Black teens not happy with Walmart pulling Confederate flag

Walmart, along with other major corporations, recently announced that it would stop selling merchandise that features the Confederate battle flag.
Young blacks in Macon, Georgia were not pleased with this decision; the battle flag is dear to their hearts – and vengeance was swift. Only a few days later, about a hundred black youths showed their displeasure by ransacking a local Walmart, as seen here:


They have a point. Walmart’s decision is clearly racist, as blacks have always been prominent in Southern society. The removal of symbols of Southern heritage thus has a disproportionate effect on blacks.

Walmart should learn from Stan Marshall, whose heroic stance was recently documented by Diversity Chronicle:

In a move that has earned praise from many progressives, but sneers and ridicule from the radical and racist right, Stan Marshall, the CEO of “Buy-Stuff-Cheap” a small chain of retail stores that sells everything from sneakers to refrigerators in eastern Maryland, recently banned employees from reporting the theft of store goods by “people of colour under any circumstances.”

Walmart, by furnishing the surveillance video to the police, is showing the world how bigoted it truly is. These courageous teens should be commended, not prosecuted!

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4 Responses to Black teens not happy with Walmart pulling Confederate flag

  1. missattempts says:

    The Confederate flag is a complete red herring issue. It’s just
    more of “Don’t-raise-the-bridge-lower-the-water, philosphy.
    Only strong self introspection can upgrade society. As long as
    people are deluded by the media driven Marxist/Satanist deception,
    that their difficulties are always somebody elses’ fault, society will
    continue to degrade.

  2. Anonymous2 says:


  3. Richard Milhous says:

    This reminds me of being in New Orleans before, during and after Katrina. The Walmart on Tchoupitoulas St., to its great credit, opened its doors after the storm and said take what you need. Of course, it was stripped to the bare walls and six months later Walmart carts littered the streets for miles away. I watched as a Walgreens was broken into and the snarling animals coming out looked at me saying “What you lookin at?” It was amazing to watch a society shrink down to pure anarchy. I’m just glad I didn’t have to use my gun.

  4. missattempts says:

    Society HAS become anarchial. The news media selectively
    covers the news. This is known as “spiking’ and “spinning.”
    For example, little if any airplay was devoted to the fact that
    an islamic motivated serial murderer was apprehended in N.J.
    the other day, carjacking a veichal. He killed numerious people to
    “avenge” his comrades that were killed by infidel law enforcement.
    Plenty of airplay was given to the hoax message written on the door
    of the police van in Baltimore.
    There are two tiers to this wicked insanity: The ‘thug” sphere,
    where people are goaded into committing acts of criminality and
    mayhem, and the “upper level” propagandist sphere, where
    deliberate lies are spewed by the media. Both are EQUALLY wicked.
    The pretty sex pot reading off the teleprompter is every bit as evil
    as the fearsome thug, who would cut out your eyes for a quarter.

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