Bombs versus tolerance; the Paris massacre

The reaction of the establishment Left, to the recent massacres in Paris, is predictable. It will call for more of the same: Love, tolerance, “diversity” – and an international group hug for Islam.
In contrast, there will be more calls to bomb ISIS in the Middle East.
This is puzzling, considering that violent Muslim in Paris is no less a “terrorist” than a violent Muslim in Syria. For people who strive for a “borderless world,” the Left places a lot of emphasis on location. When your enemy is far away, bomb him. But as soon as he’s moved in next door, he’s worthy of “tolerance,” and an agent of “diversity.”
Were Germans “the enemy” during WWII? What about the Japanese? Even when the war was at its height, there’s little doubt that the vast majority of Germans and Japanese would have preferred peace, and would refrain from killing Americans even if given the chance. Yet there was general agreement that caution should be exercised when dealing with German and Japanese citizens. There were no cries to open our borders to Germans and Japanese. Everybody knew that any large-scale migration from those countries would include some who would do us harm. The imperial ideologies, which launched Germany and Japan into war, could not have taken root unless the “moderate” masses had allowed it to do so.
Similarly, “moderate Islam” is not at war with the West. But it does allow organization like ISIS to take root. We don’t see ISIS taking control of non-Muslim nations; it needs a Muslim population (even a “moderate” one) to seize control.
The hostile elite in Europe has allowed large swaths of European cities to become Muslim. Even if the vast majority of the Muslims who live in these places are moderate and peaceful, their presence provides fertile ground for terrorist organizations, like ISIS, to take hold.
If Islam is, indeed, a “religion of peace,” then let me propose the following:
Let’s rewrite the Quran, and the Hadith. We’ll remove all references to Jihad and the subjugation of infidels – and we’ll call it “The New Quran.” It will include passages extolling the virtues of tolerance and love for all human beings, regardless of religion. It will renounce war, and specifically forbid acts of terrorism.
All Muslims who reside in Europe will be required to swear allegiance to the New Quran. Any old Qurans in their possession will be seized and done away with. Either they agree to these terms publicly, or they face immediate deportation. Islamic schools will be closely monitored to ensure that their teaching are in accordance with the New Quran.
As for the Bible, it will be left alone; Europe doesn’t have a problem with Christians, or Jews, massacring people and blowing up airplanes.

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8 Responses to Bombs versus tolerance; the Paris massacre

  1. The Islamists will not spare anyone, especially the ‘progressives’

  2. All of what you said is very correct and true but you omitted what I believe should be the greatest objection to Islam and one which, by even the minimum standards of human rights, should have seen Islam prohibited in civilised countries. I am speaking of apostasy and blasphemy and the very real threat of being summarily executed for such trivialities.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Those things can be included within the category of “subjugation of infidels.” Furthermore, Islam’s prohibition of blasphemy isn’t much different than that of the Left. Unfortunately, even without Islam, we must still endure the Left’s intolerance toward “blasphemy.” Hopefully, some day but Leftism and Islam will disappear.

  3. missattempts says:

    You really expect the followers of a religion almost 2,000 years old to
    change overnight? Especially if their demands have been accomadated for P.C.
    purposes, by weakling Western countries?
    And how would we react if someone told us to change our Bibles? That continues even
    now. Has it worked?
    No, the only answer is to change our natures. The biggest urge is to survive.
    We will NOT survive if things continue at this rate. We have been snookered into
    believe that “life is death” (liberalism) and “death is life.” (“Die for your religion and
    get 72 virgins in Paradise.”)

  4. Jagdflieger says:

    Hi JAY
    It’s great to see that you’re back posting on current events. Yes, the elites no doubt are already fretting about the sure-to-come “backlash” against the poor little Muslims. They’re already piously whining that they’re “shocked” at this despicable act and how we have to “act” against terrorism while of course doing absolutely nothing of substance like for example preventing that scum from entering into their countries in the first place. How could any intelligent person not foresee this when ISIS had already openly announced it’s intention of flooding Europe with 500,000 invaders, including terrorists, in February of this year? How can anyone still believe the fairy tale that these are refugees? Am I the only one who saw the news reports of the “desperate refugees” rioting over the monotonous French and Italian food, the slow wi-fi connections, that the food parcels delivered to them came marked with the Red Cross, that they wanted money for cigarettes instead of food; how they were refusing water bottles while demanding to be taken to Germany and Britain where the hand-outs are more generous, taking off their clothes in protest because Sweden is too cold, claiming that the food in the centers was only fit not even for a dog but only for a woman to eat, trashing the refugee centers because the conditions weren’t up to their standards of comfort, etc. Are these the actions and mentality of a desperate people lucky and grateful to escape with their lives to an area of safety? Nobody seemed to have the slightest concern that over 70% of these “refugees” were military aged men or that Islam uses immigration as a form of invasion (Hijra). Unfortunately, as long as White people around the world continue to be paralyzed by political correctness and grovel before non-whites these types of acts are all that we have to look forward to.

  5. missattempts says:

    “Whites,” are fools and sitting ducks.
    Location of next attack? (In U.S.) New Orleans.
    The scum has been imported there already. There’s plenty of outdoor dining there.
    And “soft targets” like hospitals.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think the next attack will be in the Los Angeles area, since it’s arguably the center of decadence in the US, and authorities won’t be expecting it. They’ll be expecting it in Washington.

  6. Arturo says:

    I have a better idea : sippenhaft.
    The Germans did it.
    Inspired by the NDSAP’s no-nonsense policies of “kin liability,” the Jews do it.
    It works. (Sort of).
    You wanna kill infidels? No problem. We’re going to bulldoze your house and imprison all of your immediate family members.

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