The chess-board view of the Establishment Left

If you’re a chess piece, you’re either black or white. There is no in-between; your color defines what you are. If defines your loyalties and your entire purpose in life. There is no gray in chess. There’s no such thing as a traitor among chess pieces.
This is how liberals view human beings, and this is why they repeatedly claim that since most influential people in the US are white, white people don’t need representation. For example:

I read with amazement the Thursday letter asking why we can’t have a White caucus in Congress. The answer is obvious.
Through the magic of legislative gerrymandering, the representation of the 38 percent of Americans who are a minority are represented by 17 percent of Congress. By forming these caucuses, these minorities amass enough voting clout to get a seat at the legislative table.
The Whites of Congress don’t need a caucus. They own the table!

It would be helpful if somebody would document, in some way, that white members of Congress feel any loyalty to other whites – but this can never happen, because they don’t. Their loyalties are to the wealthy interests that pay for their campaigns, to their lobbyists, to their own political party or, in the best case scenario, to their constituents (of all races). If any white member of Congress were to even hint at any racial loyalty to other whites, his political career would be over. In the chess-board of real life, white pawns have no representation. Black pawns, at least ostensibly, do.
Do liberals really believe that all whites, who find themselves in positions of power, are benefactors of working-class whites? Of course not. They only believe this when the subject is race. But as soon as the conversation turns to economic matters, their tone changes. Ask any liberal if the billionaire one-percenters represent the interests of the 99 percent, and his answer will certainly be “NO!”
Only through convolutions of mental gymnastics (to borrow a term from Jared Taylor) can one hold both views simultaneously.
In theory, once you get a liberal to acknowledge that wealthy whites do not represent the interests of poor whites, said liberal should be on his way to recovery… In theory. But if he does conjure up enough courage to admit this, then it follows that whites, as an ethnic group, lack representation in government, on campuses and in the media. The next question might be: Doesn’t EVERYONE deserve representation?

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  1. missattempts says:

    When America dies-and it will soon-the cause will be neglect.
    To borrow a phrase from the play “Death Of A Salesman,” Willie Lowman’s wife
    pleads, “Attention must be payed!”
    Since the sick degenerate J.F.K. was elected in 1960, no attention has been payed to
    the decline and fall of this country. The media and academia are largely at fault.
    Perception is reality. And these two institutions govern perception.
    The American people are asleep at the switch. “The cost of freedom is ETERNAL
    As a formerly religious man, you must be aware of the fact that the devil doesn’t have
    two horns and a pitchfork. He is an Angel of light. He always does his work of destrution
    under the guise of building.
    The media is Satan’s propaganda arm. But they would protest that they are not.
    The terrorists slated to arrive in the U.S. are a drop in the bucket. The terrorists are
    ALREADY here. They are black criminals who’s vicious and murderous deeds
    are hidden by the media and politicans. When the refugee terrorists arrive here, they
    will team-up with the domestic terroists, and it will an even greater free for all.
    Anyone who hasn’t been victimized yet, is just the beneficary of dumb luck.
    There is no place to flee to. Thanks to Satanic Do Gooderism the American experiment
    is TERMINAL.

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