Justice for Quattro

In an earlier post, I suggested that blacks, overall, show less mercy toward animals than do whites. The case of Quattro the cat, who was cruelly killed by three black kids, illustrates my point. It’s not so much that it was black kids who did it, but rather how blacks came out in defense of the kids. Here’s the link. Make sure you watch the embedded Liveleak video.

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18 Responses to Justice for Quattro

  1. I can’t stand to read animal cruelty reports but I’m glad others such as yourself are on top of it. If I get up my courage I may read and possibly reblog your earlier post, but these stories are just upsetting most of the time. Anyway, it’s clear than nonwhites do not share the same love of animals as whites do. Drudge ran a link on his site the other day referring to the impending extinction of the giraffe, for example.

  2. CharlesK says:

    I had automatically assumed that you were posting about Quatro, the African National Congress’s horrifying camp. “Camp 32” was the site of much brutal torture.
    It’s a good name for a cat. Catro. My own cat, a stray I found freezing on a snow covered fire escape when I was in my early 20s, passed away at the age of about 21 – when I was middle aged.

  3. Of course other races, including whites sometimes commit unforgivable acts of cruelty toward animals. However, the very worst acts of extreme abuse and cruelty are committed by blacks against animals. They also commit these crimes more often than other races.
    I recommend Africa Addio, for an excellent documentary on this topic. It also details African crimes against humans of all races. It is included in the “Mondo Cane Collection” I link to it on my website.
    Ironically, liberals who claim to care about animal welfare are actually setting animals up for the worst abuse possible. They do this by supporting open borders and welfare programs largely benefitting non-whites, encouraging them to reproduce.

  4. The fact that the organized black community and the NAACP will defend these “children” who tortured a cat, speaks volumes as who they are. They are a bunch of criminal thugs, and thug enablers, who will defend any criminal so long as he is black.
    When are whites going to get tired of this? The only thing more disgusting than blacks marching in the streets in Ferguson in support of black criminals, and black crime, is seeing whites with them, taking up for their cause!

  5. Lon Spector says:

    The United States is in dire straits. We don’t even argue on the ground
    of reality anymore.
    2+2 doesn’t = 4 anymore. These “cop altercations” are going to be
    the grounds for destroying this country. Have you watched CNN and
    seen the topics of disscussion and guests? I think I’m in the ward of a
    mental institution. Wake me when it’s over!

  6. Jagdflieger says:

    Its absolutely disgusting to read of animal abuse such as this. Before going on I would like to acknowledge the two kids that stopped the attack and tried to do what they could to help the poor animal. I must admit that I’m not surprised that the black community at large and the NAACP would stand by the scum that did this. How could one expect anything else considering the way the media and the power structure in this country constantly apologizes for, rationalizes and excuses black dysfunctionality and rampant criminality? No matter the outrage committed by blacks one can always be assured that our elites will find some way to lay the blame on whites and our alleged white privilege and white racism as exemplified by this claptrap: http://time.com/3605606/ferguson-in-defense-of-rioting/ Just compare the 24 hour media coverage of the Michael Brown incident and now the Eric Garner incident with its constant “no justice for blacks due to racism” meme versus the almost total lack of coverage regarding the revenge killing of Zemir Begic. And the worst part is that its not blacks behind this but whites! If only whites had a tenth of the racial solidarity that non-whites have…

  7. Lon Spector says:

    It’s a “Full-Court-Satanic-Press” to destroy this country. It’s been in
    the works for years, but is presently being accelerated according to
    prior plan. Al Sharpton as Attorney General! What will be the life
    expectancy of the white male? Better call it the DEATH expectancy!
    The white woman will fare as well as the German woman did, at the
    conclusion of WW2.

  8. Question Diversity says:

    Blacks just don’t get animal husbandry, for the most part.
    One way to tell you’re in the ghetto, aside from all the other obvious ways, is that there are packs of loose dogs running around. They are former pets that their owners didn’t want anymore, so they jettisoned them to the streets. About once every few years, I’ll read a story about how such a ghetto pack of dogs gang up and kill a little or not so little kid. One time it was an elderly man.

  9. Lon Spector says:

    These animals had pitbulls on leashes during the “peaceful “Furgeson
    protests didn’t they?

  10. Jagdflieger says:

    A black blogger admits that most blacks couldn’t care care less about animal rights: http://www.chicagonow.com/fanning-flames-since-1978/2011/09/why-most-african-americans-could-care-less-about-animal-rights/

    • jewamongyou says:

      I kind of agree with him on the point that a lot of folks treat animals better than they treat humans. I see people spend fortunes on animal funerals, cancer surgery for their pets, leaving their inheritance to their cats, performing bar mitzvas for dogs etc. and it makes me sick.

      • Jagdflieger says:

        Hi JAY
        I agree with your point about people wasting their money on what I believe are status-driven displays of ego-centrism such as those you have listed. My opinion is that if people really care for animals then they should try to help animals that truly are in need or do so through organizations such as the Human Society and ASPCA rather than perform a single ostentatious act. However, where I may disagree with you is that if given a choice between helping destitute and abused animals or American blacks I would choose the former nearly every time. At least the animals, I believe, would be grateful for any aid rendered whereas many of the latter have made it more than clear that they are totally unappreciative of everything whites have done for them.

  11. Lon Spector says:

    Could someone tell me why many WN’s are wild about “animal rights?”
    I am as opposed to animal cruelity as anyone else, but the two-legged
    animal is slaughtering the human, and nothing is being done to stop it.
    Even what small attempts being made to stop it are opposed by
    “animal rights activists. (Jews, Race Hustler’s, Radical’s and the media.
    Human life is MUCH MORE important then “animal” life.
    A full court press is currently underway to destroy HUMAN life.
    “A blond woman in every gorilla’s pot!”

    • A Watcher says:

      Because we blond women had Samuel Colt to level the playing field.
      Little dogs, cats, birds, etc., don’t have RKBA.

    • It may seem like most animal welfare advocates are crazy. I think today most in the US at least are. But there are also people who support racial nationalism who advocate for animal welfare. You see this more in Europe. Unfortunately you don’t see as much of it in the US or other places.
      I support animal weflare laws. I think that we have a responsiblity to protect animals. At the same time, PETA is insane. There is even an author associated with PETA, who advocates legalizing beastiality! I would consider this a serious attack on animal welfare.
      Liberals have a kind of pathological need to equalize everyone. When some of them embrace animal rights, they believe all animals must be made equal with humans! Unfortunately, this kind of extremism harms animal welfare, by making anyone involved in it look crazy.

      • I said equalize above, but in reality, equlization is just a step in the process. It starts with demands for equal rights, it ends with discrimination against white males in favor of victim groups. I have no doubt many animal rights advocates would like to give animals superior rights to humans.

  12. ssimusa says:

    Is there a way to get in touch with you via e-mail? You are a most interesting individual with viewpoints that I readily agree with.

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