Fine-tuning the pro-white "Narrative"

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of complaining about the Leftist Narrative, and much of it has been from yours truly. It’s easy to attack the Leftist Narrative – because it flies in the face of the reality we experience every day. It’s so preposterous that it offends our sensibilities. Here’s a comment I found on Yahoo that sums up the Leftist Narrative:

There is a war on women, black people are oppressed, the economy is fine, global warming is your fault and now you’re going to pay for it, Obama can do no wrong, big government is the answer to everything, there is no God, homosexuality is just as normal or even superior to heterosexuality, illegal immigrants have just as many rights as a U.S. citizen, only whites can be racist and they owe every other race, men are inferior to women, strict gun control, feelings are more important than the truth, moral relativism (nothing is right or wrong,) socialism is better than freedom, multiculturalism and diversity are somehow good for society, every culture is equal to every other culture, gender is a social construct, and to hate everything else about America

I think that, for the most part, the commenter is right. As for individual leftists, they may subscribe to half of the above list, give or take.
But the pro-white crowd has its own Narrative. It can be summed up as follows:

There is a war on white men. Black people have never created, or invented, anything of value. Blacks never invented their own system of writing. Miscegenation, involving whites, is always bad. Muslims are evil, and always in the wrong. Islam is responsible for Female Genital Mutilation and honor killings. Only white, or Asian, societies can be truly civilized and safe. Only whites are targeted for genocide through mass immigration.

Pro-whites are human, and like other humans, we sometimes view life too simplistically. The truth is usually less clear-cut.
Yes, there is a war against white men, but the enemies of white men are typically other white men.
Yes, black societies tend to be backward, and the inventions of blacks are either exaggerated or conjured up out of thin air. But there actually is a native black African form of writing. Nsibidi was invented in Nigeria and, though somewhat crude, does seem to qualify as an actual form of writing. Furthermore, Nigeria was home to ancient cultures that produced some impressive artwork.
As for black societies always being dangerous and crime-ridden, one must take other factors into consideration. Specifically, whether the society is culturally intact and how large it is. Island communities, or tight-knit communities, tend to be safer. As for my own experience, I never felt seriously threatened in Ethiopia or in Madagascar.
I have already presented my take on miscegenation here.
I am no fan of Islam, but I’ve known some very decent people who are Muslim. I’ve visited two Muslim countries (Egypt and Brunei) and found both places welcoming and hospitable. Crime wasn’t a concern in either place.
The Chinese government has been persecuting the Uighurs, who are mainly Muslim, and trying to force them to give up their religion. Though the origins of the Uighurs are unclear, for all practical purposes, they are now the native inhabitants of some parts of western China. China has been importing millions of ethnic Han Chinese (the majority ethnic group in China) into these regions – with the clear intent of rendering the Uighurs a minority in their own lands.
I’m no expert on this matter. In fact, I’ve never even met a Uighur. But it appears to me that their faith is crucial to their identity, much as Judaism is crucial (in the long run) to Jewish identity. So, for all the anti-Muslim rhetoric we’re used to from the Right, I do tend to sympathize with the Uighurs in this conflict.
The Uighurs, though partly Indo-European, are not white – and yet they’re being dispossessed of their native lands through mass immigration. The same is true of the Tibetans.
Regarding Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), it’s not specifically a Muslim practice. Many non-Muslim Africans do it. The Mursi tribe in Ethiopia, which I visited, practice it, and they’re animists. But since there are some Muslim countries where it’s widespread, some people mistakenly attribute it to Islam. This does not seem to be accurate.
The areas that now comprise the Muslim world held many ancient traditions, some of them barbaric. Of these barbaric traditions, some were codified into Islam – such as wife-beating. Others continued alongside Islam, while others became less popular. According to Islamic tradition, female infanticide is one example of the latter.
It’s not my intention to destroy the beliefs of pro-whites here, only to fine-tune them so that they correspond more closely with reality. We should be careful of statements that are absolute – generally speaking of course.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The pro-White narrative gets a lot more insane than that. They don’t think East Asians have created any civilizations. They think that all East Asians and Jews have only “stolen” ideas from Whites and that without Whites they’d be at the level of the Khoi-san peoples. They think that White women are turds and have zero use in society. They think that no White woman has ever invented anything of value.

    • There’s nothing insane about the pro-white narrative. I don’t believe I’ve read that East Asians have created no civilizations, just that they’ve created inferior civilizations in which there is tyranny, despotism, and cruelty as the norm. There is an anti-feminist proclivity among many pro-white males, but most of it comes from the political fascists, such as Andrew Anglin, who has been strongly criticized by other pro-whites for his anti-female views.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well if the WNs hate White women so much then I guess White women can and will survive elsewhere.
        I do not think that Jewish and Asian civilisations are better or worse than White civilisations. There are different strengths and weaknesses to each. I consider Jewish and Asian civilisations to be acceptable back-up societies to go to if White civilisation self destructs.

  2. missattempts says:

    Well, haven’t the Jews been concerned with the affects of
    intermarriage? There was a T.V. show in the 1970’s called
    “Bridget Loves Bernie.” That sent some rabbis into orbit. They passed
    a decree of tough new laws restricting membership in synoguags for
    transgressors. Why aren’t white males allowed to survive?
    Face facts. The white european female is God’s greatest gift to
    mankind. She is the epitomy of female perfection, and everyone’s
    trophy. She was perfered even in Biblical times.
    The white race is what, 10% of the world’s population? How long
    can it last if white women are persuaded to be alienated from white
    men by every perceptual dirty trick in the book and relentless media
    and educational propagandizing? The white European woman is
    thursted for like oxegen. She IS woman.
    The unpublicised genocide against the white race will culminate
    in the decline (Happening now.) and fall of western civilazation.
    The spoils will be the white woman. The results for the white male
    will be flat out genocide. Impossible? Don’t be so sure.
    White woman can be “farmed” like a crop, though artifical insemination.
    An endless supply of pet geshia girls for every home.

    • oogenhand says:

      The reason for this is that children of white women and non-white men are considered non-white, and children of white men and non-white women are considered non-white as well.
      So it makes sense for an Arab to have a harem of European wives, producing little Arabs, but it is flat out impossible for an European to have a harem of Arab wives, because the produce wouldn’t be considered European.
      However, artificial insemination requires sperm. Can this produced without white men? South Asians have R1a, and South Americans have R1b.
      FGM and Islam? Only two countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran chop hands. Nearly all Muslim countries cut most clitties.
      Which is culture, which is religion?

  3. Robert Marchenoir says:

    I think that your depiction of the pro-White narrative is way overboard. While there might be a tiny minority of people holding such views, most have a defensive attitude. If there were no mass immigration, or the black problem in America, most white conservatives would be content with a “live and let live” approach.
    Also, the fact that there might be some nice Muslims, or that such and such place might feel safe, does not contradict the pro-White narrative. The truth is in numbers. By and large, black people are less intelligent and more prone to bouts of violence than Whites. By and large, Muslim culture is not conducive to economic development or peaceful societies.
    The feeling of safety is very subjective. I know of plenty people who wrongly feel safe in places which are demonstrably dangerous.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Perhaps I should have qualified “pro-white” as those who are most vocal on the internet.
      Regarding Muslims, I have yet to see any pro-white (aside from myself) taking the side of the Uighurs against the Chinese. Instead, the comments sections of news sites are filled with condemnations of those Uighurs for being Muslim. Of course, I do agree with your assessment of Muslim culture, and the threat they pose in large numbers. But I think that all too often, pro-whites paint them with too broad a brush, and fail to give them credit where it’s due.
      Regarding my own feelings of safety, they were partly based on the reports of many others who visited those places. People I met while there, and whose accounts I read prior to going. Again, your assessment of blacks is correct, but there are other factors that come into play as well. Too often I see statements such as “blacks have never created a civilized society where people are safe” or other similar blanket statements.

  4. 2cypher says:

    Nsibidi is a form of iconography. It’s a bunch of symbols that depict some object or other. It doesn’t constitute a written language that’s comparable European cultures. The balance of the wiki article doesn’t really suggest it does either.
    I think the biggest problem in the White movement is actually too much of this kind of revisionism.
    The times I look at Stormfront I usually I leave in disgust at the amount of people trying to look informed by watering down the passionately held positions of others there. This thread of leftism that’s appeared is not the answer.
    I understand why people think it might be, to make us look more even tempered, respectable, more central politically, but it’s not going to bring about the changes we want. It’s just going to dilute the movement.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That same thought had occurred to me, but the least we can do is to discuss things such as Nsibidi. I don’t remember seeing it even mentioned in the pro-white blogosphere.

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