Police officers who look like themselves

It’s no secret, nor is it disputed, that the Establishment Left considers it right and good for “people of color” to be served by people who “look like themselves.” We’ve seen them clamor for “doctors who look like their patients,” and for “teachers who look like their students.”
Will we see demands for garbage collectors who look like their customers? Not likely. It’s only important for “people of color” to be represented when the occupation in question carries a certain amount of status or power.
Police officers have plenty of power, and they’re held in high esteem by large segments of the population. A New York Times article tells us that…

Experts say that diversity in the police force increases a department’s credibility with its community. “Even if police officers of whatever race enforce the law in relatively the same way, there is a huge image problem with a department that is so out of sync with the racial composition of the local population,” said Ronald Weitzer, a sociologist at George Washington University.

The article goes on to list a number of districts where the proportion of white police officers is higher than the proportion of whites in the general population. A couple of districts have an overrepresentation of black officers – but this is not seen as a problem. The assumption is that black, and Hispanic, officers can police a white population without problems, but that white officers should not police a black/Hispanic population.
The article mentions a few districts where the population used to be majority white, but transformed to be majority black. Without saying so explicitly, the understanding is that white officers, in these transformed neighborhoods, should be either  let go or transferred.
The dynamics of how these neighborhood became transformed is not explored. The plight of whites who were forced from their homes, by high-crime rates, bullying, ethnic hostility and loud parties, is not addressed. These whites are internal refugees, but their status as such is not recognized by any official body, nor is their story told in any organized, or official, way.
I agree that white officers should not police majority black, or Hispanic, neighborhoods; it’s too dangerous for them, and “the community” will oppose them every time they use force against a non-white criminal. We’ve seen this numerous times, most recently with Michael Brown in Ferguson.
Black officers should not be trusted to police white neighborhoods either. There’s too much racial animosity, and too much opportunity for abuse.
Let’s give the Establishment Left what they want. Let black doctors treat black patients, and white doctors treat white patients. Let black teachers teach black students and white teachers teach white students. Let black police officers patrol black neighborhoods, and white officers patrol white neighborhoods.
In other words, let there be segregation – of the voluntary kind. Let each group take care of its own. This would save countless lives and billions of dollars. This is what freedom of association brings: Peace and tranquility. Harmony and good-will.

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6 Responses to Police officers who look like themselves

  1. missattempts says:

    Won’t work. The “power structure” is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn’t.
    You can’t have it both ways. In Baltimore, the cops are accused of genocide.
    In the present Satlinist show trial, 3 BLACK COPS are accused of murder against
    carrer criminal Freddie Gray. So the cops are afraid to police. They pull back, and
    murder shoots up. They are blamed for that too.
    The new racket is to have a family member killed and to get a huge payout BEFORE
    the criminal trial even starts. This “civil rights” stuff is just window dressing. An extortionist
    racket. Now, we got the protesters threating dire consequences if they don’t get the
    “proper” results. The United States of America is no longer a nation of laws. When
    people can be cowed for a brief period of “peace” we are DOOMED.
    A nation is only as strong as the people making up that nation. We are no longer a
    Christian nation. We are a narcassitic, undisiplined nation only concerned with amusements and
    creature comforts: “Bread and circuses.”
    Blacks must feel as though they have a stake in this nation. They do not. With few
    exceptions, the masses of blacks feel unwanted. Except in wartime.
    There are two types of sucessful blacks: Talented ones who refine their talents, and
    hang in there long enough to obtain wealth and fame. Self starting blacks with
    inaitative and drive like Barry Gordi who started MOTOWN.
    There are 5 types of people: Educators, Warriors, Laborers, Merchants, and Outsiders.
    Any class of people can be sucessful, if they do what is best for their type.
    We presently live in the Merchant era.

  2. missattempts says:

    J.A.Y. and Phil seem to a have taken a temprary hiatus, and no one else is posting at
    the moment. I thought I’d take a moment to make some observations about the black
    delimma in this country.
    First off, I’d like to congradulate J.A.Y. for his astute observations. He predicted that
    the first Towel Head attack would be in Los Angeles. He was spot on. But I was correct
    too, when I said these sub-humans would work in teams of two, and would carry out
    terror attacks on “soft targets.” They were set to wage another attack, (probably in L.A.)
    before they were luckily apprehended. Unlike the Planned Parenthood attack, I DON’T
    believe this one was “false flag.” Muslims mean to kill. The “false flag” attacks are ment to
    put Hillary in the White House, and turn the land into a Marxist/Atheist sump, where the
    White Christian male is genocided and the white woman is turned into a “chic” sex slave.
    The Democrate/Media devil-worshippers had NOT antisipated that they couldn’t control
    their pet Towel Heads. Between the false flag attacks and Muslim terror and blood letting,
    the quality of life is going to get EVEN LOWER, if you can believe it. As I said before,
    by the time Hillary’s second term is over, there won’t even be a geo-political enity known
    as the U.S.A. This country will have become a wasteland. A complete jungle like Africa was.
    The Europeans might be appaled enough to pull their chestnuts from the fire, but that
    remains to be seen.
    In the 1970’s there was a phenomana called the “Blaxploitation film.”
    The term was coined by Tony Brown, a black conservative commentator who had a
    Public Televison show named “Tony Brown’s Jouranal.” He saw the films for what they were.
    Some of the films were quality like “Shaft.” But most were absurd, inflammatory, and
    unrealistic. They depicted black Supermen, fending off racist plots, almost effortlessly.
    Three black guys, could fend off entire white armies and not ruffle their clothing.
    White women couldn’t resist their charms. They’d fall like fruit from trees before their feet.
    The white male was corrupt weakling mush. A complete push over.
    I’ll tell you the plot of one film I saw, though I don’t remember the title, I think it was made
    in the early 1980’s, which is pretty late for a film of this type.

  3. missattempts says:

    Our film opens in N.Y.C. A policeman is causually strolling his beat.
    He takes pot shots at every black person he sees, singing to himself:
    “I was walking down the street one day, killing N—er’s in the mounth of May…”
    Next scene: The camera does a close-up of a building. There is a plackart on the building
    called “Finestein’s Aids Clinic.” Dr. Finstien runs the clinic. He is an elderly Jewish man.
    We see Dr. Finestien tending to a young black child. Dr. Finestien excuses himself to go
    into another room. He dips a taffy lollypop into a bucket with the word AIDS printed on it.
    He reamerges and hands the lollypop back to the child: “There’s a good boy.”
    The city commision is slated to pay Dr. Finestien a visit to check on his progress.
    Finstien is suppost to be an equal oppertunity employer. He’s not. He grabs hold of a
    black janitor walking by: “Quick, come her N—er!” He hastily puts a white Dr.’s coat
    on the bewildered man. Finestine assures the Comisstion that he’s making headway.
    We cut to another room where we see Dr. Fienstien’s receptionist. She is a blond bimbo
    with size DD breasts that constantly spill out especially when she flashes unsuspecting
    black men. The poor innocent victim is going about his business when she has wardrobe
    malfunctions, and he stands there with his moth agape. Why would she want to do that to
    In another scene, she switches on the “talk” radio. (In those days, talk radio was thought
    to be “racist.”) The announcer’s voice proclaims: “Now ladies and gentlemen, we bring you
    the GREAT PATROIT Guiedo Granitelli!” The National Anthem plays, and we see cops
    who had been beating a black man with their night sticks, stop and salute.
    (Blacks had been attacked in Italian neighborhoods and in the 1980’s, there was a famous talk
    radio host named Bob Grant. Even Jesse Jackson made reference to him.)

  4. missattempts says:

    When Guido gets on, he talks in a heavilly accented voice, and sounds like an over
    emotional premadonna. He gets calls from white folks who hate black people, and
    recount all the crimes they committed against them YEARS AGO. “I hate black people!
    In 1952, I was minding my own, business and…”
    The next scene takes place “Somewhere out West.” It is the Jewish owned “AIDS FACTORY.”
    The Israeli flag is flying over it. To the strains of the song: “Here Comes The Express,”
    we see trains coming in and out of the factory, transporting the deadly brew all over the
    country. Black slaves do the packing and lifting of the crates. Jewish overseers wearing shirts
    with the Star of David and welding whips hurry them along. “Get going Schwatrazer!” (black)
    “Hurry up, Schwatrazer!”
    A group of black hero’s finally put two and two together. They know they must move quickly.
    They’ve got to get to Arizona and destroy the AIDS factory and the N.Y. connection.
    They kill Finestien. And the Bimbo repents in the nick of time. (She stops torturing black men
    and realizes how much she actually loves them.)
    A team heads off to Arizona (Dressed in cowboy attaire and riding horses) They dynomite
    the trains, slaughter the AIDS dealing Jews, and save the black race-for now.
    The sexually besmitten and greatful blond bimbo, rides off with them.

  5. Douglas says:

    My dad used to tell me that in the 1940s, 50s when he was growing up in the rural south, if a black man broke the law involving another black person the law enforcement authorities would simply turn the man over to the black community. Only a crime crossed racial line did it involve a trial or other measures. H explains that this seems to work pretty good reducing the antagonism between the two communities.

  6. Tarl says:

    I assure you that whenever I have a choice — and especially if I require a service in which professional competence is important, like a doctor or lawyer — I will choose the white guy every time.
    I’m not even sure there are any black teachers at my kid’s school. But it’s not an accident that they’re attending a very non-diverse school, I assure you.
    I rarely have any interaction with the police in my mostly-white community, but when I have, they’ve been white and polite.

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