Why have I not been posting?

It’s a question some of y’all have probably been asking. The answer is that I HAVE been posting, but not to this blog.
I’ve decided that I should do for the rest of my past travels what I did for Ethiopia. So, if anybody’s interested in reading more about my travels, viewing the photos and videos, just click here. It’s a work in progress; I still have a few more places to write about. Some of the posts have already been published here.
Like this blog, what you’ll see at the top is what was most recently published. You can use the drop-down menu to the right to navigate to various places. Maybe I should put a widget like that on this blog too…
Don’t worry; I’ll still post here. I’ve just been so wrapped up in the travel blog that I’ve been doing little else in my spare time.
The travel blog is meant to be non-controversial, though I do sometimes touch on politics. Bear this in mind if you comment.

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3 Responses to Why have I not been posting?

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Sub-human’s are swarming the continent. It’s open season on law enforcement and
    white people. Sexed up, frustrated men are engaging in mass shootings. We have
    no leadership to speak of. Anarchy is at the door. Russia meances with her might.
    We need law and order. Without it we can not survive.
    And you are giving us a travel louge?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, I guess we should cease all activities in our lives. Stop eating tasty food, stop pursuing any sort of entertainment, neglect spending time with those we love, stop making jokes, ignore the arts, stop reading books, watching movies or taking walks in the park – because… the world is coming to an end (sarcasm off). I don’t know about you, but I only have limited time on this Earth, and I intend to find time for the other things I love (such as travel and writing about it). If the only thing you do in life is talk about the horrible things going on, then for you the world has already ended 🙁

    • Stan d Mute says:

      What’s a “louge”?

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