Hopefully, some of y’all can help this woman.

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. Every bit helps get the word out.

  2. Lon Spector says:

    Come on let’s have some more posts! If some personal problem
    is stopping you, I apoligise.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m in the midst of reading “Why the West Rules – for Now” by Ian Morris. It’s a long book, but look for a review in a few days.

      • BX says:

        I’ve read this a few years ago. I should probably wait till your review-post until I write too much, but I thought the book was okay as far as it stuck to facts and his interesting energy-use formulas. But, the almost throwaway line, “people are much the same wherever you go in the world” (paraphrasing) Morris uses a couple of times in the book (he uses it as though it almost goes without saying, and no further investigation on the matter is required), Morris uses it to convince himself to simply ignore the extremely significant, increasingly thought, and complete game-changer idea that races/populations are Not all the same wherever you go. And this fact, that races are not all exactly the same, plays The Most significant role in all human history. Hence his whole book really should have a completely different foundation, and not the “geography is the sole cause of all human difference” mantra.

  3. Lon Spector says:

    Our country is in the process of turning into s–t! Reality doesn’t even
    matter anymore. The rule of law doesn’t matter anymore.
    Why was America NOT burned to the ground in the aftermath of the
    Zimmerman verdict? Simple. It was an election year. With She back a brack
    up for election. Now there is no election. They’ve got nothing to lose and
    EVERYTHING to gain. Mainly, the extermination of the white male and
    the sexual enslavement of the white female.

  4. You should immediately contact the Life Extension Foundation:
    Join via the website (you can get a free 6 month membership here: ) then call them up.
    Here is the phone number for their cancer advisors (free for members): 1-866-864-3027
    There is also their International Strategic Cancer Alliance:
    Read this to get an idea of how they think (it should be right up your alley):

  5. oogenhand says:
    Epidemological studies in Europe are flawed. They do not take in account that Muslim boys have sex with non-Muslim girls, but not the other way around. So young people having sex is above average likely to involve a circumcised male.

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