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Serena Williams: Victim of sexism and racism?

According to Marc Bain, of, tennis player Serena Williams is underpaid, and underendorsed – because of sexism, racism or both. He writes: The US Open begins today (Aug. 31), and Serena Williams has a chance to make tennis history. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump

Unlike so many of my fellow Americans, I don’t follow politics much. I don’t care what the president, or congressmen, say – because they only say what they say for political gain. After they’re elected, they do whatever moneyed interests … Continue reading

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Our rigid concept of time

I just finished reading E=MC2 by David Bodanis. It’s a fascinating book, and for the first time, I feel as if I can grasp some of the importance of this formula and its history. One subject the book touches upon, … Continue reading

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Which do YOU prefer: Babes in bikinis or Idris Elba?

One of the pleasures of summer is the sight of hot babes in bikinis. But some women, who shouldn’t wear bikinis, insist on doing so anyway. I’d like to propose a product for them. It would come in a spray … Continue reading

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