Do you cut your own hair?

I normally do; I don’t much care what it looks like. As long as it doesn’t affect my job, or grow so long that it gets in the way, it’s a low priority for me. So I cut it myself whenever I feel like it.
Except that my daughter’s getting married in a couple of weeks, and I owe it to her to look presentable. So off to the nearest Greatclips I went, and this is what greeted me opposite the entrance:
great clips propaganda
My last propaganda post attracted some ridicule from the unenlightened. As expected, they view each instance of micro-propaganda in isolation, and make comments such as:

In that picture, it just looks like they put in a token black guy. But in the mind of a racist, putting a black man anywhere in an ad is idolizing them and furthering the “black agenda,” whatever that is.

If black women were featured with white/Asian men just as often as black men are shown with white women, then it might not be propaganda. But when we see the same pattern over and over again, we cannot view each instance in isolation. Intelligent people will ask, “Why is this pattern being presented to us so consistently? What are the motives of the powerful people who make such decisions?”
These are not unreasonable questions to ask. What is unreasonable is to willfully blind oneself to a phenomenon as ubiquitous as the one in question.

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  1. In some ways this is worse than the last propaganda display that you commented on. Although the two pictures are framed separately, I believe they were made to be displayed together. The black youth is clearly checking out the young blonde and he has a lecherous look in his eyes.
    I hope you took your business elsewhere. Local barbershops don’t seem to display this type of propaganda as much. At least I’ve never seen a picture like this at one. Propaganda like this is everywhere, and you would be hard pressed to find a large corporation that does not promote it.
    I agree. This is not random. The fact that black males and white females are consistently paired together in ads is by design. The powers that be want us to grow accustomed to seeing it. They also want to send the message that black men are entitled to white women, and that white women should get together with black men.

    • She does, however because the male is black, this display is still deemed politically correct and acceptable. If he had been white, glaring at her like this, I think feminists would demand this be taken down.

  2. Lon Spector says:

    It’s very important to understand that these thing are being
    intentionally promoted. The juxistopisition of the “feminie” white
    female with the “masculine” black male is a display of contrasts that
    is exciting to our base instincts. Many photographers have exploited
    this. Not just pornographers. This was done as early as the 1930’s
    by an “art” photographer named Manray.
    Cockhold pornography is also a big seller for emasculated white men.
    Studying the present trends one can’t help but think that the white male is
    passe, and the future belongs to black men/ white women pairings.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No one forced you into walking into that hair salon. I’m sure you could find a White supremacist hairdresser if you looked hard enough but that person would not want you as a client.

    • I doubt very much that he could find a “white supremacist” hairdresser or barber in his area. You do realize how unpopular and uncommon alternative views on race are? If you can find one and document it, it will make the nightly news, that’s how rare it is! In fact, most cases of “racist” small businesses are contrived, the charges are brought without evidence or based on distortions and outright lies.
      The fact of the matter is that anti-whites have a monopoly on business. It is impossible to avoid doing business with them entirely in this country. It is certainly praise worthy to avoid it to the extent that one can do so, but it is impossible to entirely avoid them in our society. Sooner or later you will have to buy gas, or food, or clothing, or something from a company that is anti-white.
      I don’t accept the premise that the “free market” will inevitably result in the greatest moral good. It simply isn’t true that you can choose to avoid doing business with anti-whites if you want to. You cannot, because they control so many essential commodities and services!

  4. Lon Spector says:

    The extermination of the white male, and the sexual enslavement of
    the white female. It’s happening.

  5. JI says:

    A little OT, but I went into a Great Clips the other day and they wanted my name, phone number and address. I told them I have no problem giving my name and phone number but I did not want to provide my address. The girl said they could simply opt me out of the coupons they send out, so I said then they could do without my address. I sat there for the next thirty minutes while they took walk-ins who came after me. It was typical passive-aggressive female behavior. I suggest that, once they experience the modern white female, perhaps black men will realize white females aren’t so desirable after all.

  6. Nine says:

    I think this blog post and the responses are a perfect example of people seeing whatever they chose to see. More a reflection of your own unconscious than reality. I’m sure if you made a physical tally of every single instance where a man is paired with a female in an ad, you’d find that by an overwhelming margin, it’s same race couples. You should try that experiment. Carry a pen and and pad and jot down the racial pairings of every single ad your eyes rest upon. Tell me how many involve white-white couple, black-black couples and mixed-race couples. I can already tell you the answer. White-white couples will be the majority easily. Mixed-race couples *at most* will be a few percent.
    You guys are making much ado over absolutely nothing.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Have you done this experiment? I think that most depictions of just two people, of opposite sex, are same-race, but they’re a bit more subtle than that. When they show two people together, of opposite sex, and who are not obviously a couple, then they’ll more often include a black male with a white female. Also, when the group is three or more, they’ll have the black man next to a non-black woman, but rarely will they have a non-black man next to a black woman. At any rate, I’ll go ahead and take you up on this challenge. In fact, I’ll give you the opportunity to suggest the sources. Possibilities would be government leaflets, billboards or handouts, billboards in general, TV commercials or images found on public transportation vehicles. Make a suggestion, a setting (such as sitting on a street and observing buses going by) and a number of samples. Let’s do it!

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