Doctors who look like themselves

When black patients prefer black doctors, the New York Times is sympathetic to them. In the article “A Case for Black Doctors,” Damon Tweedy writes:

As a general rule, black patients are more likely to feel comfortable with black doctors. Studies have shown that they are more likely to seek them out for treatment, and to report higher satisfaction with their care. In addition, more black doctors practice in high-poverty communities of color, where physicians are relatively scarce.

As a psychiatrist, I’ve seen this up close. I’ve frequently been the only black doctor (or one of very few) in clinics with large black populations. Quite often, patients ask to see a black doctor, but the sheer volume of people seeking help prevents me from accommodating most of their requests.

Black patients, compared with those of other races, tend to be far less trusting of physicians and their medical advice. Much of this is rooted in a dark history of experimentation on black people without their consent (the four-decade-long Tuskegee syphilis study is the most notorious modern-day example). Too often, however, this mistrust is to the patients’ detriment. I’ve met countless black people who have either delayed or refused needed treatments because they were skeptical about their physician’s motives and honesty. Some wound up far sicker than they should have been; others died.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence that black patients are more likely to trust black doctors comes from the mental health field, where a patient’s relationship with his or her provider is especially important. Black people have often fared poorly in their interactions with the mental health care system. For example, they are nearly half as likely as whites to receive treatment for diagnosed mental health disorders of comparable severity. When black patients do receive treatment, it is far more likely to occur in an emergency room or psychiatric hospital than it is for whites, and less likely to be in the calmer office-based setting, where longer-term treatment can take place.

In this context, it is easy to understand a 2011 meta-analysis published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology that observed that black people strongly preferred to be matched to black therapists and were more likely to view them favorably, and that these preferences and perceptions translated into slightly better clinical outcomes.

I’m not doubting that there was abuse, in the past, against some black patients, but it’s not reasonable to extrapolate from this to the present era. I seriously doubt that many black patients truly believe they are going to become unwitting participants in some nefarious experiment. The most common reason that is cited for this preference is a common cultural background, and similar communication styles.
There’s nothing wrong with this. But what about white patients preferring white physicians? Unlike with black patients, there’s not much material on this topic; whites are not supposed to feel any solidarity with other whites.
I did find an article in The Medical Blog titled “Many White Patients Don’t Want Black Nurses or Doctors.” Granted, unlike the previous article, this one is framed as a negative; it doesn’t examine whether white patients prefer white doctors, but whether they have an aversion to black doctors. Nevertheless, the implication is that their preference is for one of their own. It reads, in part:

When African-American nurse Tonya Battle of the Hurley Medical Center (NICU) in Michigan was reassigned because a white father didn’t want her anywhere near his newborn child, she was floored. The racist father had made the request after showing the charge nurse a picture of his swastika tattoo. As it turns out, however, Battle is not alone in being discriminated against in this way.
In Battle’s 2012 case, a staff meeting ended with the hospital indulging the racist father and not allowing African-American nurses near the infant. According to Al Jazeera there was even a note posted to alert staffers: “NO AFRICAN AMERICAN NURSE TO TAKE CARE OF BABY.”
Battle later sued Hurley Medical Center for employment discrimination and settled out of court, but this sort of discrimination is far more common than most people think…
Since patients know it’s politically incorrect to be overtly racist, they often make up reasons for getting rid of their black health care providers.
“They come up with different ways to do it. I talked to this one doctor who said there are these older ladies who will say, ‘You know, I want a Jewish doctor, I just think a Jewish doctor is better,” wrote Paul-Emile.
Dr. Meghan Lane-Fall, who is African-American, says the bias impacts black doctors as well as nurses.

So, when black patients prefer doctors of their own race, it’s understandable, and necessary to accommodate them. But when white patients do the same, it’s “discrimination” and “racism.”
Cultural issues aside, blacks can point to the Syphilis study of decades ago. How can whites rationalize their white-doctor preference? The most compelling argument is Affirmative Action. What do you call the medical student who finishes last in his class? “Doctor!” It’s not that black doctors are not qualified, it’s that they don’t have to be AS QUALIFIED as white doctors. This can be an important distinction when your life is on the line.
Astoundingly, the same Establishment that implements Affirmative Action policies, and requires them, will then consider the inevitable reactions to Affirmative Action as “white privilege!” For example, this article:

People do not assume that I got where I am professionally because of my race (or because of affirmative action programs).

By that reasoning, there’s also “poverty privilege.” We can claim that…

People do not assume that I was released early from jail because of my wealthy parents (or because of my access to expensive attorneys).

Another reason white patients might avoid black doctors is that the media, schools and the government (mediagov) has been waging a relentless propaganda campaign to vilify whites as a group. All major newspapers, magazines and television stations (with the exception of FOX – sometimes) depict whites as the source of all evil – and “people of color” as their long-suffering victims. As a result, it’s not uncommon for said “people of color” to act out against whites. Sometimes this takes the form of “random” crime. Other times, it’s in the form of rioting, vocal outbursts – or possibly caring for your white patients a bit less carefully. There’s no way to tell, so why take the chance?

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12 Responses to Doctors who look like themselves

  1. missattempts says:

    I think the “‘ends-justify-the-means” Democrat hypocrites, are not above playing the
    race card they accuse the Republicans of playing.
    For example, it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that first floated the rumour that
    Barach Obama might not have been born in the U.S. The liberals engage in their own
    racism and with media help blame conservatives. Now, Ben Carson is a “quack.”
    Anyone who knows how the Clinton’s and media behave knows that the “Planned
    Parenthood attack,” is a “Red Flag” (Staged) incident, just like many other “incidents”
    occurred on cue to rescue the Clinton’s during Slickster Bill’s sleaze filled administration.
    Only three killed by an AK-47? He must have purposefully missed. And we can look
    forward to more deceit and skullduggery to come once the Wicked Witch of the West
    gets in. Misery? Murder? Injustice? Criminality? Lies on top of lies? All in a days work for
    this Satanic SCUM.
    BTW, Blacks DO perfer black psychologists and ministers because they share the same
    plight. In most every other area, the pefer white professionals.
    I’m reminded of an eposide on the comedy “Sanford And Son.”
    Fred Sanford needs emergency dental treatment. He rejects a black dentist.
    “The best dentists are of, by, and for the white people. White dentist please.”
    This is why black people want to be near white people. There’s a belief among whites
    AND blacks that “white” is superior.
    For example, I saw a sight where black men and women compete with each other about
    who has the most attractive white mates. The black guys win hands down.

    • Phil says:

      The Sanford and Son reference did actually exist because my mother told me of a similar thing, but nowadays the “anti-racist movement” (sure) has suspended Blacks out of the rationality they actually had prior.
      @JAY While I do believe that due to Affirmative action that you would have a lot of underqualified workers, I do believe in occasions were the motivation is rather by hate than rationality like the second article quote above in the post.
      Personally I believe in wanting the most qualified, and a thing I hate about AA from a Black end is that sadly one would have hire suspicion of a Black professional as opposed to a white one thus leading to such an presumption. With Affirmative action out of the way, a Black professional can be given more credit in this situation.
      Still, I experience and understand the innate feelings of Kinship in terms of race so I’m not entirely sore on the concept.

  2. Douglas says:

    I am retired military and use a military doctor. (Before people get into the good or bad of the military doctors I just want to say I have had good care overall.) I recently received a newly appointed Doctor, I am a southern white man. When he walked in, I admit my prejudice at seeing him. Hell, I embrace my prejudice. Just as he may seen me as the typical redneck, I saw him as the typical black who probably doesn’t give a crap about some old white guy. It didn’t help that he spoke with a thick accent from some Caribean which I can’t readily identify. It also didn’t help that he would not listen to me as I described my health. All that said, I see him again tomorrow. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him to do his job. After all, a person cannot rely totally on the Doctor and must take some responsibility for their own health.
    But yes I do prefer a white doctor. For one big reason, I am more confident that he had to pass all tests to get into school and through school. I also feel that if I complain about the care provided it is more likely to be listened to them if I complain about a black doctor. If I complain about the black Doctor my complaint will be seen as prejudice.
    Now much of what I said does show a bias. What did you expect? I am a white southern man after all.

    • SFG says:

      They do get in with lower grades. Your concerns aren’t crazy. I’m told med schools have gotten so diverse actual white southerners are in heavy demand for primary care jobs in the South, and random midwestern places are offering Sabbath observer spots just so they can get a white guy.
      I am amused they’re asking for Jews instead, but I guess the stereotype works in the doctor’s favor in that case…

    • absolutely.
      Once I understood that Blacks are usually less qualified, not only by their on average lower IQ but because affirmative action racism gets them into positions they barely qualify, I try to choose white attendants in stores, at airlines. In hospitals that is even more important.
      Of course, if you reject a black doctor and don’t succeed, you understand that that doctor might have a justified rage against you white oppressor and might just cause some health damage in you to get even.
      Even the white doctor that gets assigned to you might be angry at having to treat a white supremacist and vile racist.

  3. Good article.
    This racist inequality will be a thrust of future articles and sites of ours:
    Exposing Left-Racism:
    how race aware the Left is, how Blacks can desire Black doctors, but Whites can not desire white doctors. How Blacks have rights that Whites do not have
    Martin Luther King was a racist, because race blindness, color blindness is racist. I kid you not.
    Still looking for helpers
    The site is to inform Germans about race realism. Fluechtling means refugee
    I am paying a translator to translate various articles into German
    From Amren, from Vdare

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  6. Douglas says:

    I went back to my doctor for a follow up. Turns out he is a pretty decent doctor after all.
    We got along just great. An old southern racist can still be respectful in kind to anyone of color.
    I do not consider myself superior to blacks or anyone else. But I do recognize our cultures and lifestyles on average are different. We have talents that, again on average, differ. I think we can agree to be equal under the law.
    When it comes to doctors always remember you know yourself better than they and should take responsibility for your health care whether your dr is black or white.

  7. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Read the horror stories which regularly pop-up in the British mainstream press about gross medical malpractice and (yes…) sexual assaults on patients by doctors. Most of the time, the perpetrators are black. Or Muslim. Or both.
    A few days ago, a British man and his wife were sent to prison because they had kidnapped a 14-year old orphan in Nigeria, and made him their house slave for 24 years. He was a doctor, she was a nurse. Both worked for the National Health Service. Both were African blacks.
    There’s a reason whites prefer white doctors. And white people in general.

  8. Robert Marchenoir says:

    The Miami doctor (actually, medical student) who assaulted an Uber taxi driver last Sunday is called, somewhat unsurprisingly, Anjali Ramkissoon. Definitely not white.

  9. Tarl says:

    I don’t care that they are white so much as that they are competent.
    So yeah I’ll pick the white (or yes, Jewish!) doctor over the black one every time. Much less concern that the white guy affirmative-actioned his way through school and certification…

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