Is the U.K. Left turning a new leaf?

Thanks to Diversity Chronicle for sending me the following video:


At first blush, Mr. Phillips sounds like a breath of fresh air, when we compare it to the usual drivel we get from the British establishment regarding race. He acknowledges that there’s truth to the various stereotypes about different ethnic groups in Britain. He brings attention to the scandalous whitewashing of the underage grooming crimes in Rotherham, and he even acknowledges the fact that British whites feel marginalized – that it’s almost as if being white is now a crime in Britain.

But in reality, Mr. Phillips says nothing new in this video; most of his proclamations are now common knowledge. It’s upsetting that, while he does a good job illustrating the awful way the authorities reacted to the Rotherham scandal, he neglects to mention that it was the BNP that brought the matter to public attention in the first place. In fact, the BNP is not mentioned even once in the video.

This is probably because the BNP no longer presents a serious political challenge to the ruling parties – but UKIP does. Therefore, Mr. Phillips dedicates a substantial chunk of the last part of his video to making UKIP look bad. This, and the fact that the British media/government allowed this video to air in the first place, tells me that the video is naught but a political move. A pathetic attempt to fool voters into thinking that Labour has turned a new leaf, that they never meant to set up a Stalinist state of fear in the first place. That it was all just an oversight on their part, that they’re sorry and that things will be different in the future.

At the very end, Mr. Phillips even implies that white youth benefit from diversity, because they too might get their turn at having some attention lavished upon them – after the educational establishment is done lavishing attention on all the other groups! How absurd!

The video may be of some use in bringing the uninitiated to an awareness of the excesses of political correctness in Britain, but let us not be fooled by such ploys. Did Labour deliberately overreach, in their campaign of political correctness, just so that they could backtrack later and “reinvent” themselves politically? I wouldn’t put it past them.

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  1. countenance says:

    But, he’s the one who helped engineer the PC race jihad during the Blair and Brown governments.

  2. Harar Krishna! says:

    “he neglects to mention that it was the BNP that brought the matter to public attention in the first place.”
    That Muslim man? Because it was a Muslim who first brought all this to light.

  3. CS says:

    An amusing and probably accurate assessment of Mr. Phillips here:
    Irish Savant: A case of rats and sinking ships?

  4. missattempts says:

    The white female is at “ground zero’ in the high stakes war to
    save the white race. My personal opinion: I think the white male
    will be exterminated but the white female will be perserved.
    This can all be done through artificial insemination.

  5. CS says:

    Having now managed to watch all of the Phillips’ video without throwing up, I conclude that the Blairites have been forced to change their line of attack on the British people simply because the standard method of shutting up those who oppose the racial and cultural genocide of the nation through anti-natalist policies (including teaching oral sex in kindergarten, promoting same-sex marriage, and funding slaughter of the unborn), mass immigration and multiculturalism is no longer working.
    What they used to do with critics is call them racists and, if possible, trap them in some violent expression of opinion for which they could be punished by the police and administrative forces of political correctness.
    But too many people have figured out how the bastards twist the language, and have learned also the language and the concepts necessary to negate the lies without exposing themselves to liberal hate-speech and other anti-free speech measures.
    The crime of genocide being committed by the British elite against the their own people is easily enough grasped as long as you know the basic facts, which are as follows. British women, who mostly still mate with British men, which is to say people of British ancestry dating to before 1950, have a fertility of 1.6 which is little more than two-thirds the replacement rate, whereas immigrant women having a much higher fertility, with those from Bangladesh hitting 3.9 and Libyan mothers in Britain scoring brilliantly at 5.6.
    With a gross immigration rate of half a million people a year, this means rapid population replacement and inevitably the destruction of the native culture, i.e., genocide.
    In the meantime, as the silly English school principal featured in the video seemed to find exciting, British children are attaining the status of white trash, as a consequence of the fact that immigrants are generally of the more intelligent and energetic component of the population from whence they come, and hence their children also tend to be of above average ability. So even before they become a minority nationally (they already are a minority in London, Leicester, Birmingham and other great British cities) white children are being set up for social and economic failure.

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  7. BX says:

    Thanks for posting this video JAY and DC.

  8. Great. I am in the midst of watching this. Certainly a vast progress that is breaking taboos. Black men are allowed to break such taboos, don’t expect a white repressor getting away with saying the same.

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