Scientific American/Army propaganda

I found this on the back of a recent Scientific American magazine:
black leader
If you don’t think this is propaganda, then accept my challenge: Provide us with a similar (recent) photo, from a large establishment organization, depicting an anonymous white man as the leader over anonymous black and female underlings. When the subjects are anonymous, they don’t represent actual individuals, but members of their particular demographic groups.
This example also illustrates how race trumps gender in the left Establishment. Ordinarily, if a mixed gender group is shown, a woman must be depicted in an important/positive role. But the adoration of the black male takes precedence over female “empowerment.”

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  1. countenance says:

    Gee I thought the last seven years would have soured us on this whole concept of magic negroes.

    • No matter what they do the media pushes them even more. Blacks have everything, and whites are discriminated against, yet the mainstream media and White Lives Don’t Matter people find new examples of “racism” everywhere to hit whites over the head with.
      Ever more absurd examples like place names from long ago are dredged up just to have something to attack whites with. The time is coming, I believe, when Confederate war dead will be dug up and hacked to peices by enraged “progressives” lunatics and black militants. Eventually they’ll attack the graves of America’s founders and demolish them, that seems to be where things are headed.

  2. missattempts says:

    Totally correct. When a black male and a white woman have an invairable tussle
    on a college campus, or an employment situation, after some hand wringing the
    P.C. crowd always takes the side of the black male. Abuse, rape, even murder, are covered up or
    down played as they would never be if a white male were the culprit.
    Interesting how the champions of women’s right are strangely silent about the terror
    and torture that that women undergo if the villian is the wrong color.

  3. Stan Mute says:

    This is news to you? The neo-nazis (i.e. William Pierce et al) were hyperventilating about this shit a score of years ago.
    It’s often said of advertising that they do what sells. But this is ad guys selling to corporate clients. Those ad guys are alarmingly queer and corporate guys fully (!) indoctrinated in the leftist dogma. I did recently see a B2B professional services ad recently that showed an older white guy mentoring an African younger man. And what struck me immediately was the political INcorrectness of the ad. It was almost like seeing my first Playboy at age 9 again.
    There should be a contest to find a white guy who is the respected figure in ANY multiracial ad from the 21st (or even later 20th) Century.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Of course it’s not news to me, but I do like to document it. That way, if somebody challenges me to produce examples, all I have to do is click on the “examples of propaganda” category on this blog and there they are.
      As for the “older white guy” being the mentor to blacks, this is acceptable to them – since older people are going to die soon anyway. Good luck finding a YOUNG white man mentoring blacks (unless it’s something like a Peace Corps brochure showing activities overseas).

  4. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Black doctors in Britain :
    Black medical worker in Britain :
    Pakistani doctor in Britain :
    Doctor with an Asian name in Britain :
    Palestinian doctor in Gaza :
    Sri-Lanka doctors in Australia :
    Muslim doctors in Australia :
    Doctor with a Muslim name in California :
    This is just a small sample.

  5. Robert Marchenoir says:

    The “British” doctor du jour :
    There’s practically one every day if you read just the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. And that’s without all the horrors that we don’t know about because they don’t reach the media…

  6. Someone should create an entire website about the anti-white propaganda that we encounter in ads everywhere. I can’t go into a store anywhere without seeing it.

  7. missattempts says:

    Anti-WHITE MALE propaganda. The white woman has her “uses” Ha! Ha!

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