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The Karo and the Mursi (DANGER!!! Nudity!!!!!!!!!!)

Unlike the Hamer, or the Khonso or the Dorze, the Mursi tribe has no organized way of dealing with tourism. This is a shame, considering that they’re arguably the most interesting tribe in Ethiopia; they’re famous for their plate-lipped women, … Continue reading

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A visit to the Hamer tribe (video at the end contains nudity)

In the far south of Ethiopia is a region called the Omo Valley. It’s home to several tribes, which have remained isolated until recently. To get to Omo Valley, I flew from Addis Ababa to the main city of the … Continue reading

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Back from the wedding

Good new: The wedding was a success; my daughter is now married! A great time was had by all and I got to spend time with some wonderful people (including my other kids). I hope you’ll forgive me for not … Continue reading

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Some cool animals from Ethiopia

Here are some animals, all in the wild, I photographed in Ethiopia. How many of them can you identify? My daughter’s getting married tomorrow. Feel free to wish me Mazal tov!

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The mystique of Aksum

My local guide in Aksum (also spelled “Axum”) told me there are no mosques in the city. When Muslims ask why this is so, the local Christians reply, “When  Muslims allow churches in Mecca, we’ll allow mosques in Aksum.” Aksum … Continue reading

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The worshipers of Lalibela

Some of the other tourists I spoke to in Ethiopia described Lalibela as the highlight of their trip. I’m not sure this currently applies to me, but I may have second thoughts. I think what impressed the other tourists most … Continue reading

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The Afar salt miners

If you’re the type of person who sometimes pities yourself for your difficult job, perhaps you should visit the Afar salt miners of the Danakil. They spend their days cutting salt out of the earth in the hottest place on … Continue reading

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Dalol: The colorful place

The Danakil Depression holds several attractions. In fact, it’s a geological treasure trove, and a mecca for scientists. One of these attractions is a place called, by the locals, “Dalol,” which means “colorful place.”  The range of colors one sees … Continue reading

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The treasure that belongs to those who have nothing

I once wrote about a lone Bedouin I happened across in the Judean desert. I was impressed by the simplicity of his existence. His lonely days in the desert had rendered him free of the personality pollutants that afflict the … Continue reading

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Do you cut your own hair?

I normally do; I don’t much care what it looks like. As long as it doesn’t affect my job, or grow so long that it gets in the way, it’s a low priority for me. So I cut it myself … Continue reading

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