People sign a petition to impose a 1% tax on being white

I saw this at Truth Revolt, and decided to share it with y’all. Mark Dice is funny, and his stunts really shows us how low some leftists will stoop. Be sure to watch until the end; the last couple’s reaction is priceless:


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6 Responses to People sign a petition to impose a 1% tax on being white

  1. missattempts says:

    We pay a tax for being white everyday of our lives. And our loved
    ones do to.
    Did that murdered San Francisco girl pay the other thing that goes
    along with taxes?

  2. Nice movie. It would be interesting how many white intellectuals would sign their own tax hike.
    Hey, Jewamongyou, I am trying you via email and skype but don’t get answers. Would like to chat.

  3. missattempts says:

    I assure you, the tax on white people for being white is a lot more
    then 1%.
    The undertaker can only do so much to restore the corpse of your
    loved one, after the sub-human has at them.

  4. Tom Jones says:

    Although a funny experiment, it was disturbing to see the number of people who actually signed the petition. Similarly, it should be noted that the concept of a “privilege tax” actually exists in some countries. Did you know that in countries including India, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia and to a lesser extent Laos, Vietnam and reportedly Iran and even Russia, there is dual pricing for foreigners, meaning all individuals who aren’t local citizens pay extra to get into numerous tourist attractions, national parks, museums and in the case of Myanmar, the policy extends even to hotel rooms and domestic air tickets!
    Often the criteria on what to charge will depend on what you look like to the gatekeeper/merchant. If you look like a local (even if you aren’t) you’ll be treated like one and afforded the local price (provided you don’t open your mouth if you can’t speak the local lingo clearly like a local), while if you don’t, you’ll either be asked to pay the higher price or in some cases, show a local driver’s licence, ability to speak the local language, visa/ID card etc.
    Imagine if there were a policy of charging foreigners (or even just white OR non-white people) extra to enter tourist attractions in America!
    At least charge say the Thais extra to get back at them charging Americans extra when they visit Thailand! Good idea, right? LOL

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