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I've been thinking about suicide

… but that post didn’t work out, so I’m writing about homosexuals instead. It seems an athlete named Steward Butler has been accused of attacking two men who were kissing each other. Butler is being charged with a hate-crime. This … Continue reading

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Don't fall for the "Emily Goldstein" diatribe

There are enough real instances of Jews publicly calling for the destruction of Western civilization, and the eradication of the white race, that we don’t need fake ones. This latest diatribe, attributed to a professor named “Emily Goldstein,” smacks of … Continue reading

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She'll Be Comin Round the Mountain When She Comes

These have been my thoughts for some time. Folks, we must use our freedom of speech while we still can. Now is the time to speak up, for in the near future, you may not be able to – without … Continue reading

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Hispanics protest against black principal in South L.A.

As whites disappear from southern California, conflicts between blacks and Hispanics continue. In this latest episode of the black/brown war, which I experienced first-hand back in the 70s*, Hispanics are demanding the ouster of a black school principle. They claim … Continue reading

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Is it okay to generalize about blacks and Hispanics?

The Oregonian has a tradition, each year, of bellyaching about racism in the Portland rental market. I’ve written about this before, but with their latest installment of lies and deception, I feel they must be answered. This year’s drivel, titled … Continue reading

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An excellent video on Jewish hypocrisy

There are some Jews out there, and some non-Jews, who support mass immigration for the Western world, but oppose it for Israel. This video does a great job illustrating this hypocrisy. Enjoy! [youtube]

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Shoot the Baltimore rioters? I don't think so.

Regarding the recent news, that Wayne County’s assistant prosecutor was forced to resign over her Facebook comment (“the way to end the violence in Baltimore was to shoot the protesters”), I commented that I disagree with her. In my opinion, … Continue reading

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Days of Dysevolution

The current edition of Discover Magazine includes an article titled “Days of Dysevolution.” The subheading reads: Heart disease. Diabetes. Lower back pain. Athlete’s foot. Today’s humans are afflicted with ailments that virtually didn’t exist for our nomadic forebears. Can we … Continue reading

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