Overreporting of white traffic violations is "racism against nonwhites"

It would be funny, if it weren’t so tragic, to witness the extremes that mediagov will go to in order to express its hatred toward whites. In a sane world, if it came to light that crimes by whites have been overreported, there would be cries of anti-white racism. After all, whites, as a group, were being blamed for the violations of other races.
But in the upside-down world of the Establishment Left media, “people of color” are ALWAYS the victims. Any situation can be twisted to portray whites as despicable racists. If blacks and Hispanics (NAMS) commit a lot of murder, it’s because of poverty and bias inflicted upon them by whites. If NAMS underachieve scholastically, it’s a “civil rights issue” that needs to be addressed. When blacks rape, or murder, whites, it’s a “random attack” and “race had nothing to do with it.” It may be reported (usually only locally) once or twice, and then down the memory hole it goes. But when whites attack blacks, it’s a “hate crime” and the event is featured as front-page news for months.
So now an Austin, Texas news station has discovered that Texas troopers have been recording the race of traffic violators as “white” even when they’re clearly not white. From KXAN:

DPS troopers are inaccurately recording the race of large numbers of minority drivers, mostly Hispanic, as white, according to a KXAN investigation. The agency’s traffic stop data reveals racial profiling reports are likely flawed, according to experts.

The article features a collage of mestizos, blacks and Asians – all of whom were recorded as “white” by the officers who stopped them. Looking at the collage, I’m reminded of persistent complaints, by pro-whites, that Hispanics were considered “white” when they committed crimes, but as “Hispanic” when they were victims. It was obvious to us that this was a tactic to inflate the proportion of crimes committed by whites so that black crime rates wouldn’t look as horrific as they actually are. The FBI finally relented, and has recently started counting Hispanics as perpetrators – but no official explanation for its previous deception was ever given.
The current outcry focuses on the individual accountability of the officers. The underlying assumption is that it’s alright to racially profile white drivers. Nobody gets in trouble for picking on whites. But it’s not alright to single out “people of color.” That would be “racism.” By checking off the “Caucasian” box, officers could claim, “I wasn’t doing anything wrong; I was only picking on white drivers.” “People of Color” have group rights, but whites do not.
The article continues:

KXAN showed the findings to Professor Ranjana Natarajan, director of the Civil Rights Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law.
“I think there could be accidents every now and then, but the sheer number of the reports that you found, where it looks like the people who are not white are being classified as white, means that there is something else going on here,” Natarajan said.
The professor also believes what we uncovered reveals DPS racial profiling statistics are unreliable.
“It’s very disturbing,” Natarajan said. “What it shows is that, there either seems to be a complete lack of training on the part of DPS officers and other law enforcement officers about how to report people’s race. Or there is deliberate, sort of trying to not follow the policy if they have been trained properly on how to report the race of the drivers whom they stop.”
But KXAN’s investigation suggests the number of Hispanic drivers stopped by DPS may actually be much higher than what the agency is reporting.
An analysis by KXAN of the DPS traffic stop data shows the five most common last names of drivers stopped and recorded as white by troopers are: Smith, followed by Garcia, Martinez, Hernandez, Gonzalez and Rodriguez.

It’s “disturbing” that many (non-white) Hispanic drivers are being pulled over, but it’s not disturbing that the total number of “white traffic violators” is being inflated.
Let’s try a thought experiment: Officers are caught recording the race of white traffic violators as “Hispanic,” “African-American” or “Asian.” This would make white drivers look better, as the records would show far fewer white traffic violators. The statistics would be skewed to show that non-white drivers are more dangerous. Such statistics might even be used (illegally) by insurance companies to increase the premiums for non-white drivers. In such a scenario, we would be reading about how unjust this practice is to “people of color.”
One question that must be asked is: Would there ever be a scenario where inaccurate record-keeping would be unfair to white drivers?
We never got an answer from the FBI for why it continued to classify Hispanics as “white” when they were perpetrators. As far as I know, not a single major “mainstream” news publication ever asked this question. It wasn’t a concern for them. But it does concern them when the welfare of “people of color” is at risk.

Collister asked McCraw: “With the troopers making the determination, why are there still so many being put down as white?”
“I don’t know that it is. We need to look at the data. But if it is, then we will need to make adjustments,” McCraw replied. He went on to say: “I don’t doubt that there may be mistakes made on occasion, but I don’t know the details of that until I see the data and I sit down with my experts. And, I’d like to see how wrong we are.”
So, why would a state trooper or any police officer record the wrong race of a driver?
That question remains unanswered.

Perhaps the reason the question remains unanswered is that it’s obvious: Troopers don’t want to be accused of being racist. It’s as simple as that. By recording the drivers as “white,” they avoid such accusations.
Recently, Texas troopers have been doing a better job of recording Hispanic drivers as “Hispanic,” rather than “white.” This raised alarms. It seems you just can’t win.

Senator Rodriguez asked DPS to explain the reason behind the trends in DPS’s racial profile data.
“Over the last number of years we’ve had a precipitous drop of highway patrol tickets for Anglo-Americans but a dramatic increase for Hispanics and African Americans, and particularly Hispanics,” Rodriguez said. “I mean there’s got to be some explanation for that.”
When Rodriguez demanded an explanation, DPS Director Steven McCraw, responded to the legislator with a letter claiming the rise in Hispanic traffic stops is partly because his troopers are doing a better job of documenting race. That coming after a change to the racial profiling law in 2009 requiring officers to report if they know the race of the driver prior to a stop.

Since the race/ethnicity of drivers who are pulled over is scrutinized, an obvious question to ask would be: Do all ethnic groups obey traffic laws equally?
Though the answer to the above question is crucial to any meaningful analysis of bias in traffic stops, don’t expect to see it posed, in any meaningful way, by the Establishment Left media.
I’ll conclude by pointing out that I have a friend who is of obvious Middle Eastern appearance. He’s a Sephardic Jew. When he was stopped, a couple of years ago, he noticed that he was listed as “white.” He thought it was amusing, and still jokes that he’s an “honorary white.”

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5 Responses to Overreporting of white traffic violations is "racism against nonwhites"

  1. missattempts says:

    “You should never argue with a crazy man,” goes the lyrics of the Billy Joel song
    “Movin Out.”
    The United States of America IS certifiably insane. And it happened in an incremental
    fashion since the 1960’s. Only an insane society would commit suicide. Why?
    Because of the media and academia.
    When I say the media is WORSE then ISIS-when I say that the media is doing Satan’s
    bidding-I know from where I speak.
    This is a full court Orwellian/Satanic attack. Satan doesn’t look like Satan. He is pretty
    poison. He looks like an Angel of light and a righteous crusader.
    Good bye America. Hello geniocide of white Christian male. Hello to white women being
    used as throw away sex toys. Their limp arms will be draped over dumpster lids.

  2. There is no such crime as covering up black or NAM crime. Because black crime is over-reported, Blacks are unjustly accused of crimes they don’t commit and innocent Blacks stopped needlessly by racist white cops /sarcasm end
    So this false reporting is nothing but a cover-up to hide the sad statistics that would prove police racism. Only racists like you think that such statistics would prove race differences in crime. Such differences do not exist or are socially created by racism.
    Seems you lost some followers because of your travel, breaks, and (off topic) travel reports. Did you not have more commenters?
    Please allow me to spam:
    Helpers needed to research, translate, do social networking propaganda for Fluechtling.net and a few immigration critical and race realism sites.. Please tweet and otherwise advertise this request linking to fluechtling.net/help/ . German: fluechtling.net/hilfe/ (Fluechtling is German for “refugee”).

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve been looking for a consistent way to quantify the pro-black male bias. I’ll come up with something eventually. As for the diminished comments, yes. I think this is normal. Any time a blogger takes a break, or veers from his normal topics, readers get alienated. Oh well.

  3. Lon Spector says:

    Just look around. “Occupy Wall Street.” “Black Lives Matter. Orwellian thought police
    tactics on College Campuses, aided by useful Marxist idiots, all funded by George Sorrois.
    Anyone should see that the existence of the country is in dire straights. Everyone sleeps or
    has their heads in the sand about the demographic disaster.
    We can arrive at one conclusion: The genocide of the white male, and the sexual enslavement
    of the white female.
    What took Europe a thousand years to accomplish-the genocide of the Jews-is going to
    occurr in a couple of years: The genocide of the white christian male.

  4. Lon Spector says:

    Just wait till it happens here. It ALREADY is happening here. The Satanic
    radicalism is paving they way.
    The attacks are patterned after the Mubi methods of 2008.
    12 guys can bring a city to it’s knees.

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