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An Open Letter to Cuckservatives | American Renaissance

I’m too busy working and enjoying our fabulous (and hot) summer to post my own material right now. Instead, I’ll repost a beautiful article by Jared Taylor: Dear Cuckservative, You are not alone. Like you, Erick Erickson at, Matt … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby and controlled-media hypocricy

Once again we see the corporate-controlled media pretending to be knights in shining armor, coming to the aid of crime victims. It was this self-same media that was responsible (in large part) for the Charlotte church shooting. It was their … Continue reading

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People sign a petition to impose a 1% tax on being white

I saw this at Truth Revolt, and decided to share it with y’all. Mark Dice is funny, and his stunts really shows us how low some leftists will stoop. Be sure to watch until the end; the last couple’s reaction … Continue reading

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Another daughter married

I recently got back from California, where my eldest daughter had her wedding ceremony. In this case, it was her (already) long-term boyfriend. So, for all practical practical purposes, they were already married. They did it very cheaply, in their … Continue reading

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Another Portland Confederate flag walk

I know a lot of y’all are tired of reading about the Confederate flag; after all, it means little in its own right. But Media-Government-Corp suddenly gave the Rebel flag a lot of new power by trying to ban it. … Continue reading

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Black teens not happy with Walmart pulling Confederate flag

Walmart, along with other major corporations, recently announced that it would stop selling merchandise that features the Confederate battle flag. Young blacks in Macon, Georgia were not pleased with this decision; the battle flag is dear to their hearts – … Continue reading

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