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It's not Digiorno, it's afrocentrism

People are so used to seeing black males idolized, and elevated above all other demographics, that they don’t even notice it anymore. Their subconscious has been conditioned to equate “diversity” with the worship of black males. I believe that corporations … Continue reading

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My First DV

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Some Oregonian tidbits

We can open any major newspaper, on any given day, and find examples of anti-white propaganda. I came across an Oregonian from January 10th and found these: Alcohol, drugs not a factor in fatal stabbing … The results show that … Continue reading

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This is why they hate "the Jews"

Why do so many hate “the Jews?” In two words: Sam Sachs. A friend of mine brought me a copy of “Jewish Life-Oregon,” its cover graced by the image of anti-white uber-liberal Sam Sachs. It would appear that Sachs fancies … Continue reading

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Why I haven't posted in a while

Dear readers, There is no dark, or sinister, reason I haven’t been posting much recently. The forces of darkness have not gotten to me, my health is fine and all is well. But I’ve been planning my next big travel … Continue reading

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