The worshipers of Lalibela

Some of the other tourists I spoke to in Ethiopia described Lalibela as the highlight of their trip. I’m not sure this currently applies to me, but I may have second thoughts.
I think what impressed the other tourists most about Lalibela is the architecture; the fact that its 11 famous churches were all carved out of solid rock. Whenever I travel, I find myself drawn to architecture. I end up taking numerous photos of both primitive traditional huts, and of grandiose cathedrals. Both of these, and everything in between, fascinate me.
And yet it wasn’t the churches themselves that most drew my attention; it was the worshipers who populated them. Their presence, and their devotion, overshadowed the structures themselves. I had the good fortune of visiting during one of the Ethiopian Orthodox holidays, so there were throngs of people.
They reminded me of Orthodox Jews in Israel, of whom I was one. (post edited/shortened on 03/31/15). In any event, I thought it was a beautiful thing, so I took many photos.

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5 Responses to The worshipers of Lalibela

  1. mikegre2014 says:

    So are you saying you were once Orthodox and now you’re not?

  2. Lon Spector says:

    A lot of interesting things are in store of Israel, and the region in
    general. Look for Egypt to take over all of North Africa. Look
    for Iran to turn nice. The Israel/Iran relationship is NOT as bad as it
    seems. Bibi ” protestive too much.”
    Prophecy takes a long time to come into affect, but IT does.
    “A day with God is a thousand years.”

  3. Lon Spector says:

    Egypt will take over North Africa to quell Islamic extremism.
    ISIS is far more spread out then people know. They will even attack
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    Egypt will be as powerful as the U.S. or Russia is.
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    Iran is the “secret” friend of Israel. The relationship between Iran and Israel,is simular to a scene from “Viva Las Vegas. Israel is Elvis. He is
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    He persists and she ultimately pushes him in the pool.
    The DO end up together. That’s how it will be between Israel and Iran.
    How do I know it? Because the Bible tells me so.

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