Is the KKK a "hate group?"

If you ask people to give an example of a “hate group,” the first thing that will pop into many of their minds is “The KKK.” Even white nationalists sometimes like to pick on the KKK. Writing about a recent incident involving some Citadel students who wore costumes reminiscent of KKK outfits, a recent AFT article reports:

Washington (AFP) – A prestigious military college in the United States suspended eight students and launched an investigation after photos emerged of cadets posing in all-white outfits reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan, an official said.

Hillary Clinton also weighed in on The Citadel college, where the Confederate battle flag flies, tweeting: “Symbols of hate create more hate. It’s time for the Confederate flag to come down at The Citadel.”

The flag was the focus of renewed impassioned debate in June after a suspected white supremacist shot dead nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina — the same city where The Citadel is based.

The cadets were pictured dressed in white and with white pillow cases over their heads with two holes for the eyes, in haunting similarities to the infamous Ku Klux Klan, a white hate group.

Is the KKK a “hate group?”
The answer is clearly “No.” Firstly, the KKK is not even a group, let alone a “hate group.” According to

The name Ku Klux Klan is in the public domain. This means anyone can use the name Ku Klux Klan. They can use it for good reasons or they can use it for bad reasons. There are around 200 different Klan groups in the nation. They are all locally based or at the most regionally based. Most of these groups remain local because they want to do things their own way. They all use the terminology and ceremony of the twenties and are fraternity styled. They are not politically focused and resemble a club. The average size of the Klan clubs are 6-15. There are a couple of regional Klan groups with an average membership of 50-75. Usually they are led by sincerely motivated individuals, however because they have no national affiliation, their growth, activities, and goals are limited.

Of those 200 KKK groups, there can be little doubt that many have hateful members. This is to be expected. Since the very term “KKK” is now synonymous with “Hate,” many angry and hateful people will naturally be drawn to such groups. They’ll say to themselves, “I was mugged by niggers. I was cheated by kikes. Those Mexicans stole my lawnmower again! I’m sick and tired of this; I’m gonna join THE KLAN!”
When you demonize a name, groups that call themselves by that name will attract a lot of demons. Charitable people are not encouraged to “join the KKK and make a difference.” For this reason alone, it’s prudent to be wary of people who affiliate themselves with the KKK.
What about the crimes of the past, such as the lynchings, committed by the KKK?
If we’re going to blame today’s KKK groups for crimes of the past, then we might as well blame today’s USA for its past crimes. While we’re at it, let’s hold the Democrat Party responsible for slavery and the Catholic Church culpable for the Inquisition.
The vast majority of crimes attributed to KKK organizations date from decades ago, typically from the turbulent “civil rights era.” It seems to me that more recent incidents are “second-generation” phenomena. In other words, the Left establishment has so built up the name “KKK” that crazy and violent individuals are attracted to it. This artificial bogeyman has taken on a life of its own. At the same time, Establishment pro-crime policies (such as subsidizing fatherless households, feeding black anger and entitlement, forced integration and the emasculation of whites) have enraged enough people that some of them seek out groups they consider to be the most extreme: The KKK and neo-Nazi groups.
Looking over, I didn’t find anything hateful. So it would appear that the official positions of that particular KKK group are not hateful.
My guess would be that older, seasoned members of KKK groups are just like most other people we all know. They have times in their lives when they are, indeed, hateful, and they have times when they’re good-natured.
Today’s KKK groups seem to be united in that they’re pro-white. Anybody who considered a pro-white stance to be “Hate” is only revealing his own hatred.
Much of the above is just my own gut-feelings. It would be nice to flesh it out with insights of people from inside these groups. I’ve tried to contact actual KKK members for an interview, with no success. So if you’re out there reading this, please let me know so we can do an interview.

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  1. If the KKK didn’t exist, liberals would have to invent it. I wonder how many of the members of these groups are FBI infiltrators.

  2. missattempts says:

    Just today I heard another news story of a campus “racist hoax.”
    Seems that a black female student was convicted of sending threatening letters
    to black administrators and student groups. This is getting to be an epidemic.
    The lone solution to black domestic terrorism is for black and white to seperate.
    But since that will never happen (Blacks MUST parasite off whites) the long term
    attricianl genocide of the white race will continue. (See Philip Chism trial.)
    Jews and blacks are the “one two combination” for the destruction of the white race.
    The Jews provide the “brains” and the blacks provide the brawn.
    As it as been throughout history when white slaves made up the Muslim calvery
    and blacks made up the infinitry of conquering armies.

  3. missattempts says:

    Ah, don’t take my prior posting personally. I’ve only had acess to a computer since
    the age of 54, and I’m not really computer literate as this computer is a “special case.”
    It’s only a question of time until I lose the use of this device and return to anynomity.
    I’ve only had a sparatic education because I don’t really belong among human beings.
    I just thought I might express my opinions for a brief segment of time.
    The country is doomed anyway because the populace is devolving into trash.
    In a way, blacks and Jews would be foolish not to take advantage of it.
    White lunkheads are easy to control, and anyone with a skilled bag of tricks can “get”
    the pretty white female, which is the most pleasurable creation of the white race.
    The white race neglected itself. Blood suckers and scavengers only took advantage
    of it.

  4. Have you seen the film Birth of a Nation? If not, I recommend it. It is about the origin of the KKK.

  5. missattempts says:

    Happy New Year J.A.U.! Though we both know that the REAL New Year begins in
    the mounth of September. HA!

  6. carlo says:

    Hi. My name is carlo. Happy new year. I do have a question for you: what do you think about this piece witten by norman friedriksen on -diversity chronicle- ?
    This is the link:

  7. CS says:

    Talking about the KKK, seems kinda irrelevant. Now the issue is the war on whitey, in which connection, there’s an interesting post over at The Irish Savant: Google’s War On Whites.

  8. jewamongyou says:

    Not that I doubt that Google is capable of such grotesque manipulation, but there are more mundane explanations. The ones that come to mind are a) “American couple” is very similar to “African-American couple” and, lo and behold, those are the results that we get. If you do the same search, but add “-African” to exclude the term “African-American,” then the results are far more normal.
    And b). As for “white woman,” it’s possible that the fact that a woman is, in fact, white, usually comes into play when she’s with a non-white man, or in some sort of non-white environment. Otherwise, she’s just a “woman.”

    • CS says:

      How come, then, when you search google for ‘Happy white American couple’ you still get mostly colored people.
      Look, I have against colored people, and I have nothing against mixed marriages, which I consider to be an entirely personal matter between the contracting parties.
      But if google cannot return reasonably representative images for ‘Happy white American couple’, what use are they?
      And as for
      ‘happy “- African” American couple’
      I don’t see a difference. Maybe I have the punctuation wrong. If so, please indicated what the fullsearch string should be.

  9. missattempts says:

    In the aftermath of the Confederacys defeat in the Civil War, some Southerners
    fled to Latin American countries. Humans must go literally underground.
    I think that the events of recent days, shows us Europe is destroyed. The tide of
    the anamalistic sub-human cannot be steamed. And the queasent, effeminate, white
    European male, is incapable of stopping it.
    Anarchy and pathological delusion reign. We are like a car with no breaks going down a steep
    On what basis do we have to be optimastic? The demographics are against it.
    Unless there was another Great Depression it would be impossible to elect a person
    who loves this land, and believes in God.
    People act in perceived self interest. The Devil has suceeded in pursuading the masses
    that the DESTRUCTION of this nation is in their self interest.
    May God have mercy on our souls. The mawrading black thug and towel head will not.

  10. The MAD Jewess says:

    Of course, I am a far rightie, so I wonder just where the hell the KKK is as whites are being murdered, raped and robbed all over America.
    Hope you had a great new year 😀

  11. missattempts says:

    Well J.A.Y. is a wise man. The more intelligent you are, the more cause you have to
    be depressed. Look how King Solomon ended up. I’d want to get away too.
    J.A.Y. should be phrased for giving it “the old collage try,” but it really is hopeless.
    I’m sure J.A.Y., if cornered, wouldn’t go down without a fight. But it IS over.
    There was a famous saying by George Orwell: “The only reason we live in freedom
    is because of the efforts of uncouth men.” It takes selective brutality to preseve the
    quality of life we enjoy.
    Look to the future. The total collapse of the quality of life, and anything worth living
    for. You can’t safely go out for a neighbourhood stroll. The sub-human is mechanised now.
    They have the means to go after you. You can’t eat in an outdoors resteurant now.
    You might be machine gunned. And only more of this SCUM is being bred to bloodsuck
    of fthis land. The American Empire didn’t last long didn’t it?
    In some of the places J.A.Y. visits, the pretty sceanary will be replaced by the garish
    scences of the Towel Head, and other rubbish immagrents raping the local female
    citizens in broad daylight. And to think, it was all done in the name of mercy, justice,
    and equality.

  12. The central idea of the KKK, is a confederated blame the Jews,complex for negro-fying the white race! It is the little known central idea of Hitler’s work, translated into English, meaning My struggle! Of course the capital “P” ,Progressive radicals, are putting to great anti social use, their mercantilism of hate-in on whites! But, that does not mean that anything like, the klans, are just being pro white! It is not at all the case, amongst the confederated klans, across the North American environs, including Canada! If I am not mistaken, many haters, else where, are very pleased to be affiliated with the klans of America! But, you present quite extensive exposure of the racism of the west , against Europe’s culture! But, you seem to be not aware of the pro klan mutually hospitable nature of Arabism’s invisible empire’s identity theft, against civil social Islam! The Arabist klans, ride horses, wearing hoods, across their faces, the Janjaweed, while they rape Sudan African Muslim non Arab women! Remember Darfur? Just ask yourself, do you think the USA “white nationalists”, “Christian identity” or “Christian nationalist” klans’ confederated invisible empire, sides with the Darfur Muslim non Arabs, or the Arabs calling themselves “bidani”,meaning white Arabs? That “bidani” white minority ruled African Muslim non Arab environs, is regardless of their matrilineal Black geno-graphics! The very ideas of “the Sudanis”, means “Blacks” in Arabic! The self described “White bidani” Arabist patrilineal roots, are literally “lay-ed” down, inside the African matrilineal blood lines! This laying down the Patrilineal Arab-ization of the ethnic African, social cultural worlds, is actually at the central core reason ,the SudanAfricans ,both Muslim non Arabs ,like Darfur & non Muslims, like the South Sudan ,alike, have been fighting the “WHITE” bidani Sudan Arabist state! You are quite adept at things linguistic! So please look it up! Just read any book, written by an actual SudanAfrican non Arabs or Kurds! That includes Sudan Muslim non Arabs & non Muslims alike! SudanAfrican Muslim non Arabs, are turned away by the a European states! The European states are kissing up to the racist Arab empire centric, identity theft cartels, occupying Islamic non Arab nations, like Darfur, Nubia, Kordofan & Nuba country! Both Sudan African Muslim non Arab or non Muslim non Arabs,like the South Sudan, are forever violated by racist Arabism’s empire of Arabist klans! But, your points about radical Progressives, attacking the west, are 100% correct! The problem is, the overwhelming number of “so called Muslims”, are just plain Arabists empire supremacists! These racist Arab empire centric radicals,are making use of this new found identity theft, they are imposing on the super majority of Muslim non Arabs like Kurds! So Did YOU NOTICE, THE KURDS ARE MUSLIM NON ARABS, BUT NOT FLOODING TO THE WEST, TO TAKE OVER? Also, the racist Arab empire centric identity theft, against the real Koran’s civil social Islam, is the actual truth about Islam! Have you ever heard any leftist Social Democrats or more radical leftist militant anti western “Progressives” say racist Arabism, is the central identity theft cause, against civil social Islam? You see, the klans & Nazis are not fighting the racist Arab empire centric klans, from the mid east & north African Arabist empire! The west’s klans & neo-nazis, are & have been since WWII, actually loving it all & working together, as in the PalestineArab Nazi Mufti! They both hate or at best demean the Jews & Blacks ! Did you ever see klansmen or neo Nazis, protesting about the European states, sending African Muslim non Arabs, back to get killed by ethnic Arabs? Do you realize the Koran is 100% pro Zionist! But, you see, the racist Arab empire centric cartels, must deny the existence of a real ethnic rooted JudaeanHebrew, Zion, Israel! The whole idea of the Koran, is that the Muslim’s job, is to DEFEND ZIONISM, NOT ATTACK IT! Did a leftist radical, claiming to defend Islam, from so called Islamo-phobia, ever mention that simple reading of the central point of the Koran? So called Conservatives, are wasting so much time, getting sucked into the racist Arabism of Arab empire state-ism! One minute we all used the terms PalestineArab, Arab-Israeli war, Arab radicals, Arab militants & Arab terrorists! The next moment ,we are wasting time debating about Islamophobia or Islamist radicals hijacking a peaceful religion! The question of Islamism, is identical to the kkklan-neo-nazis calling their klanazi racism, Christian identity or Christian nationalism! Please see me, at! You will find links to my ArabEmpireState-ism, on the page! The problem of the useless left & the useless right wing arguments, both miss the central point! Racist ArabEmpireState-ism, is at war on the west & the African & s. w. Asian Muslim non Arabs & non Muslims alike! The radicals, are not, just some rag tag bunch of militant Muslim nuts, violating peaceful Islam, as the left says! But, they are also not living, according to the Koran! No, the Koran does not tell Muslims to just go out & kill anybody else! Offensive war is 100% prohibited, along with forced conversions! Slavery is banned in the Koran! In fact, liberating slaves defines Islam! But Arab empire centric slavery, is practiced gleefully, by the racist Arabist empire identity theft klansmen! The Koran recites, explicitly, the Zionist plans, of Allah’s, assignment of the nation of Israel, to the Holy Land! The Koran recites, that it is a sin, to fight against Allah’s Zionist bestowal of the Holy Land, on the nation of Israel! But, just like the western klansmen, the Arabist invisible empire, denies that Jews are ethnic rooted JudaeanHebrew, Zion, Israel!

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