Another Portland Confederate flag walk

I know a lot of y’all are tired of reading about the Confederate flag; after all, it means little in its own right. But Media-Government-Corp suddenly gave the Rebel flag a lot of new power by trying to ban it. It’s almost like the word “nigger.”
I can’t help myself. The first couple of times I did something unpopular in front of the public, it was difficult. But over time, I’ve gotten used to it. These days, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’m addicted to it. I get a rush out of pissing off a lot of people all at once – particularly when they’re leftists. I’m not going to change their minds (those minds are already owned by the “one-percent,” as I told one just today), and I have no respect for them. To me, they’re like animals in a zoo. It’s fun to rile them up and watch their antics. They make unintelligible noises and wild, primitive gestures with their paws.
Two friends accompanied me today. A husband/wife team. I’d brought a smaller flag for them. We started, as before, at Pioneer Courthouse Square and there were lots of people there. Right away, we met an older gentleman from the South and we struck up a conversation. But most people were hostile, especially as we made our way toward PSU campus. We got many threats and jeers, along with the occasional “finger” – for diversity of course. At some point, we got a police escort.
We crossed through the campus and got to the sports field, where a soccer game was afoot. A couple of lovely young Christian ladies approached us and asked why we were doing this. When I explained to them that “hate” had nothing to do with it, they grew sympathetic. So much so that when a young male student came over with his video device, and made it clear how hostile he was, the ladies came to our defense, pointing out that he was far less tolerant than I was. Even though the young ladies did much of the talking, the student refused to point his video at them. After a while, an official-looking man and a campus cop told us to leave. They said it was “private property” and that we needed a permit to hold a protest there. When I asked if tax dollars pay for the campus, the official said only 10% of it is paid for with tax dollars, the rest being from tuition and private donations. Not wanting to get arrested for trespassing, we made our way back downtown, where there were more people anyway.
One little old Asian woman told us, as she passed, “you shouldn’t be awoud to do that in pubric.” If she doesn’t believe in freedom of speech, then why did she come to America? That was a rhetorical question.
As we approached Pioneer Square again, it was clear that certain men were following us. Some of those men accosted our female companion when she’d entered a shop to get something to drink. They threatened her with violence if we didn’t leave.
We did meet several sympathetic people. One young man from Texas told us how, back home, they fly the “redneck flag”  with pride, and that nobody messes with that flag over there. A young couple congratulated us for our courage, and said he’s glad somebody’s taking a stand for freedom of speech. Another man greeted me with pretty much the same words a bit later.
Toward the end, there was a black man following us closely. There was some concern that he would follow me onto my train, but instead he ended up debating my friend (the husband) and told him that his only intention was to make us feel as uncomfortable as our flags made him feel.

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  1. lewgc says:

    Your experiment clearly shows why all this crap is as it is. General Libretardment is nasty plague of our time

  2. missattempts says:

    This might be one of the last times you can pull such a stunt.
    In a year or so, the penality for blashphamy will be immediate
    death. They have other “ideas” about your female campanions.

  3. Jagdflieger says:

    Those liberals who are always spouting off about diversity and tolerance sure don’t seem to have any when it comes to things they disagree with… hypocrites. Keep up the good work, JAY!

  4. Casey Phyle says:

    The leftist S*O*B’s dance in front of people’s noses with their subversive filth all day long. Why shouldn’t others dance in front of their noses, with something that pisses them off while it is (still) legal. Ah, for them democracy is one way. They can have their free speech, their opponents can’t. Very leftist. That they even threaten violence is soooo…. leftist. There is no other word for it.

  5. missattempts says:

    It’s very important to understand that our adversaries will stop at
    nothing. They will engage in every dastardly trick they can think of
    to attain their objectives which ultimately is the extermination of the
    White Christian male, and the sexual enslavement of the white female.
    If they can attain their goal via misinformation and propaganda, they
    will do so.
    Once they have completely altered America, i.e. removed all objectional
    symbols, flags, statues, monuments etc… Torned down the Jefferson
    Monument, and Tomas Jefferson’s home (Montecello) they will then
    go after the American flag, (Which flew over slavery longer the the
    Confederate flag) The flag will be replaced with the Red, Black, and Green
    “Black Liberation” flag.
    Ultimately, slavery will be imposed on the white race to atone for “past
    It won’t take long to get the idea that the best part of the white race-the
    women-can be bred via artifical insemination, enabling the white male
    to be liquidated.

  6. BX says:

    I’m enjoying reading these confederate flag walk posts. One gets the sense of really being there, with your descriptions. As for “[Leftists] make unintelligible noises and wild, primitive gestures with their paws”… love the condescension!!

  7. CanSpeccy says:

    Fred Reed has a pungent piece on the flag:
    “The furor over the Confederate flag, think I, has little to do with the Confederate flag, which is a pretext, an uninvolved bystander. Rather it is about a seething anger in the United States that we must not mention. It is the anger of people who see everything they are and believe under attack by people they aren’t and do not want to be—their heritage, their religion, their values and way of life all mocked and even made criminal.” Read more

  8. missattempts says:

    Everything seems to fit. Incrementally, their plan is to destroy
    America as a Western country, and their goal is to enslave the white
    race. It will still take another 30 years, but gradually they will obtain
    their objectives. They will ALWAYS be done under the cloak of
    “equality.” They will describe what “ought” to be, and they will push
    for whatever ends to obtain this pipe dream. They will trample
    every reasonable person underfoot to create this “Through-The-
    Looking-Glass” dream.
    Freedom of association will also be declared “racist.’ Their will be
    arrainged marriages, and homosexual molestation.
    Just like the WorldWideWrestlingFederation of 30 years ago.
    When you protest: “I’m not that way!” It won’t make the slightest bit of

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for the link. The article says Mr. Katzenelson wrote another book after “The Ashkenazi Revolution”: “The Ashkenazi Calculation: 1880-1990” and an article called “Meetings with Sephardim.” This latter article is reproduced in the link you sent me. Maybe I’ll translate this as well.

  9. Stary Wylk says:

    I was gratified today to see a Confederate flag and a Federal flag flying from a house near Lebanon, OR.

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