The blind side of jury duty

As required by law, I answered my jury summons today. They packed us into a large waiting room, equipped with a few magazines, a coffee machine – and several big-screen TVs strategically located for easy viewing.
After explaining how to fill out the paperwork, they showed us a brief documentary about our civic duties as jurors. I thought it was pretty good. It did a fine job of reminding us that even though we’re being inconvenienced, ultimately, those of us who are selected will make a decision that will profoundly impact the lives of others. I got the impression that none of us took our duties lightly after viewing the film.
Both the movie and the young woman who guided us made it clear that we are not, under any circumstances, to consult newspapers, computers or smartphones to look up anything about pending cases. Anything that might compromise our absolute objectivity would be grounds for dismissal – or worse.
Over the course of the next few (very boring) hours, they played a couple of movies on the TVs. The first one was a Christmas special that I’m not familiar with; I spent my time reading. When that movie ended, and we got closer to the actual selection process, they played a second movie: The Blind Side.
I’ve never seen the film, and I spent the time during its showing pacing back and forth. But it was obvious that this film, like so many others, portrays blacks in an idealized light. Indeed, according to The Wire:

  • ‘Is Sandra Bullock’s New Movie Racist?’ asks Thaddeus Russell at the Daily Beast. He accuses the film of pacifying Oher, molding him into an unrealistically noble and non-threatening “black saint.” As such, Russell argues, Oher takes on the trappings of a stereotype that emerged in the 1950s, as white, liberal filmmakers sought to change negative perceptions of African Americans. Ultimately, he says, the take is a patronizing one:

His table manners are impeccable. He exhibits virtually no sexual desire. He is never angry and shuns violence except when necessary to protect the white family that adopted him or the white quarterback he was taught to think of as his brother. In other words, Michael Oher is the perfect black man.

I couldn’t help but wonder, if some of these jurors were confronted by a large black male defendant, mightn’t they identify with him in much the same way they were identifying with “Big Mike” in the movie? Notice how captivated they are by the movie:
What we’re looking at is the court staff indoctrinating the jury pool, polluting it with propaganda that might seriously compromise its ability to serve as impartial jurors. I found it ironic that the title of the movie so perfectly illustrates the blindness of today’s officialdom. Then again, these people had already been exposed to thousands of other films just like it – and they haven’t got a clue that they cannot help but be biased in favor of “marginalized, underprivileged, persecuted and disadvantaged” young black men. Not that they’re unable to find them guilty in the face of strong evidence, but more than likely, there’s a greater burden of proof to convict a black man than to convict a white man. Nobody wants to seem “racist.”
Was the showing of this film an intentional attempt to reduce conviction rates for black defendants? I’d like to think not, but stranger things have happened.

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  1. Dov B says:

    You can’t win with the professional victims. Whether you make a Black character a criminal or a well-behaved member of society, you are “racist.”
    The only truly safe way to avoid the “racist” label is to portray White males as bumbling fools or White females as whores.

  2. Lon Spector says:

    Increasing numbers of white people are getting wise to attempts to impose an
    Anarchist dictatorship on them. I spoke with a town police officer
    who was totally flabergasted the beatings of the two N.Y.C. cops the
    other day. A blantent and obvious plan to make Al Sharpton a “King maker.”
    I spoke to an elderly woman in the bank and told her the time would come
    when bandits would enter the bank and DEMAND withdraws are burn
    the bank to the ground. She agreed.
    It’s Fascism or anarchy. There is no middle ground. Unless Freebooters
    begin to mix it up with this Occupy Wall Street scum, like they did in
    Weirmer Germany, it’s OVER!

  3. Jake says:

    Looking at the picture of the audience, I’m reminded of those old black & white newsreels they still show on documentaries about the Cultural Revolution in Mao’s China: those old reels inevitably pan an enraptured audience, in a lecture hall, hanging on Mao’s every taped word as they clutch their Little Red Books. They look somber, serious, yet somehow insipidly engrossed in what they are being told. This audience looks every bit that way while they imbibe the soothing Narrative that Leftist Hollywood is spoon-feeding them.
    It’s appalling that whoever is in charge of jury duty where you’re at would presume to fill everyone’s idle time with such propaganda bilge, but I guarantee you any objections to the powers-that-be about the airing of it to a *literal* “captive audience” (if your jury duty was like mine you couldn’t leave the room until you were called for jury selection) would be meant with shock followed by outrage followed by “what are you, some kind of racist?!?”
    Anyway, good luck with your jury duty! I was ultimately dismissed without ever sitting on a trial.

  4. CS says:

    Do the defense lawyers get to see prospective jurors watching politically correct movies? If so, the movies may serve not only to indoctrinate but to expose attitudes and beliefs that would not be revealed under direct questioning during the jury selection process.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Good point. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hidden cameras in the room, and reactions to such movies are noted.

      • I expect that in the future, Obama, or one of his sucessors, will discover that too many white jurors are voting to convict black men. The solution? These white jurors need to watch a long video, or perhaps even attend a class on racism. They need to learn how racist white cops routinely target innocent young black men, falsely accusing them of crimes, because of the color of their skin! It is only a matter of time. The jury system is broken already, it will only get worse.

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  6. Lon Spector says:

    You can’t even call the coming genocide of white people a “race war.”
    Whites aren’t even fighting back. They will be led like lambs to the

  7. countenance says:

    Trivia: Michael Oher, because he was adopted by fairly well to do white parents, attended Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis. Also an alumnus of that school is someone many of you have heard of, James Edwards.

  8. countenance says:

    The first time I had to do jury duty, when I was still living in the city of St. Louis, was in November 2001. Learning experience? You betcha. My mother and also a few other city-dwelling relatives prepared me, but they could only do so much.
    When you first go into the Civil Courts Building, they direct prospective jurors to a large room on the first floor with lots of seating, with spillover space in an even larger room one level down directly underneath it.
    A couple hours into sitting and waiting and feeling my brain cells die having to watch CNN, (I swore to bring reading material next time), a black woman Sheriff’s deputy (the operational security of this Court House is provided by the Sheriff’s Department in the City of St. Louis) presented herself to the assembled prospective jurors and blurted this out:
    “Hey y’all. If any a’y’all been convicted of a felony, you ain’t gots to stay. Which means you can leave!”
    Thanks. I could have implied “you can leave” from “you ain’t gots to stay,” bad grammar notwithstanding. Considering her target audience, I’m not surprised she had to qualify her own words.
    At that moment, it seems like 40% of the people in the room, almost all of those getting up and leaving were black, did indeed get up and leave. Actually, it wasn’t so much “leave” as stampede out. I watched the whole scene, and I thought to myself, “is there a watermelon truck parked out front along Tucker that just made a last call?” Just to prove that stereotypes are usually valid, one of the felonious members of the stampeding herd yelled out as he made his way out the door, “hey y’all, I know a fried chicken place not too far away!” That in turn only served to embolden the part of the herd that had not already escaped to squeeze through the doors even quicker than they were already trying to.
    It was then I realized, I was stuck inside Birth of a Nation, and I couldn’t get out.
    Actually, once the herd moved on, (I wouldn’t have wanted to have been a waiter at that fried chicken joint), I actually did escape BOAN. It wasn’t that much longer before I and a few dozen others was called to a higher floor to take appraisal of our case. Of course, it was a car wreck lawsuit. For as much crime as there is in the City of St. Louis, most criminal cases are pled out. Most of the work for trials and juries in the St. Louis City-based state circuit are civil cases where the plaintiffs’ attorneys from all over God’s Creation venue shop the matter to a jurisdiction known for stupid jurors that like to stick big civil judgments to “the man.” And from what I saw, it would be even worse in that respect if felons were allowed to be jurors.
    I didn’t make it on that actual jury that day.
    Twelve bucks not very well earned.

  9. This is shocking. Indoctrination for prospective jurors.
    Of course, it is not called indoctrination, because the entire population is getting indoctrinated by these movies.
    These movies have the strongest impact on people who are not exposed to Blacks in normal life. These people have only positive examples of Blacks, from the movies. This is why Europeans are so anti-racist and are letting in all Somalis and Marrocans.
    Worse indoctrinations happens in US colleges, on comittees that decide so called sexual assault and date “rape” cases. They are taught that true rapists are those those with the most convincing arguments and character.

  10. Lon Spector says:

    America is finished. No amount of carnage directed against white
    people will wake them up. They just “suck up” one outrage directed at
    them after the other.
    Fantasy and delusion has completely replaced reality. If I take a palcebo
    instead of actual medicine, I will die. Wishful thinking changes nothing.
    America is going to die.

    • I share your pessimism about Americans. Nationalist anti-immigration parties are gaining ground in Europe however and continue to garner more votes. In some places the situation may be too far gone, but in others the possibility of stopping immigration and incentivizing the exit of many foreign immigrants seems possible. We must not give in to despair. There is hope for Europe.

  11. Lon Spector says:

    What’s up? This is a high quality blog! Have they intensified their
    attempts to destroy you? Is that why you seemed to have dissapeared?
    True enough, you might not find a welcome in Israel given the truths
    you’ve recited, but the toothpaste is out of the tube now. There’s no
    turning back. “Ethical” WN’s will allow you to have safe passage out of
    the country. that is, IF THERE IS A COUNTRY in the next few years.

    • jewamongyou says:

      No need to worry my friend. The only reason I haven’t been posting much recently is that I’ve been caught up in more mundane matters. Nobody’s subjected me to pressure to close this blog and I haven’t received any threats.
      I’ll be posting again – as soon as I have time.

    • SFG says:

      I doubt the Israelis would dislike him–they kind of feel the same way, and he hasn’t really acted against the Israeli state.
      There’s this idea WNs have that the state of Israel is in cahoots with the George Soros types to de-whiten America. Actually, the Soros types do it on their own because they believe it’s the right thing to redress historical inequalities, etc.; the Israelis are more worried about the Palestinians than anything else.

  12. Mason Jones says:

    There may be something to your hypothesis- from what I remember of salience and recency in social science classes in college, its been demonstrated that placing ideas recently in someone’s mind/reminding them of things, can definitely affect their views. Then again, there’s the issue that it may be days or weeks before they actually give their vote, though. And it doesn’t even have to be intentional- being exposed to liberal race propaganda in this day and age in the US is like being exposed to air. Its constantly around you, infiltrating everything.
    Also, the idea that lawyers could be watching may also be relevant (as someone else mentioned)- using it as a way to screen out those who may not think in a state-sanctioned way. Ironically, those who are often the most knowledgeable may be the ones that are least desired by lawyers. Which says something pretty awful about the mechanics of our justice system. A guy I know with a strong background in molecular biology who works as a research scientist for a biotech company was eliminated from a jury pool by lawyers because he knew too much about PCR and some other forensic science techniques.
    Think you’d better be careful about taking pics of the jury pool though.

  13. Lon Spector says:

    The end has come. The sub-human towel head vermin has suceeded.
    Nothing can stop them. No outrage is enough. Get ready to have your
    women wrapped up in funeral shouds, and to pray torwards Mecca and
    bay at the moon.

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