______.”

According to the article, there are some 450 documented gang members in the Gresham area. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of these are white. I also wondered if the city of Gresham has allocated resources toward helping “at-risk white youth.” In other words, I wondered if there are white “coaches” on the city’s payroll.

Though, Mr. Hall wasn’t able to answer my questions, she did get back to me quickly, and she did tell me who to contact for more information.

An email response, from the City of Gresham’s policy advisor, states:

White supremacy/OMG members represent about 10% of the overall gang population in East County. We do not currently fund any outreach coordinators who specialize in these sub-groups. With limited resources, we are only able to fund 2 outreach positions at this time, and as you read in the article those 2 positions are focused on the other 90% of the gang population (black and Hispanic). We contract these outreach services out to local youth-serving non-profit agencies, which pay about $18/hour to their outreach workers.

In other words, about 20% of the population (the “diversity” so to speak) accounts for 90% of the gang problems in the Gresham area. It’s safe to assume that none of the “local youth-serving agencies” will hire white outreach workers to deal with black or Hispanic gangs.

Maybe it would be a good idea for whites to join white-supremacy/motorcycle gangs in larger numbers – so that white men can also get paid $18/hour for such rewarding work.

As it stands now, the government (through forced integration) has moved black/Hispanic crime into white areas. Now, not only do whites suffer from more dangerous neighborhoods, but their insurance rates go up, their homes decline in value and their children’s education suffers. On top of that, they must pay higher taxes in order to fund an increased police presence and programs such as the one described above. Although they must pay for such services, only black/Hispanic men need apply for outreach jobs.

There are plenty of white criminals in the Gresham area; meth and heroin are serious problems there. We can only wonder if this would have been the case had white communities been allowed self-determination and a sense of pride. I would guess that white children, if encouraged to feel good about themselves and their roots, would resort to drugs less frequently than they do now. One can safely get high on ethnic pride. It’s cheap, readily available – and, so far, it’s legal even for whites. Give white school children ethnic pride, and let it displace more dangerous drugs.

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16 Responses to The gangs of Gresham

  1. BX says:

    Wherever you go in the world, it’s the same people reverting to unintelligent, anti-social, negative, destructive behaviour. The US is richer than ever, with more pro non-white policies than ever, yet these (pointless) gangs are increasing in places like Gresham. It is mostly to do with hard-wired brain differences, yes, but it’s also partly because of the constant victimisation mentality that do-gooder whites hammer into blacks and hispanics. Any half decent “colored” person these days feels pressured into being an angry, destructive, anti-social “victim”, instead of a normal, decent, productive person. Something does not make sense with these current policies. Yet we keep plugging away at it as though, “sure, things are not working, and often getting worse, but hey, a few more years of this… and it will surely start to work…” Time to quit while we’re behind.

  2. BX says:

    Good point re the white self hate leading to more depressed white kids, and more drug abuse. As for the white supremacist gangs – the article proudly points out that they are supposedly a problem on an equal footing with the other gangs (when they are actually a minor problem, if at all), yet when questioned about what they are doing to prevent these white gangs, their excuse for the lack of action is that their numbers are so small! This is deliberately misleading reporting.

  3. SFG says:

    They just answered a question about white *supremacists*. White gang members could easily be from one the various white ethnicities.
    I suspect it’s as you claim (look at Detroit) but is there, say, a big unassimilated Armenian population of something similar.

    • jewamongyou says:

      He did say that the other 90% of gang members are black or Hispanic.

    • Stan Mute says:

      The white gang members I’ve known have been bikers. A bunch of fat bearded unwashed barbarians riding motorcycles with crappy mufflers and getting stupid drunk or stoned at the clubhouse. There is a lot of drug dealing (and presumably meth manufacturing) going on in these gangs, but also a LOT of police infiltration. In the past twenty years there has also been a big increase in wannabe biker gangs with white professionals out for weekend thrills by hanging with the “bad boys” which makes it seem like there are far more gangs and gangsters than there really are.
      The other point worth making is that the biker gangs don’t engage in the street violence that the negro and mestizo gangs do. The bikers conduct business privately and take pains to hide their illegal activities. Other than their obvious identifiers like loud bikes and leather vests with patches, biker gangs operate more like the mafia than like the diversities’ street gangs.

  4. Ethan says:

    The most serious obstacle these “get the black youths out of gangs by getting them jobs” run into is that gang activity and drug dealing pay pretty damn well. Certainly better than a gig at McDonalds or anything else a high school dropout with a 75 IQ is qualified for. Much the same with the “get the baby mamas off welfare by providing them with jobs” efforts: Welfare pays better than minimum wage. And usually has medical benefits, i.e. Medicaid.

    • Stan Mute says:

      There is the economic incentive as well as the street cred gained by one’s first prison sentence for slinging dope. Africans don’t view prison as whites view it. Hardship? They eat better than ever before. They play basketball with their homeboys all day. They get to intimidate and victimize whites whenever they like. And since virtually all of them are bi-sexual there is no hardship in that regard either.

  5. Flip says:

    It is very odd that when describing criminals, the media try to add whites to mix, even the number of whites gangs is a reducing amount. How many white boys are in gangs? Many are too busy wasting people in Grand Theft Auto or some other video game. Speaking of criminals…
    Why does nearly every movie I see that that features some sort of crime have thugs that are majority white if not completely? The only way to see minority criminals in movies is if the movie centers around a minority protagonist (Boyz n the Hood) or if it portrays minorities as victims. Otherwise, it hard to find it in recent movies. Movies made pre-90’s had the excuse that the crime rate was high and several whites were committing crimes, I can accept seeing it in those movies. But now? Not so much.

    • Stan Mute says:

      The reason for this is that films are made with very deliberate attention paid to social propaganda. Some are made with almost no thought given to entertainment or producing revenue. And even those developed to be “blockbuster” films are saddled with the inevitable “magic negro” which has made Morgan Freeman a very rich man.
      Sadly, the only cure for a child raised in this contrived media bubble where the nation’s most brilliant scientists and statesmen are negroes, is reality immersion. Absent race realist parents, there is nobody to tell a child “look closely at the ESA control room photos from the comet 67p mission” or “look at the photos of (real) Navy Seals – notice anything different from Hollywood portrayals?” Too many are left to make the discovery on their own when they awaken in a hospital bed after a “botched robbery.”

  6. Lon Spector says:

    Dear Jewamongyou,
    This is the first time I have attempted to post on your blog. I had
    seen it intermittedly (Spelling is NOT my strong point) when Googling
    various topics. I have a question that you probably don’t recieve very
    often, but one that I’m sure you antisipated:
    As you know, the vast majority of people in your field absolutely detest
    Jews, and for very good HISTORICAL reasons. A case can be made
    for the fact that MOST (By no means ALL) Jews have declared war
    on the white race and are using blacks as thier Infantry.
    You are not totally alone, in being a Jew who speaks the truth. Brother
    Nathenial, and Henry Markow (?) are two compardres and there are
    no doubt many “closeted” Jews that believe in your cause. Even
    David Duke acknowledges that there are some “good” Jews.
    But you must ALSO be aware that there is a segment that in
    no uncertain circumsatances will accept Jews because they believe the
    Jew is a sub-human. Are you hurt in anyway listening to that?
    Even though your blog provides assistance to the white race, some
    parts would NOT be thankful and WOULD kill you if they could.
    What do you wish for? That they would praise you, or give you credit
    for a job well done? Or are you looking for safe passage out of the
    country? Do you think that Israel would accept you? If it didn’t, where
    would you go? You certainly don’t want to go to prison. On the one
    side would be black Muslims. On the otherside would be Neo-Nazi’s
    who I don’t think would accept your “credentials.” I’d really like an

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for the comment, and your concerns. I’ve dealt with these issues elsewhere. For example here. If you click on the “Jewish” category, at the top of one of my posts relating to Jews, you’ll probably find more.

  7. Lon Spector says:

    But, what do you think your actual life expectency would be IF a
    Nazi revolution took place? Hitler DID let some Jews escape. And he
    even declared a favorite cook “Aryan.” Do you really expect that many
    White Nationalists would seperate “the wheat from the chaff?”
    Do you have some escape plan? Do you believe that Israel would
    take you in if it really came to that? Remember, Jewish women offered
    up Nazi soldiers sex in hopes of saving their lives. It didn’t work.
    The Jewish police that herded the Jews into the cattle cars were lined up
    and shot as soon as those cars departed.
    One final question: Is it permissible for a Jew to marry a white female?
    Surely, you don’t advocate that a Jew marry an Aryan? Do you have a
    mate? Does she agree with your work?

    • BX says:

      I don’t think he’s advocating any sort of Nazi revolution overturning the US government. So it’s maybe an interesting digression, but not overly relevant. From what I’ve read he’s advocating race-realism and it being ok to have white-pride.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s like BX says. Also, the odds of there ever being a Nazi takeover of the US, in my lifetime, are so slim as to be negligible. I don’t worry about it, nor do I see any need to plan for it.
      As for your other question, I’m against intermarriage.

  8. Lon Spector says:

    Then your pickings must be very slim, because I don’t see many
    Jewish women that would believe in this “cause.”
    It must be very lonely. Do you have any family left?

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