Clear evidence of CNN's anti-white bias

If you read CNN’s account of the interview with Brazilian serial killer, Sailson Jose das Gracas, you’ll see no mention of any racial angle to his crimes. It’s never pointed out that his victims were white, nor that he specifically targeted white women. The video clip that comes with the article is also devoid of any mention of race.
But if you read the same account, on UK’s Mail Online (which I found through a link on American Renaissance), it clearly states that:

Women for me has to be white, not black, because of my colour…
He said: ‘His desire to kill was for women, and he didn’t kill black women, just white.

The accompanying video also clearly includes this fact.
Why would CNN hide the fact that this prolific serial killer deliberately targeted white women? It’s because the corporate-owned media believes that whites can never be a “victim class” – because whites are, as a rule, the oppressors, not the oppressed. Media outlets, such as CNN, will even censor their stories in order to hide the truth from it’s audience. This is why such reporting is not “news” but propaganda.

By lying (through omission), CNN helps ensure that the general public remains ignorant about the scale of black-on-white violence. As a result, most whites are less cautious, around blacks, than they should be. CNN, and other corporate-owned media outlets, is thus responsible for the death of innocents.
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  1. Lon Spector says:

    I think it can be said that the United States has “crossed the
    Rubicon” into full flegged insanity. The actual truth behind news stories
    is irrevelant because the media is working an agenda to destroy this
    society and replace it with an anarchist cesspool. That’s why the media
    talks the ground of complete fantasy. They KNOW they’re lying but
    couldn’t careless.
    Barring a Divine miracle, in twenty years time we should see, the white
    male exterminated and the white female PRESERVED as a sex slave.
    Artifical insemination can bring this about.

  2. 40 Years An Affirmative Action Victim says:

    Surely every grownup in the USA, and for that matter, the world knows of this hatred. Honest black people admit it, the third world is stunned by the stupidity of denying it. The problem is getting whites (i.e., followers of Christ and sympathetic people of other religions) from being to be too afraid to speak up to the point where crimes are reported accurately and faithfully and criminals receive the punishments they deserve.

  3. This shows how anti-white the mainstream media is. They will omit key facts in a case, omit mentioning race when a criminal is black, or even omit mentioning that a non-white criminal was deliberately targeting whites for murder.
    I find foreign news sites much more credible and fair than those of the US. I link to several on my site. I agree, CNN is complicit in white deaths by deliberately omitting the truth about crimes against whites. Unfortunately, all the major US networks are like this. Which is why I don’t watch any of them.
    Fortunately, there is a growing alternative media on the internet, that doesn’t have an innate anti white bias. If anyone still has cable, satellite TV, or takes a mainstream newspaper, I urge you to cancel them and receive your news from better sources. My site links to several free news sites, YouTube channels, radio programs etc. We don’t need the mainstream media, all they do is lie and peddle anti-white propaganda.

  4. BX says:

    The problem is that CNN do this so as to try to not to stir up any white hysteria. The other problem is that CNN is run by 50 or 60 somethings, basing their philosophies on youthful 1950’s or 60’s mentalities and demographics, where whites rule the roost and other races need to be pandered to. The world in 2014 is majorly different to 50 years ago, and that a mixed race/black man wants to kill (perfectly decent) white women because of their race is a news item in itself. That CNN won’t report this betrays their 1950’s mentality, here in 2014. The world in 2014 in vastly different and should be reported as such. CNN are responsible for deliberate bad reporting.

  5. BX says:

    In addition, the fact that CNN will not report this will only serve to drum up anti-white bias in the population, and as the white population in Western nations becomes the minority, non-whites will feel more justified to commit murders and crimes like this, because there is no society pressure to stop doing it. This is because CNN (and others) will not tell them that this IS NOT OK. Kids growing up in 2014 need to know that this behaviour is NOT ok. Lift your game CNN. It is not 1963 any more.

  6. Lon Spector says:

    Danvers Mass. math teacher Colleen Ritzer was raped and
    butchered, in the most horrible way possible in Oct. 2013, by a 14
    year old black student. Now just imagine if a 14 year old white student
    raped and murdered his black teacher. We’d be hearing about the deed
    EVERY SINGLE DAY on the news from the moment it occurred until
    he was placed behind bars for the rest of his life.
    What’s it going to take for whites to wake up and realize that war has
    been declared on them, and one of the main culprits is the Marxist,
    largely white media? The recent revealations of the SONY hacking
    display the true nature of the media.

  7. Jake says:

    In a way, CNN is actually worse than MSNBC when it comes to this sort of thing: MSNBC actively pimps and excuse-makes for Black entitlement & criminality, and makes no bones about it; CNN, on the other hand, puts up just enough pretensions to journalistic integrity to do the same in practice while clinging to a veneer of respectability by adding “balanced” voices to the mix.
    There are plenty of phony-white-guilt-soaked folks who daily comfort themselves with the soothing lies of a CNN over the jarringly obvious leftist-generated hysteria and agitprop of an MSNBC. They each fill a niche in the ongoing phony Narrative we see spewed by the American Left and its fellow travelers in the mainstream liberal media every single day.
    Good catch! I’d never even heard of this pretos Brazilian serial killer until your post. CNN is always trying to “cheat” on journalistic credibility when it comes to such stories, and this is yet another example among many.

  8. The MAD Jewess says:

    It was OK to hate Christians in Russia.
    it was OK to hate Jews in Germany
    It is OK to hate whites in America.
    This will not end well if whites REFUSE to wake up.

    BTW: Rabbi Kahane is still the BEST Rabbi in the planet and Israel is better off w/out nasty Arab murderers of Rabbi’s

  9. In Brazil they also avoided the racial issues. He said he only picked pretty women. He avoided to kill colored or black women because they were of his color.
    So if race was mentioned, it was said he did NOT kill dark skinned people. It was never said he picked white women.

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  11. john smith says:

    CNN should fire Sunny Hostin and Van Jones, they are 2 of the most racist commentators in a stable of a left wing news agency. Both of their views are one sided, and always favoring the left or black, to the point of everything is seen thru the prism of color favoring blacks. If Charles Manson were black they would be saying he was unjustly convicted because he was black. Sunny throws out common sense and clear evidence to fit her narrative that any instances involving people that are white and black has to be tainted by the hand of racism and blacks should always be innocent just because they are black, no matter what the facts are. Am sure Sunny and Van could get a job with Rev. Al at MNBC. CNN did the right thing when they got rid of Peris Morgan, Sunny and Van should also be fire?

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