Some thoughts on the Charleston shooting

There are lots of ways to advocate for white people. You can educate friends and family, hand out flyers, post comments online, attend conferences, choose who we do business with and give our wireless networks provocative names.
But shooting up worshipers in a church does not advance our cause. It’s true that blacks victimize us on a regular basis, but probably not the sort of blacks who were worshiping at the Emanuel African American Episcopal Church on that fateful day. If any of their survivors are reading this, I extend my condolences.
Somebody pointed out that when a black man murdered eight white coworkers in 2010, in a crime that was clearly racially motivated, the media never called it a hate crime. Nobody demanded that the flag be lowered to half mast, and In fact, some news reports were actually sympathetic to the shooter. For example, an NBC article reads, in part:

“Everybody’s got a breaking point,” Joanne Hannah said.
“This is a disgruntled employee who shot a bunch of people,” Teamsters official Christopher Roos said.
Thornton was not a problem employee and had not had any previous disciplinary issues, said Gregg Adler, a lawyer for the Teamsters Local 1035. He said he was not aware of how much beer Thornton was alleged to have stolen.
Kristi Hannah had been with him Monday night and had no indication he was planning anything violent, her mother said.
Joanne Hannah described Thornton as an easygoing guy who liked to play sports and video games. She said he had a pistol permit and had planned to teach her daughter how to use a gun.

It’s true. Everybody does have a breaking point, and for unbalanced people, such as Dylann Roof, that breaking point is more easily reached.
We can view an individual like Roof as a pressure cooker. Perhaps he was bullied by blacks at a young age. This would have served as kindling for a flame under the pressure cooker. Awareness of black-on-white crime ignited the flame. He saw numerous white women, his age, dating black men – but he couldn’t even get a date. The flame intensified. He noticed the media constantly glorifying blacks, covering up black-on-white crime, while giving the impression that blacks are under siege by white racists. The intensity of the heat inched up. He wanted to speak out publicly about the gross injustices, and media misrepresentation of them – but doing so would only marginalize him further, and label him a “racist.” The pressure in the pressure cooker climbed. The fire under the pressure cooker was now relentless, but there were few outlets to let off excess steam. Eventually, the pressure cooker exploded, and nine innocent people are dead.
In a country of some 350 million people, there are bound to be some as unbalanced as Dylann Roof. I hold the media responsible for setting them off. Yahoo, MSN and CNN might as well have been firing the gun. Their censorship of black-on-white violence, along with the grotesquely biased reporting of what they do report, amount to “fighting words.”
For news organizations to consistently report white-on-black crimes (real or perceived) as national news, while reporting black-on-white crimes only locally (if at all) amounts to incitement. The shooting of criminal Michael Brown, killed while attacking a police officer, was “national news.” But the 2009 black attacks on innocent whites in downtown Denver were practically ignored at the national level. One had to read either local, or specifically pro-white websites, to learn about them. When a white person commits a “bias crime,” we are constantly reminded of his race. But when the perpetrator is black, we are left to figure it out on our own if there is no accompanying photo.
Such lopsided reporting breeds resentment both among blacks, who honestly believe they are under siege from whites, and from some whites, who become angered by the vast disconnect between what they know and what is reported. Corporate media outlets are messing with our minds, and it’s a dangerous game they play.
In this game, it’s the corporate media that holds all the cards. They’re going to use the Charleston shooting as a tool to call for anti- “hate-speech” laws. They’ll discover that Dylann Roof visited pro-white websites, perhaps even this one, and they’ll call for the banning of blogs such as this one. If they are successful, it will inevitably lead to even more bloodshed. We can safely assume that this is what they want. After all, it’s good for business.

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10 Responses to Some thoughts on the Charleston shooting

  1. Extropico says:

    This is some great commentary here. The predatory Left in both major parties is giddy when a crime like this occurs because they can use it as a fulcrum to eradicate the First and Second Amendments. Meek and disarmed consumers can make corporations rich if civilization can be maintained by the dispirited.
    They won’t just come for our blogging rights; they want to disband our right to self-defense, as well, which will cause far more violence in the long run. Counting the 2 world wars, the Europeans have a far higher murder rate than America does. And our murder rate for Whites is only slightly higher than the current (unadjusted for their wars) European rate.
    The gun crime rate for Blacks is unbelievably embarrassing to Democrats. Rather than admitting that Africans are more violent by nature due to 70 IQ averages and higher testosterone, they seek to extinguish self defense and free speech rights for all Americans.

  2. missattempts says:

    I told you. Satan is alive and well on planet Earth. It is he who
    is pushing for world tyranny through deceit. The nauseating
    abominable, but chic, lies.
    I’m so sick of living in Stalinist Russia, or China during the Cultural
    Revolution. Where is OUR Moses? Who’s going to deliever us?
    Whites are undergoing silent genocide. The media and public
    education are the chief abbeters of that genocide.
    How long is this beach ball going to be held underwater?
    Will whites cheerfully and obediantly stroll into the death camps
    like the Jews did?

    • Zimriel says:

      In the Semitic tradition the satan is a little more ambiguous. He’s alive because humanity keeps him alive. He doesn’t suggest anything that humans wouldn’t have thought up themselves.
      He does, yes, hold us as weak and contemptible; and he *will* lead us to Hell if we take him as a companion. It’s probably best we don’t prove him right with acts of violent rage.

  3. Stan d Mute says:

    We have one chance. And sadly that chance is Donald Trump. Don’t laugh.
    He’s already spoken the truth on immigration. Can truth on negro crime be so unthinkable? Ann Coulter has published NYT Best Sellers on both subjects, The Donald may believe that gives him license to violate the most sacred rule of the Marxist left.
    Ultimately, that’s the only hope we have – that the disinfectant power of sunlight may be applied to the subject of race and crime. I doubt we will ever see truth in the matter of DNA and intelligence, but race/crime would be a monumental revelation if it happened.

  4. Nathan Wartooth says:

    “A police probe did not find proof of racism at Hartford Distributors, with other minority workers at Hartford Distributors interviewed by the police disagreeing with Thornton’s allegation that the company was “a racist place””
    This is probably the most messed up part of that shooting. The police took a mass murderers word at face value and actually investigated his supposed reasons for murder. So what if he had experienced racism at the workplace? Would it have been justified then? I don’t see the point of investigating it.
    The equivalency would be if they investigated the members of the church for rape, since Roof said that they were “raping our women”.

  5. There are no “innocent” blacks. There are no “good” ones. This “church” was just a bunch of Anti-White haters who thought a negro god gave them superpowers through their dark skin. They were little better than voodoo cultists who worship Damballah Wedo and cast magic spells and curses. They are no loss to anyone.
    Whites have had enough of this shit. The blacks are just a tool for fools. We know who the real fools are, they are the followers of Satan who believe they will rule the World. They will rue the day they threatened me and my people. They will die as a race. They are the new Dodo.

  6. Finally they found a white guy that killed Blacks that committed no crime, not even misdemeanor. It took them years to find a single one. They have to celebrate this rare occurrence and really take advantage of it.
    Now it is shocking that they manage to use this to take down a 200 year old flag from all state capitols, Amazon, WalMart, and computer games . I am the power of PC.

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