The "Sports Page" is good for something

I’ve never been a fan of organized sports; it’s a state religion, and a way for the powers that be to keep the ignorant masses occupied so that they don’t notice how they’re being enslaved. When I hear people talking about professional athletes as if they’re personal friends, I feel a mix of pity and disdain. They waste much of their lives watching men throw balls around, and they’re relatively ignorant of the sciences, history, anthropology or linguistics. Their opinions, on matters of sports, are valid ones – because they’re experts on that. But they often lack the tools to form meaningful opinions when it comes to politics. So they adopt the “default” opinions on political matters. The “default” opinions are whatever they’re told on television, billboards and newspapers. In other words, their minds are controlled. When they vote, they’re simply validating the opinions of those already in power.
I was recently sitting in the break room at work. An edition of the Oregonian was on the table, so I perused it. Almost the entire thing was shameless propaganda. Almost every article was anti-white, anti-gun rights, pro-big government, Afro-centric, pro-Islam and pro-man-made global-warming. Everything was framed within these givens – and this was the so-called “Front Page!” It’s not even supposed to be editorials, just “news.”
Needless to say, it upset me. I was thinking that such drivel shouldn’t even be allowed in a workplace. A porn magazine (if they still make them) would be more appropriate.
But then I noticed that hardly anybody even reads the front page; instead, workers gravitate to the Sports Page. A few read the comics or try the crossword puzzle. Some even cut out the crossword puzzle, sacrificing Dilbert in the process. This is a crime against humanity.
So yes, the Sports Page is good for something. It’s better that the masses fill their heads with “man throws ball” stories than with propaganda that’s designed to mold their minds to the whims of the hostile elite.

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  1. missattempts says:

    You know the expression “Bread and Circuses?” It comes from ancient Rome.
    Just give the population “bread and circuses” (Distraction and amusement) and
    the people become weak and dependent, on the sources of their distribution:
    government and media (That backs up socalist government with lies.)
    People get lulled into a semi-comatose condition. And they get enraged AT YOU,
    when you reveal it to them.
    So they go merrily along in their sleep, until a tramadic event wakes them up, like a
    cancer diagnois, or a visit from a cop with dreadful information about a loved one,
    or an explosive blast in a sports stadium or a night club caused by insane fanantics
    seeking to earn their ticket to Paradise by killing you, so they can get the stuff that
    you “infadels” are presently enjoying: sex and amusement.

  2. CharlesK says:

    I can’t agree about the lack of value of organized sports. The great majority of players who are almost good enough to play professionally learn a great deal of practical value about human nature before they enter the real world. They encounter one kind of guy after another in mock conflict until they start to categorize them, unscientifically no doubt, but practically.
    They are of value in the military, and in industry.
    I might also add that they live in a world of no do overs. A world where a dropped ball, a misheard instruction, or a last ditch effort can change the outcome of games. They learn the value of training, rehearsal of skills and of teamwork. And they learn that you can’t get in shape in a hurry. A lesson that your country’s military understands extremely well. If you need an aircraft carrier now, it was on the drawing boards 30 years ago. If you need a Marine now, he is already trained and in shape.
    I might add that being good at team sports is probably an even better predictor of reproductive health than being good at individual sports, since there is a higher minimum of social skills.
    To be sure, I agree with you on the propaganda. I find myself sputtering like an old man over the public broadcaster in my country gloating over the impending importation of 25 thousand Syrians. That will teach us diversity! yeah! Rub our noses in it.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I have no problem with sports per se. I have no problem with private clubs getting together for competition. But, at least here in the US, professional sports really is a state religion. We’re forced to pay for it through our taxes, directly or indirectly. On top of that, since football and basketball are the most popular professional sports here (I think), and most of the players are black, professional sports is just one more venue for the powers that be to glorify the black male.
      The benefits that you listed are valid enough – but they apply, for the most part, to the players themselves. Those who read the sports page, or watch the games on TV, don’t get the same benefits; a large proportion of them are couch potatoes. My post was directed toward them.
      The reason I said “organized sports” as opposed to “professional sports” is that I wanted to include college sports, which is also supported with tax dollars.

  3. Lon Spector says:

    You’re so right. The fame goes to the heads of these showboats.
    They think they’re “entitled.” Like Steve Garvey from a few years ago, who believed
    he was a God, and said as much. And Pete Rose who thought he was the bee’s knees.
    And last but not least, O.J. Simpson, who was the most admired man in America, by both
    boys and girls. He could easily have been elected President in his prime.
    He was the “credit-to-his-race-model-black” that gets extolled and throned every so often.
    She Brock A Brock Obama presently holds that designation.
    BTW, Next terrorist attack: Rome Target: Pope Sucess or failure? That, would be “telling.”

  4. Jagdflieger says:

    Sports are the opium of the people. And, yes, they certainly contribute towards the idolization of Negroes among the ignorant.

  5. missattempts says:

    I think the location of the next ISIS attack is Rome. Why?
    Well you have to understand that the type of Islam that ISIS practices is “pure” Islam, with
    no compromises.
    Other forms of Islam can negotiate and “live” with non-Moslem countries IF they have to.
    ISIS Islam is more by-the-book-Islam.
    The Koran says that it is the duty of the Moslem to plege allegence to a cliapate.
    The Moslem must conquer territory. He puts the territory under Islamic law which includes
    forced conversions, slavery, and tributes (taxes) Anything else is “apostate.”
    This differs from today’s Islam, which while terroristic, does not especially seek to conquer
    the whole world. They want the Westerners out of their region, and they look forward
    to a time when Islam rules the world, but other then spectactular attacks, are doing nothing
    to bring that about.
    ISIS-“The Islamic STATE”- wants to conquer swaths of land, to put cliapate on.
    Just like the earlier Moslem cliapate that started out in Saudi Arabia and almost conquered
    France and Vienna, they want to impose STRICT Moslem rule, by the book.
    This is why foreign fighters are FLOCKING to this Islamic state utopia.
    Generally, ISIS wants to build it’s empire in the “old fashioned way” by earning it.
    They encourage people to come to Syria to join the fight, or kill right where they are,
    because the eventual objective is to take over the world anyway.
    The Paris attacks mark a change-if ISIS is really behind them.
    ISIS was concieved as a “slow but steady” type of group. Prophecy tells them the final
    showdown will be with “crusaders from Rome.” There is no percise definition of what
    “Rome” is. Is it “Rome” proper? Or is it a combination of Western nations?
    Anyway, if other Middle Eastern countries start to cooperate in the war on ISIS,
    (They haven’t yet, because they have other regional concerns like Iran)
    ISIS might attack the city of Rome to drag reluctant Western nations into fight to fulfill
    their own prophecies.

  6. Ad Honorem says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to automatically conflate anthropogenic climate-change with left-wing ideology.
    Sure a lot of people who don’t understand the science like to make it a political, left vs right issue and I’m sure a lot of left-wingers do just support it because that’s the fashionable position to take within their circles not because they’ve actually read any of the studies. But do some research- there is a genuine consensus among the vast majority of climate-scientists that anthropogenic climate change is very much a real phenomenon.
    To deny it despite all the research that has been undertaken is to blindy follow right-wing propoganda just as many of your detractors no doubt blindly follow left-wing propaganda. Don’t bring politics into established science.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve written similar things myself. Whether it’s real or not, it’s become an article of faith, and a rallying point, for the Left. It’s presented as such as well. But, as I’ve written before, the main problem I have with how the Left deals with anthropogenic climate-change is that they don’t really take it seriously. If they did, they put a stop to mass migration into Western countries. The fact that they don’t take a stand against this migration shows that they’re not really concerned with climate change; it’s just another tool that they use to bash the white world, or to extract money from us – not that WE shouldn’t be concerned about it. But I included it here because of this context, which you alluded to yourself.

      • Ad Honorem says:

        Thanks for your response. I take your point and completely agree about ACC being a rallying point and article of faith among those of left-wing persuasion.
        The irony is, people like the ‘liberals’ (I use that term about as loosely as they do: since when was politically-correct thought-policing liberal?) who blindly follow ideas based purely on ideological affiliation with out understanding the actual merits and arguments behind them undermine those very ideas and do far more harm to the credibility of them than their detractors ever could.
        I’m sure they originally latched onto as part of some anti-imperialist, anti-globalist, anti-corporatist crusade against oil companies… or something. But now it seems the original motivations have been lost and agreeing with it is just part of the status-quo. But think at how they’ve taken the teeth out of decades of rigorous scientific research by turning it into a big doom-and-gloom political issue. Think about when you’re a kid and people hammer into you that can’t do something or something’s intrinsically bad, your first inclination is to defy them and prove them wrong. That is essentially the global warming movement (and the war on drugs but that’s another issue altogether). How many right-wingers take issue with global warming purely because it happens to be one of the main left-wing talking points (not all I’m sure, but many)? How many do you also suppose might embrace it if the left rejected it (of course I’m not suggesting they should reject it, only cease to enshrine it as political gospel)? Such is the nature and inherent stupidity of partisan politics, unfortunately.
        At any rate, one thing I’m almost certain of is that the modern left (or any set of ideologues) is not really a friend of the genuine environmentalist at all.

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