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My Portland Confederate flag walk

I just got back from walking all over downtown Portland with my full-sized Confederate battle flag. I started at Pioneer Courthouse Square, where a couple of Hispanic men asked me what flag I was holding. I told them it represents … Continue reading

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I've dusted off my old Confederate hat

No, I didn’t fight in the War Between the States; I’m not that old. But I did purchase a nice hat, while visiting the South, that features the battle flag. I wore it for a while, until the novelty wore … Continue reading

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Fine-tuning the pro-white "Narrative"

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of complaining about the Leftist Narrative, and much of it has been from yours truly. It’s easy to attack the Leftist Narrative – because it flies in the face of the reality we … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Charleston shooting

There are lots of ways to advocate for white people. You can educate friends and family, hand out flyers, post comments online, attend conferences, choose who we do business with and give our wireless networks provocative names. But shooting up … Continue reading

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She'll be comin Round the Mountain pt. II

I recently reblogged an excellent piece by Kakistocracy. I hope Porter doesn’t mind if I add a sequel. While Porter focuses on statistics and surveys, I’ll focus on specific tactics and examples of these tactics. Firstly, a recent incident that … Continue reading

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Summer and the sweet smell of sweat

Summer has started early here in Oregon, and I’ve wasted no time exploring some of the beautiful places within driving/riding distance from my home. This is the time to hop on my scooter and spend time outdoors. It’s also the … Continue reading

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