Anti-whites are sexists

For those of y’all who are not already aware, I urge you to start paying attention: When you see a billboard, a brochure, a commercial or any kind of depiction of people that shows both blacks and whites, how often is the male black, and the female white? Probably around 80-90 per cent of the time. Start paying attention and you’ll notice this. I’ve already pointed it out many times on this blog.

We’re accustomed to viewing this disparity in terms of race; it’s a way to degrade whites as a group, and to elevate blacks. But there’s another side to this. By using females to symbolize the inferior status of whites, the Establishment Left is unwittingly revealing their attitudes toward women; that women are supposed to be subservient to men.

In the eyes of many traditionalists, there’s nothing wrong with this. But in the eyes of the self-same powers (mediagov) that promotes/requires such propaganda, implying that women are supposed to be subservient is clearly “sexism.”

So there you have it. The Establishment Left is both racist (toward whites) and sexist (toward women). The fact that they indirectly promote violence toward women, through their open-borders policies, and glorification of cultures that oppress women, is more evidence of this.

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3 Responses to Anti-whites are sexists

  1. Lon Spector says:

    If only that were true. Satan is much more clever then that!
    Why do you believe that the fate of the white male and the white female are linked?
    The fate of the white male and the white female have been uncoupled since the 1960s.
    It’s part of the Marxist/Athiest plan to destroy the Western world.
    1) Turn all aggrieved groups against the “oppressive” white male. This includes white
    2) Use every opinion shaping device, mass media, the educational system, and political
    speeches, to denigrate the wicked white male.
    3) Persuade the white female that the white male is a weakling, degenerate, and a dope.
    Encourage her to express hostility to the white male , and to make a “statement” by
    teaming up and mating with the “manly” non white victimized male.
    Just as in Asian countries where male infants were favored and female infants were
    killed for many years, race and sex selection IS possible.
    It is now technologally possible to breed white, female replacement infants and to
    genocide white males. You don’t need a single live white male.
    Give it time. It WILL happen.

  2. You are probably right. As a scientist, of course, I would look for PROOF or at least some random data as supporting but anecdotal evidence. Some proper google image searches, image data bank searches, or actual movie listings would provide this. It seems that normally we have black male heroes with white women. One could analyze all Hollywood movies of one year, for example.
    Academic research would be best but could only be obtained when framed in a politically correct way. This could be: Black women are betrayed of job opportunities as models and film star, because racist directors choose blonde (!! always blonde) white bimbo sex objects instead of deserving Blacks.
    Please allow me to spam a help request from a deserving web site.
    Helpers needed to research, translate, do social networking propaganda for and a few immigration critical and race realism sites.. Please tweet and otherwise advertise this request linking to . German: (Fluechtling is German for “refugee”).

  3. SFG says:

    I have another explanation. They want to be ‘diverse’, right? So they add a black and a female. They’re still subconsciously assuming white male as a default.

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