I've dusted off my old Confederate hat

No, I didn’t fight in the War Between the States; I’m not that old. But I did purchase a nice hat, while visiting the South, that features the battle flag.
I wore it for a while, until the novelty wore off, and then I shelved it away – for no particular reason. But now that the various propaganda mills, which pass themselves off as “news outlets,” are bombarding us with negative messages about the Confederate flag, I feel that this is a good time to take a stand and wear it proudly.
Not that I’m a Southerner, or even a neo-Confederate, but I do cherish my freedom of speech. Of this I’m proud. Also, I see the ongoing repression of all things Southern as the persecution of a people. It’s cultural genocide, and good people all over should raise their voices against it.
If the Confederate flag is banned from major retail, and online, outlets, then this forbidden fruit is all the more sweet for my palate.
I went shopping this evening (wearing my hat), and after checkout, the young woman across from me looked straight at me and announced:

How rude!

I was certain she was talking about my hat, but then she continued…

I’ve never seen such a rude checkout woman!

I said she was probably just having a bad day. We must always be kind and civil when wearing a Confederate emblem.

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  1. Casey Phyle says:

    Wish you Americans good luck with your Confederate tales. But going against the leftists and the money printers is always the correct way.

  2. n says:

    You have every right to wear that old confederate hat, why should you be concerned about the connotations of slavery, after all you as a Jew would have more right to wear it than any white Europeans because it was the Jews who came up with idea of slavery, it was the Jews he sold black slaves, in fact the Jews were responsible for the whole industry of slavery in America, and if it wasn’t for the Jews slavery would have ceased long before 1864 in America. As a black person I have had and epiphany, I shall appropriate the swastika just like old Hitler did from India, I will get a huge black tattoo of the swastika and wear it with pride, because the swastika doesn’t exclusively belong to white supremacist, so yes I will wear my swastika with pride after it is all about freedom of speech ain’t it….toodles all.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You’re absolutely right about the swastika. As for Jews and slavery, I wrote about it here.

    • Zimriel says:

      As for Jews and slavery: feel free to scroll down to “Zimriel”‘s comment in that thread also.
      As for the battle-flag: To me, it’s not that Jews were the slavers (I readily admit they were, at least in the Muslim world), so much that the Confederacy was the first government north of the Bravo to install a Jew into a major cabinet position. This would be Judah Benjamin. Benjamin did own slaves and joined the Confederacy for that purpose. But he also thought that slavery shouldn’t be permanent; he was for freeing loyal slaves if they would take up arms for their nation. This accords well with my own ideals, which basically boil down to “Starship Troopers”. (So I’d support enslaving incompetent whites as well. As for Jewish liberals, to the cane-fields of Jamaica with them. But I seem to be rambling on.)
      As for the swastika: I get the feeling that, now that the Indo-European language has been almost 100% identified with the chariot-culture of the Yamnaya… it will, again, be associated with pan-white solidarity and will, again, exclude Semites (and Berbers, Blacks, Muslims, Christians etc). I don’t relish the thought, but I doubt my position would be much improved by a black nationalist or Aztlan regime either.

      • Zimriel says:

        By that I mean, the swastika will be so associated.
        But, now I think about it, I could see a revived “Indo-European” being mooted by pan-whites as well. We already have Esperanto, that experiment by European liberals of times past. A revived Indo-European language, from the Right, would be a vastly more muscular expression of white solidarity. We already have Sanskrit and “Aryan” literature disseminated by, e.g., Counter-Currents.

  3. missattempts says:

    If no effort is made to stop the Marxist assult on our freedoms, we will
    become a 3rd world land faster then you can image.
    What do they own the majority for destroying our quality of
    life, through the the rampant criminality they engage in?
    The Orwellian thought police aim to dictate EVERY ASPECT of our
    lives, Bolstered and protected by the media and public schools.
    Using a Marxist indoctronation plan. It’s nothing but a modern reign
    of terror!
    Isis decapitates it’s enemies. The later day Jacobeans decapitate and
    indoctronate our MINDS with their twisted P.C. propaganda.
    They will never be appeased.

  4. Jagdflieger says:

    What I find insane about the current frenzy over the Confederate Battle Flag (which is nothing new as removing it from the public square is one of the causes célèbres of the American left) is the idea that somehow this flag is one of the root causes for the actions of this young man. Yet if you read his “manifesto” explaining his beliefs there is nothing mentioned regarding the so-called Confederate Flag; his anger towards blacks was created by becoming aware of the massive amount of black-on-white crime that is completely ignored by the mainstream media as compared to the overwhelming coverage allotted to white-on-black incidents by the same media outlets and the hypocritical use of these to demonize whites and further the anti-white narrative. But, of course, it’s far more palatable for our elites to blame a flag than to have a serious national discussion about black criminality.

  5. missattempts says:

    I foresee a “Reign Of Terror” future for our land, rather then a “1984”
    In “1984” you had an orginazation called “The Anti-sex league.”
    In 2015, sexual depravity IS one of the means employed to bring
    down society. Depraved sex for EVERYONE EXCEPT the white male
    who will be genocided. His sperm will be harvested for the creation
    of white women.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Any leftist, reading your comment, will respond with “how ridiculous!” But I was at a retail outlet yesterday, and I noticed that they have several people depicted on their walls enjoying their products. They showed white women, black men and Hispanic men – but no white men. This is very common. Such subtle exclusiveness toward the white male lays the groundwork for full-scale demonization/dehumanization. That, in turn, lays the groundwork for genocide.

      • art says:

        I live in Jew England, close to Boston one of the nation’s PC capitals. Everywhere I go advertising, billboards, printed and electronic media always show attractive white women in the tentacles of black bucks. I see more and more mulatto chillins with mixed up couple s. Everyone smiles and nods, but white person to be seen except when crime or any evil is involved, most always a picture of a non colored.
        I have seen this daily for decades now. When I call attention to it 99.999% of whites openly attacks me as rayciss, when I just try to get them to see they also are being edited out of reality by the demons at the top

  6. missattempts says:

    Congradulations! Only a few are astute enough to see this.
    I raised this idea up on White Genocide a while back, and only a
    few believed me. But logically, this is where it all leads.
    In the 1960’s, it was the fantsay to have a beautiful female robot
    in every bed. Many science fiction stories were based on that premise.
    Films like “The Stepford Wives” for example. Imagine having a blond
    who was indifferent about living in a slum in downtown Baltimore.
    A robot female sex toy, in EVERY home, like “A chicken in every pot.
    It didn’t work out that way because of “cold war” expenses of the arms
    race. We could have had advancments. We could have had “Star Trek.”
    But now there is no need for robots. The power of P.C. can get the
    wicked what they want. Team up against the white man. Defame and
    genocide him. Brainwash the white female, or take her by force.
    This is who Islam, which started out in Saudi Arabia, almost conquered
    the word, and because of suicidal whites, and the help of blacks may yet
    conquer the world.

  7. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Speaking of swatiskas, the letterhead of that great American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, definitely rings a bell :
    Actually, it’s closer to the logo of Golden Dawn, the Greek neo-Nazi party (which raised some eyebrows itself for its Hitlerite undertones) :
    I’m not trying to say Wright was a Nazi, just that symbols belong to everybody.

  8. Robert Marchenoir says:

    This retired diplomat (also Jewish) seems to agree with you :

  9. Jagdflieger says:

    So it is okay to illuminate the White House with the colors of the Sodomite Flag, no matter how offensive it might be to millions of Christians and conservatives who believe in traditional marriage, but the Confederate Battle Flag is removed because it is offensive to Blacks and liberals with no regard that it represents heritage to millions of Southerners. Liberal hypocrisy makes me sick. Oh, and did you see that now our benevolent government wants to set up a national council to monitor and report “hate” groups? Considering the fact that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of hate crimes how many here here think that black hate groups will be among those being watched?

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