Which do YOU prefer: Babes in bikinis or Idris Elba?

One of the pleasures of summer is the sight of hot babes in bikinis. But some women, who shouldn’t wear bikinis, insist on doing so anyway. I’d like to propose a product for them. It would come in a spray can, and it would cover up the parts most of us don’t want to see. It would be called: Spare-us-all spray (or “spareusol”). I’ll admit that some out-of-shape men expose too much as well. In either case, we can comment: “She/he needs a can of spare-us-all!”
Speaking of babes in bikinis, Maxim Magazine (famous for featuring scantily clad gorgeous women) has decided to break with its tradition and feature a man in its September issue:

If so (and it most likely is so), get ready to change your perception: The cover star of Maxim’s September 2015 issue is not only wearing a full-coverage top, but it’s … a man!

Idris Elba — full-time actor, part-time rapper, and future James Bond  —is officially the first-ever dude to cover Maxim U.S. without the presence of a woman. Who knew that (in this case, anyway) the fastest way to feminism was actually the absence of a female, altogether?

Yes, you read right. They’re making sure that the first featured man, on the cover of Maxim Magazine, is a BLACK man. Of course, no mention of this is made in the article. Few of the comments even point this out. Apparently, we are to believe that “racial equality” has progressed to such a degree that the race of the man on Maxim’s cover is not even an issue.

But of course it IS an issue. We see this over and over again. In the eyes of the hostile elites, black men represent the ultimate male figure, while white men (and Asian men) are failures. Sure, they’ll put up with us if we’re rich or famous, but all else being equal, our race works against us.

I hope this decision costs them enough subscriptions to put them out of business. I’m pretty sure that I speak for many when I say that, though I don’t hate black men, I’m sick and tired of having them shoved in my face at every opportunity.

I hope to send Maxim a can of spare-us-all, so they can use it on their magazine cover.

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3 Responses to Which do YOU prefer: Babes in bikinis or Idris Elba?

  1. missattempts says:

    Correction: They push black men, along side pretty white women.
    There is some primative and primal attraction between the two.
    No one discourages this. There’s every reason to believe if it continues
    at this rate, that the white male will become obsclete, and will gradually
    die out. They won’t even be keept as breeders of white women because
    it can all be done through artifical insemination.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that having Idris Elba on the cover will sell less magazines than having a bikini clad white woman on the cover would. Why then do they do this? I believe they are trying to change the preferences of whites. They also never want to miss a chance to promote blacks at the expense of whites.

  3. David says:

    Wow, seen the new maxim… What happened to the women, ads apon ads. The only women in the magizine is on the cover and 2 pages of it. Getting terrible.

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