Some lovely Ethiopian women

I’ve written about Ethiopia’s geology, it’s fauna, it’s cultures and its architecture – but no honest visitor to Ethiopia can deny that some of the most beautiful women in the world are found there. Indeed, this was the consensus of every single one of the other tourists I spoke to about this topic. It didn’t matter where they were from, which gender they were or how old they were. They all agreed that Ethiopia is home to many more than its share of stunning women. Some of them have already appeared on these pages. Most of the ones I saw just happened to be walking by, or were in other circumstances where it wasn’t possible to photograph them. Here are some photos I was able to take, but have neglected to post until now:
Female tourists told me that many of the men are handsome too. I did take some portraits of them as well. I’ll start with one of my local guide in Harar, Hailu (next to the window, shown with a friend):
And I’ll finish with Dagi, my driver in much of the north. A fine fellow who had some hard times while I was there. I hope things are better for him now.

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  1. spesbona says:

    Well, all I can say is that they are better looking than Bantu women, but thats setting the bar low. Indian women, IMO, are much nicer looking.

    • Harar Krishna! says:

      Indians (South Asians in general), Arabs, East and North Africans, and some Southern European/Mediterreneans (because they are mixed with Arabs) are the best looking people on the planet. In this I include native Middle Eastern Jews (I consider them Arabs).

  2. Nyk says:

    Ethiopians are descended from East Africans (tall, slender bodies) as well as whites (I’d guess that’s where the ‘softer’ facial features come from). It seems they got the best from both.

  3. missattempts says:

    “I’ll Take Sweden,” to cop a title from a movie.

  4. Cannot Tell says:

    Yes, Ethiopian women are quite attractive. I have many Ethiopian female friends and I can’t think of any that aren’t pretty. On the other hand, among my friends from West Africa, I can hardly think of any that are even decent looking.
    Bottom line: wide noses suck.

    • I don’t think its just the wide nose that makes Bantus ugly – E.Asians girls tend to have fairly wide noses too, and they can be extremely pretty and very feminine as is my Japanese g/f. Bantus are just brutish-looking.

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