This is why they hate "the Jews"

Why do so many hate “the Jews?” In two words: Sam Sachs. A friend of mine brought me a copy of “Jewish Life-Oregon,” its cover graced by the image of anti-white uber-liberal Sam Sachs.
It would appear that Sachs fancies himself a crusader for all that is good and wholesome. “Jewish Life” named the article, authored by Deborah Moon, “The No Hate Zone of Sam Sachs.” But let’s let the story speak for itself. It starts:

Sam Sachs, 46, calls his volunteer efforts on behalf of minority rights tikkun olam, healing the world. He’s been called an advocate, activist and even an agitator.
When he sued the Oregon Public Safety Academy in 1996 for anti-Semitic comments during his training there as a corrections officer, it launched a state task force investigation. Sachs says the task force determined there were systemic issues in the academy. Since then Sam has earned a bachelor’s degree in black studies from Portland State University, worked to eliminate Native American mascots for school teams and filed suit on behalf of Portland Park Rangers for needed training (such as CPR) to deal with homeless populations in the parks. He was also instrumental in expanding the Rooney Rule (requiring minority candidates be interviewed for head coach openings on NFL teams) to public university sports programs in Oregon. Oh, and he returned to the police academy in 2008 as an instructor in diversity.

I wonder if his “black studies” included the fact that blacks, as a group, are far more likely to hold anti-Semitic beliefs than others. According to the ADL:

African-Americans continue to be significantly more likely than white Americans to hold anti-Jewish beliefs. As with whites, education level is the most important factor affecting the attitudes of blacks toward Jews.

50+ years of Jewish pandering to black interests has done nothing to mitigate such sentiments. If Sachs believes that his pro-black stance will make blacks less anti-Semitic, then he is a fool.
His championing of the Rooney Rule is equally ridiculous. If he is concerned about a dearth of black coaches, why is he not concerned about the dearth of white players in the NFL? 68% of NFL players are black, while only 27.7% are white.
Regarding recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, the article quotes Sachs:

To me there is a much deeper systematic problem around the way people of color are treated by police in this country, and the research and statistics support and validate that problem. People of color, especially black people, are justified in their anger and frustration.

Asians are “people of color,” yet we read of few, if any, reports of police brutality against them. I don’t recall ever reading of riots in response to an “unarmed Asian man being killed by police.” If Sachs is keen on statistics, he might be interested in reading “The Color of Crime.” It may shed some light as to why blacks are disproportionately affected by police actions – and it has nothing to do with the color of their skin.
As if on cue, Moon writes:

In addition to fulfilling the Jewish value of tikkun olam, Sam attributes much of his motivation to the lessons of the Holocaust. Seeing the potential for stereotypes and discrimination to descend into pure evil motivates him to fight for the rights of all minorities…

As for the rights of white males, they’re not a priority for Sachs. The article continues:

Though the task force determined the anti-Semitic slurs were isolated incidents, the governor’s report found bias against women at the academy and some sexual harassment, blaming the problems in part on an organization dominated by white men.
“Sometimes white males struggle with saying racism and sexism exist,” says Sam.
He’s not content to simply follow the lead of others. He takes active leadership roles in many projects.
For instance, he was a key player in expanding the Rooney Rule to state universities.
Having become familiar with legislative procedures as an intern in former Oregon Sen. Avel Gordly’s office, he approached Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) about sue to help promote diversity in Oregon sports programs.
“Sam really made it happen,” says Greenlick. “I was just his vessel in the legislature. He did an amazing amount of lobbying. It went remarkably easy.”

If Sach’s goal is to bring about another Holocaust, then he’s making great progress. Lobbying politicians to further discriminate against whites is an effective way to nurture resentment against Jews.
The dynamics of cause and effect seem to be lost on Sachs. We see this in his activism to eliminate Native American mascots:

Sam says he took up the issue on mascots after learning the impact they have on self-esteem among Native American youth. In May 2012 the Oregon State Board of Education adopted a rule to ban Oregon public schools from using Native American mascots as of July 1, 2017. But early last year Senate Bill 1509 passed allowing schools to keep Native American mascots if the school has a written agreement with a tribe and the mascot follows a set of rules.
“We are still working to have Native American mascots eliminated by 2017, because studies show even acceptable race-based mascots have a negative impact on minority students,” says Sam.

I wonder if any of the studies, which showed that these mascots negatively impact self-esteem, had a control group where the mascots were viewed in a positive light, and not subject to ridicule and accusations of “racism.” In other words, if young people are taught that a certain behavior is harmful toward them, of course it’s going to hurt their self-esteem. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. When I’m shopping at the grocery store, and I see a package of Hebrew National hotdogs, my self-esteem is not harmed in the least. But if I were taught, from an early age, that those hotdogs are a mockery of my heritage, I might feel slighted.
The article concludes by recounting how Sachs constantly reaffirms his connection with his Jewish heritage, in part by learning Hebrew. For the record, “tikkun olam” does not mean “healing the world.” It means “fixing the world.” There is a difference. To heal something implies that one is restoring it to its natural state. To fix something implies that it might have been broken in the first place.
Sachs claims to be working for equality, but there is no equality in nature. There is no equality in Judaism either. In real Judaism, a “goy” is not equal to a Jew, a Jew (from the tribe of Judah) is not equal to a Levite, and a Levite is not equal to a Cohen (a descendant of Aaron). A woman is not equal to a man, and a common man is not equal to a king. None of this has anything to do with merit; it has everything to do with birthright. A goy can be more righteous than a Jew and a common man can be more pleasing to God than a king.
In real Judaism (which I don’t claim to be perfect, by the way), each individual has the power to endear himself to God, or to lead a sinful life. It’s up to him. But one’s birthright is something one is born with; he can throw it away, but he doesn’t have to earn it either.
Sam Sachs appears to value his birthright as a Jew – but he would deny white gentiles their own birthright. It’s my duty to object.

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  1. countenance says:

    My sense of the matter is that “tikkun olam” was a spiritual-religious doctrine, that in recent decades has morphed into a sociopolitical doctrine. Galatians 3:28 is very similar.

  2. Dov S says:

    When I’m with my family for Sabbath (yes, I am observant) and the discussion turns to these types of issues, I point out the realities of the various bases for negative feelings about Jews. When people protest, I remind them that I actually frequent sites like SF, which gives me a better understanding of “why they ______ us” than theirs.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Good for you for showing your family the truth. Also, thanks for your positive comment.

    • Confirmed Shitlord says:

      Thank you very much for doing that.
      It’s a logical thing–if you hate rapists, and blacks are among rapists, then it is inevitable you are going to hate a few blacks. And if blacks are heavily overrepresented among rapists, I can’t deny that fact and tell people the representation matches the overall population. It’s the same thing with Social Justice crusaders (like Tribe members Barbara Spectre and Joe Slovo) who ruin something (see: post-integration Detroit, post-apartheid South Africa, post-immigration Sweden), then pack up and say “my work here is done!” If you love what Chateau Heartiste refers to as “Truth and Beauty” and hate what Social Justice crusaders do, you are inevitably going to hate a few people who happen to have Jewish ancestry. And if Jewish ancestry is heavily overrepresented among Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, the founding membership of the NAACP, etc., I can’t deny that fact.
      This doesn’t mean I agree with traditional Judenhass (which is the way of the black, the Muslim, the commie and in general the totalitarian and I support the civilized superior man over the inferior savage) or want the state to institute oppressive crackdowns (statism is bad and always backfires, and Germany getting rid of its top scientists is on the side of savagery just like Zimbabwe getting rid of its whites) or hate people I know purely because they are Jewish or black (I’m not retarded or a Russian “Occupy Pedophilia” skinhead who beats people up for being gay). It does mean that I now find the Chateau Heartiste type of anti-Semitism–“notice that this leftoid is an Eskimo/member of the Tribe”–attractive, whereas brute Islamic and William Pierce anti-Semitism–the uncivilized inferior man hating the superior civilized man–is intensely abrasive to me and makes me want to side with the Jews they’re complaining about. The stuff Muslims say about Zionists makes me want to be Zionist (see also: Churchill’s “dog in the manger” speech–hardcore get-rid-of-the-low-IQ-people racialists like me need not be pro-Palestinian if by “Palestinian” we mean Hamas supporters and not the Christians who get bulldozed). The stuff Kevin B. MacDonald says about Jewish evolutionary strategy–that Jews view it as in their group interest to promote a secular, atomized, individualistic society–makes Jews sound very damn good to me as a libertarian even though MacDonald is a paleocon and therefore wants me to view atomized individual-freedom societies as a bad thing. Because the stuff Tribe leftoids like Joe Slovo promote isn’t an individualistic, atomized, identity-free society, it’s a society with militant anti-white black/mestizo/etc. identity and anti-individualist economic policies like affirmative action, quotas, the ANC’s brand of socialism, etc.
      I’m curious how J.A.Y. feels about these sentiments.

  3. jay says:

    Is this mostly American Jews? My impression is most Israeli Jews are more conservative and not pro-multiculturalism. So would it be fair to assume that perhaps it is the American experience on the Jewish community combined with the after effects of the Holocaust that led to the Jewish dominance in progressive slimery like this? Just curious as I am genuinely confused about this Jewish conspiracy meme that covers every facet from communism to capitalism.

  4. Great post! I think that a lot of resentment toward Jews can be explained by there being so many Jewish nationalists, who staunchly defend Zionism, yet who claim that pride in ones heritage, or a desire to merely survive, is not legitimate for whites.
    Jewish liberals like black pride, Mexican pride, even gay pride, but if a person is white and proud of his culture and heritage, and wants it to survive, he’s evil. Some of these individuals would insist that their son or daughter only marry another Jew. Yet, these same individuals would scream racism if a white parent were to do the same thing for their child.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dunno about the Jews that you are acquainted with, but the ones I that are in my life accept converts to Judaism of all races. Yes, my Jewish friend’s parents prefer that their kids get married to Jews, but that the Jewish person in question can be of any race or ethnicity.

      • Although Jews do accept converts, in practice conversion is disouraged. Traditionally a potential convert is turned away three times. In the state of Israel, Ashkenazic Jews routinely discriminate against Mizrahi and even Sephardic Jews. Ethiopian Jews, are not even considered Jews by the Ashkenazic Chief Rabbinate, they have to undergo a conversion to Orthodox Judaism, to be considered Jewish at all by it.
        Jewish with darker skin or different customs are considered suspect by many Ashkenazic Jews. I have no doubt there are some Jews who would love to have a black convert joint their family, but there are a lot of Jews who would not. I suspect most would not. There is even a Yiddish word for blacks, Schwartza, it is considered a racial slur.
        To be fair, Abe Foxman’s son recently married a gay Hispanic convert. I was suprised he was so accepting of it. He even thanked them for the “opportunity to be sensitive.”

    • Dov S says:

      Regarding your comment below:
      I was always taught that the reason Judaism isn’t so into proselytizing and conversions is that it really is an enormously demanding religion as far as day-to-day laws and rituals are concerned (e.g., the kosher and Sabbath laws). Now, I’m not a great expert on Christianity, but consider baptism – that is a ritual that confers a certain spirituality and connection with Christ on the baptized. I imagine that this status comes with a certain degree of responsibility. The same concept applies to converts in Judaism. Why subject potential converts to that kind of restricted lifestyle when there’s a decent chance that they won’t want to deal with it a couple of years down the road?

      • I didn’t intend it as a criticism of Judaism. I think making conversion as restrictive as possible is a good idea for Jews actually. It means that Jews will only get those who are more commited to the cause. It eliminates the flakes or at least a lot of them.
        At the same time, I think a lot of it is motivated by a healthy racial consciousness. The desire to exclude outsiders or gentiles from the community. What do you think?
        In the book of Tanya, it is claimed that Jews have a divine spark within them, and that Jews are intrinsically more holy than gentiles. For someone with that view, I could see why they want to limit conversions.

  5. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Diversity Chronicle,
    As a matter of fact, the Kabbalah can be viewed as a form of proto-liberalism. I wrote about it here.

  6. Lon Spector says:

    Did you ever read the book by Dennis Pregger titled “Why The Jews?”
    His premise is that the pratice of the Jewish religion promotes more
    productive behavior, and that’s why the Gentile is jealous of the Jew.
    He says that Jews hold their liqure better, and they stress education
    more, and are less likely to abuse their wives.
    He speaks about the “non Jewish Jew”, and admits that the irreligious Jew
    is often a radical, as they were in Germany, and that’s also why they
    provoke the ire of the Gentile.
    He says the solution to Antisemitism is to make it easier for the Gentile
    to become a Jew. He claims the Holocast would never have happened
    had there been more “Jews.”

  7. icareviews says:

    “Why do so many hate ‘the Jews?’ In two words: Sam Sachs.”
    Well, the ubiquity of Sachs and his SPLC/ADL sort of Jew are certainly part of it. Speaking on behalf of anti-Semites – and no, I don’t really think of myself that way, but I’m sufficiently wary of Jewish history and influence as to receive that allegation with indifference – I can say that I don’t really hate anybody. There are of course white nationalists and others who do hate Jews on a biological basis, but for me “anti-Semitism” is simply a matter of pragmatism based on the European experience.
    And yes, sorry to “go there”, but it is inextricably tied into a history of conspiracy. I’ve never believed that Jews all get together to plot against whites as a monolithic collective; but there are too many instances of Jews attaining fortunes and power and then proceeding to behave not with gratitude toward the host civilization, but with undeniable hostility – murderous hostility in too many cases.
    World War 2 and associated brainwashing. Immigration policy. Miscegenation propaganda and every other species of poison that spews out of Hollywood. The Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident. How many specific examples of Jewish involvement in 9/11 do people need? Israeli spies arrested with truck bombs – a fact briefly reported in the mainstream media – with Mossad agents in place filming the planes hit. Israeli nationals Chertoff and Zelikow controlling the “investigation” and seeing to it that evidence is destroyed. Dov Zakheim, Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith . . . the list of Zionist assets in the Bush administration is endless. How much American money and blood has been wasted on these useless Middle Eastern sand trap conflicts for the Jewish state? Name one major financial scandal of the last decade that wasn’t about some sleazy Jew up to no good.
    In Greg Johnson’s metaphor, Jews arrived in the United States and approached it the same way a hacker approaches a website: as something to be infiltrated and exploited. But the average white person doesn’t even really have any idea of what a Jew is. They’re just funny comedians, “Holocaust” victims, brilliant businessmen and so forth. The average oaf listening to the radio or watching TV probably thinks some sadistic slimeball like Charles Krauthammer or Mark Levin or Bill Kristol or Michael Savage is just a regular old, good sense-talking American. The Ashkenazim just look like Mediterranean variations on “white” to most Americans, who fail for that and other reasons to critically inspect whatever it is their fellow “white” is peddling.
    The problem is that, no matter how many “good” Jews there are – you, Paul Gottfried, David Cole, Gilad Atzmon, and so forth – so many, while basically decent-seeming gentlemen in their areas of specialty – are frustratingly silent when it comes to certain topics or actually choose to endorse the official mythology where it suits them. If even Israel-critical Noam Chomsky, for instance, refuses to acknowledge that Jews did 9/11, then how is he not a de facto co-conspirator in covering up the crime? How hard would it be for a few Jewish university professors just to admit publicly that the gas chambers are a hoax? Jesus Christ! (Christianity being another Jewish conspiracy, by the way. It took a few thousand years, but Europeans have been reduced to a lot of megachurch Jew-worshipers. Not kidding: a nominally “Christian” man recently told me that his church is “Israel-oriented”.)
    But anyway, here, just to prove that I’m not really such an anti-Semite, is a video from a Jew I happen to like quite a bit:

    • Dov S says:

      Much of your post is dead-on, but it’s far too conspiracy-minded overall. For instance, the USS Liberty incident is fairly irrelevant. Should Germany not have good relations with America simply because the two were at war decades ago? Secondly, it’s a real stretch to make the claim that Israel intentionally attacked the Liberty knowing that it was an American ship. To do so would have been tactically insane.
      Next, the claim that Israel was responsible for 9/11 is simply preposterous. People base this assertion on some grainy video that ostensibly shows Israelis dancing on a truck. The underpinnings of this conspiracy are so weak that a rational man would be hard-pressed to give it more than a few seconds’ thought.
      Now, while I haven’t read the series, I understand that KM’s “The Culture of Critique” is far more realistic.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think that most anti-Semitism does not stem from people like Sam Sachs. I think that most anti-Semitism stems from the fact that the average Jew is just more competent at life than the average non-Jew. Jewish kids are more obedient towards their parents, choose better majors in university, are more likely to start their own business, and generally put more effort into education and career.
    The Turks hated the Armenians for the same reasons. Black Americans hate White Americans for the same reasons. Half of all racism stems from envy.

    • “I think that most anti-Semitism does not stem from people like Sam Sachs. I think that most anti-Semitism stems from the fact that the average Jew is just more competent at life than the average non-Jew. Jewish kids are more obedient towards their parents, choose better majors in university, are more likely to start their own business, and generally put more effort into education and career.”
      Jews are more competent at life? That’s quite a broad and general statement. Isn’t the Jewish intermarriage rate with goyim at 50% right now? Jewish kids are more obedient toward their parents? Do you have any studies or statistics for that? Most American Jews are liberals, and most Jews voted for Obama. Are liberals more “competent at life?”
      Why are not the Japanese or Koreans similarly hated by whites in the US, given that on average they have more money than whites do and start more businesses?
      “The Turks hated the Armenians for the same reasons. Black Americans hate White Americans for the same reasons. Half of all racism stems from envy.”
      I think this is a straw man. I don’t believe that anyone resents Jews because they consider Jews superior to themselves. I don’t think the average black hates whites for that reason either. I think a lot of blacks and hispanics are so out of touch with history and reality, that they consider themselves superior.
      I believe race relations were better between blacks and whites when blacks had not yet been taught to see whites as evil oppressors. I blame liberal academics, the media, and the government for a lot of it. At one time, under slavery most blacks understood that whites had achieved a higher level of civilization. At that time there was actually less black resentment toward whites. When slavery was abolished, many former black slaves refused to leave their white masters.

      • I forgot to add, studies show blacks have higher self esteem than anyone. So the idea that they view themselves as inferor to whites, is contrary to the evidence.

      • BX says:

        They view themselves as inferior to whites economically and societal-influence-wise, and not as naturally inferior human specimens. I think that’s what anon meant. And this undoubtedly causes some of their anti-white racism. Just like the Chinese in Malaysia of Vanuatu, been richer and better off for generations, hence maybe have to put up with a little racism. But the main cause of blacks’ anti-white racism is the history baggage on their shoulders, which keeps being emphasised, lit-up, and exaggerated by left-wing whites, little wonder they can never get rid of it!

    • Confirmed Shitlord says:

      >I think that most anti-Semitism does not stem from people like Sam Sachs. I think that most anti-Semitism stems from the fact that the average Jew is just more competent at life than the average non-Jew
      Are we talking about Black/Muslim/commie/Turd World anti-Semitism (in which case the comment is accurate), or AmRen/race realist/neoreactionary anti-Semitism (in which case it isn’t)?
      The people I know on CoonTown (one of the largest communities on Voat besides FatPeopleHate) aren’t mad about Jews being rich or being scientists–I don’t resent East Asians for doing better than Europeans. The people I know on CoonTown are mad about state-pushed integration, censorship, promotion of black male/white female race-mixing (while not having white males with East Asian females, etc., so it’s not just a matter of interracial but clearly pushing a POZ agenda since BM/WF relationships have the worst statistics of all interracial relationships), etc. They’re mad about Barbara Spectre, who wants Sweden to “go into a multicultural mode” by importing a lot of fast-breeding Somali savages who riot and sexually assault local women (sacking towns and raping your women is what an enemy invader does, not what guests do)–while insisting on Israel being non-multicultural and racially pure.
      In other words, Jews like Spectre and the liberal who said “multiculturalism won’t work for Israel” know the benefits of eugenics and selective breeding and genetic purity and IQ and not giving voting rights to the savage majority and they insist on forcing the opposite and all its attendant, horrible consequences onto Europeans because Europeans aren’t Yahweh’s Chosen People but filthy goyim (shvartzes are goyim too, so why don’t Reform Jews screw THEM over instead? Also, from a Talmudic perspective–taking the view that goyim are put on this earth just so the chosen people have servants and don’t have to pick their own cotton–isn’t it better to have an intelligent, productive slave than an unproductive one? Aren’t blond sex slaves more desirable than kinky-haired, high-androgen Congoid pygmies or brutish-looking, curveless Australoids?).
      The hypocrisy is what really gets me. It’s like having a clergyman who regularly shoves his penis in minors and then tells you can’t masturbate (this is not a purely hypothetical analogy. See: the Catholic church, Jack Schaap, sexual abuse in Hasidic schools).
      Why do the Israelis get to have their own country and screw over the Arabs rather than giving majority rule to the Islamist savages (if it weren’t for the “apartheid” BDS people complain about, guess what would happen to gay rights or women walking down the beach unveiled, considering that Islamists vastly outnumber Christians and non-crazy Muslims in Palestine?), but white Rhodesians and South Africans don’t get to have their own country and have to hand over majority rule to ZANU/ANC savages? Why can’t Denmark define itself as a “Germanic and democratic state” or Ireland define itself as a “Celtic and democratic state” or Poland define itself as a “Slavic and democratic state” if Israel gets to define itself as a “Jewish and democratic state” and ensure a Jewish minority? Israel sterilized Falasha women as a condition of their getting to live in Israel, why can’t white welfare states do the same to Somali women?
      If you want Israel to be ethnically cleansed for the Chosen, fine. But why can’t whites just be left alone–namely, allowed to state offensive but true stastics, allowed to say things like “I’m proud to be German” or fly the Swedish flag without being called a Nazi, allowed the freedom of association to have white-only communities like Orania?

  9. Lon Spector says:

    To understand the rift between the Jew and the Gentile, you must
    study early church history.
    Christianity started as a branch of Judism. In the aftermath of Christ’s
    death thousands of Jews DID believe in Christ. A “Gentile” branch of
    Christianity also developed. The Jewish branch and Gentile branch didn’t
    mix much together. The Jewish Christians naturally thought they were
    superior to the Gentiles, and were not shy saying so.
    The Apostle Paul was assigned to the Gentiles. The Jewish Christians
    were trying to get the Gentiles to be observent Jews, including praticeing
    circumsicion. Paul forbade this. (See the book of Galatians.)
    The rift between the Christian groups would have been perminate had
    not the Jewish Temple been destroyed in A.D. 70. By that time, the Gospel
    of John had been written. All references to Christ’s Jewish identity had
    been removed. Christ calls Jews, “The children of Satan.” “Jew’s” and
    Jesus are now on two different sides. We now have seperation, and two
    irreckonsiable differences. Later on, Christianity became the state religion
    of Rome accentuating the rift between Jew and Gentile.
    All of the above, coupled with the popular belief that “The Jews” killed
    Christ is how we arrived where we are today.

  10. Stary Wylk says:

    I see nothing objectionable to using Indians as symbols of a sports team. They were picked because they were tough and athletic, like Vikings and Spartans.

    • Yes, JAY made a similar point I believe in the past. The idea that native mascots are offensive, was probably originated by a white liberal. If someone wanted to call their sports team the Vikings, or the Celts, or some other European derived name, why would I be offended as a white person? The whole idea of being offended by it seems stupid to me.

    • Sal Lee Beck says:

      I am a Native American and would like to know if anyone would object to the use of “Fighting Kikes” as a mascot for my intramural team. Since I plan to honor the fighting Jewish spirit.

  11. Lon Spector says:

    Phrase to the Lord Jesus Christ, that Jews ARE starting to believe
    in Jesus again! They refer to themselves as “completed Jews.”
    A sizable number of them must come into the fold (Even in Israel)
    before Jesus can return. Christ said: You will in no ways see Me again
    until you say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

  12. sestamibi says:

    I can’t help but wonder how many kids Sam Sachs has.

  13. Stan D Mute says:

    I think this is very close to the mark. As with anything involving humans, it’s complicated and not all anti-Jews have the same motivations. Henry Ford railed against the internationalist Jew banking cartel. Others rail against the meddling you cite. And still others are, as commenters note, simply jealous of Jewish success and influence. I myself tend to distill it into the fact that Jews are an intelligent group that insists upon its own superiority while living in foreign nations. A group of very smart Koreans espousing Korean superiority while living in Japan, for example, would incur the same kind of hatred. I’m glad someone mentioned the out-marriage rate because if that continues there just won’t be any Jews in a few more generations. “One of my grandfathers was Jewish” holds about as much water for an American as “One of my grandfathers was Dutch.”
    As a child of the nuclear age, growing up with drills to hide from the Commie nukes, I can’t help thinking all this pales by comparison to the threat of mushroom clouds that still hangs over us. South Africa dismantled their nukes or we’d have seen at least one by now, probably accidental given SA’s negro incompetence. But we still have Pakistan, India, North Korea, soon Iran, and the tens of thousands of Russia and the West. Sooner or later some of them will be detonated, most likely in or near Israel. Which brings me to the most dangerous cause of anti-Jew hatred, the location of Israel. With 1.6 billion Muslims, any 50% of whom would gladly die to kill a hundred Jews, again it’s only a matter of time.
    It is interesting to think about the fact that the most despised people on the planet are negroes and Jews and for such completely different reasons. Negroes are stupid and violent causing death, disease, destruction, and chaos wherever they may be found. Jews are smart and industrius, but cannot stop themselves from meddling in the affairs of others and insist on going where they are unwelcome. Compare these groups to say the Amish who really just want to be left alone. Does anyone hate the Amish?

    • Battterytrain says:

      Jews are not smart or Industrious, one can see this in the relatively lazy Sephardic Jews who are very much the real Jews biblically and by the book. Counting your stereotypes on trash Turkic Ashkenazim converts from Khazaria is not a good method, especially when the latter group has been documented as stealing ideas and stories from other cultures worldwide being a nomadic problematic group equivalent to gypsies. I also believe that Jews themselves over-exaggerate their own good characteristics, their IQ and even their success.

  14. Douglas says:

    I agree with your assessment. Also, i have seen much discussIon in the blogosphere lately as to why Jews segregate themselves within a community or country. Do Jewish Americans see themselves as Americans or Jewish or some amalgamation that can’t assimilated? David Horowitz has been reporting how Jews don’t feel safe in France and are fleeing to Israel. If they are French, why don’t they simply make this known and fight for a better France. I genuinely do not understand this. I have not heard any white hyphenated person/group making similar statements.
    As far as jealously related to Jews being smarter and generally better off financially, i don’t think it would matter if their values more closely matched those of conservative America. Also, what i see now is intelligence doesn’t directly correlate positively with wisdom. Israel is surrounded by enemies. If the Jewish people at large continue to advocate for third world assimilation into America and Europe, they will eventually find themselves surrounded by a much larger broad reaching hostile force.

  15. Interesting perspective. If you want to talk let me know. Be well
    Sam Sachs

    • jewamongyou says:

      Dialog is preferable to shouting matches, or outright enmity – even though I did vent my spleen in this post. This would make it awkward for me, but not impossible. I just got back from Ethiopia, but within a couple of weeks I may shoot you an email.

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