Blacks in positions of power = trouble

A few years ago, I wrote about Ellis McCoy, a Portland official who continued his corrupt practices for several years before he was finally dismissed. The reason it took so long is that McCoy is black. The delay in firing him cost the City of Portland a small fortune.
Closer to home, I have personally witnessed three black employees get away with outrageous behavior for long periods of time.
Employee #1 would regularly take naps when everybody around him was working. He would take almost an hour (I timed him) to do a job that others could easily do in 15 minutes. He would sit in front of a computer and pretend to work, when he was actually nodding off and wasting time. Numerous complaints yielded no action from our bosses – until one day 3 bigwigs walked in and found him sleeping. The next day he was gone.
Employee #2 was an immigrant from Nigeria, and not one of the bright ones. He would yell at his trainers, show gross incompetence, and verbally attack other employees at the drop of a hat. It took months to get rid of him.
Employee #3 was a woman who flagrantly violated safety protocol, argued with her trainers, used her cell-phone at work (a violation that usually leads to a warning and then termination), and ignored standard procedure on a regular basis. She’s still with the company. When I confronted our boss about this, he told me that human resources places a lot of weight on “protected groups,” and that he’s been trying to get rid of her for months. He was blocked, at each turn, by H.R.
Not that I haven’t seen incompetent black employees get fired within reasonable time-frames, but special care must be taken in such cases; all paperwork must be in order. There is definitely a caste system within many American companies. Black females are the Brahmans, and white males are the Untouchables.
How much do such policies cost American businesses? It’s anybody’s guess, but it’s safe to say that the total must run into the billions per year. And these are rank and file employees.
Getting back on topic, putting blacks in positions of power is not a good idea. I don’t say this because of any HBD (human biodiversity) argument. Nor do I deny that there are worthy blacks out there. I say this because of our perverse political climate.
A recent New York Post article reads, “City Finally Fires ‘School of No’ Principal.”

The hooky-playing ex-principal of PS 106 in Far Rockaway has been fired for cheating city taxpayers as well as her students.
Marcella Sills, 50, got the ax on Jan. 22 when hearing officer David Reilly found her guilty of “extreme misconduct,” including excessive lateness, failing to report her absences while collecting full pay and benefits, and causing the city Department of Education “widespread negative publicity.”
Sills, who made $128,000 a year, was tardy at least 178 times between September 2012 and January 2013. Sills said she was late because she cared for her sick mother. But she never documented her absences and “knowingly received unwarranted compensation and thereby committed a theft of time,” Reilly found.

Sills had been in the headlines, for her misconduct, since at least 2008. Why did it take 8 years to fire her? A clue can be seen in this 2009 photograph.
Sills2009She wasn’t just a bad principal; she was an “African American principal.” As such, she couldn’t be let go so easily. She kept her salary for 7 years – at $128,000/year. That’s almost $900,000, not counting any other loses her abuses probably caused.
What about all those kids she let down? Some of those kids probably wanted to learn. Some of those parents have been cheated. Taxpayers certainly were cheated. Do they get a refund for the portion of their property taxes that funded the “School of No?”
All those liberals, who point to “failing/underfunded/ineffective schools” as the reason for black dysfunction in America today, need to realize that affirmative action principals, such as Sills, contribute to this problem.
The moment “Diversity” becomes a priority, whether in schools, government positions or private employment, it comes at a cost to quality.

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  1. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Also, once dubious work ethics have a foot in the door, they tend to infect others, irrespective of race. Quality is an uphill battle. Sloppiness is more natural.

  2. missattempts says:

    Just more proof that America is in terminal decline. Why should we expect it to end?
    True, we have new and improved technology, but what difference does that make?
    A nation is only strong as the population making up that nation. The demographics are awful.
    It doesn’t matter who you vote for. It’s a carefully rigged game.
    The eleiets if need be, can go underground in subterrianian shelters that look like the
    In a nutshell, the white Christian American male is going to be genocided, and the
    white female is going to be a specially bred sex slave.

    • Are you saying that all the white Christian American males are going to be killed, and the white females are going to be specially bred as sex slaves for non-whites? I think I may have heard something similar before in the comment section of this blog somewhere.

  3. Douglas says:

    Jew had to fire two black female employees this year. One took almost three years to fire and the other almost a year. Each of them for extremely poor performance when and if they even shows up for work. Both got lawyers free of charge. Even though the company has lawyers on staff, at least one of those employees is going to get 22k and the other a little less just to drop it. Hell, we may as well pay blacks not to work. They are looking into just such an effort in DC.
    Repatriacians anyone?

  4. alanmwene says:

    I guess sodome and gomorrhe were black cities!Mexico is a country ruled by whites,yet it is the most violent and corrupted country in the world.How many black people live in mexico?What about the Italian mafia which brought violence and large scale corruption to the usa?Anyway,if white Anglo-Saxon people have such a great work ethic,why didn’t they build America on their own?Why to go all the way to Africa to pick up lazy people?I was told that jews have high IQ,but I am very disappointed with you.Are you sure you aren’t a gypsie?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Looks like you only read the title, without bothering to read the actual post. Your comments are irrelevant to what I wrote.

    • racerealist says:

      Yes Mexico is ruled by whites (Spaniards), which make up 10 percent of the population, but a super majority is mestizo. That’s where high come rate comes from.
      People still push that Italian mob thing? Look into the Jews involvement with that.
      >Anyway,if white Anglo-Saxon people have such a great work ethic,why didn’t they build America on their own?Why to go all the way to Africa to pick up lazy people?
      Look at who pays a majority of the taxes in America and tell me about work ethic. Do you know about the true history of slavery or just what you’re told in school?
      What a horrible post.

  5. Jagdflieger says:

    Hi alanmwene
    You’re such an ignorant person that your comments aren’t even worthy of rebuttal, but for starters you might want to research the state of Mexican demographics. If you would have, and I understand that for a black person (I presume you are black) such future time orientation is quite difficult, you would have read that Whites make up only 9% of the Mexican population. There’s possibly a good chance that the violence and corruption that you mention is caused by the other 91%. As for the Italian mafia, the level of violence caused by this group pales into insignificance when compared to the devastation and havoc that your people have wrought in every major American city; Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and Saint Louis being just four well-known examples. The most ludicrous of your insinuations, that somehow blacks built America, is so idiotic that I’m not even going to bother to respond to it. Haiti, anyone?

  6. jiggamayne says:

    Brahman? There’s no such thing as a Brahman caste.
    Also, I find it funny that, on the one hand, you say that putting blacks in a power position is a bad idea. Then, within the same paragraph, you imply that your assertion is not always correct, thus contradicting yourself.
    As you admit, there are blacks who are doing, at least, an average job. And as you’d imagine, there are whites who have done (and still do) a shitty job. So, your post should actually read, “Incompetent People Shouldn’t be Placed in Power.” But where’s the “bite” in that? Such a title wouldn’t give your blog much traffic.

    • jewamongyou says:

      When whites do a lousy job, they’re unceremoniously fired. When blacks do a lousy job, it takes an act of Congress to get them fired, because everybody’s afraid of being accused of being racist. Did you really miss that point? If so, then you should resolve to understand what an author is saying before criticizing him.
      Regarding your assertion that “brahman” is not a caste, here’s what has to say about it:
      Also, Brahmin. a member of the highest, or priestly, class among the Hindus.
      So you should take it up with them.

      • jiggamayne says:

        Here’s your quote from your blog (with emphasis added):
        “There is definitely a caste system within many American companies. Black females are the BRAHMAN’S, and white males are the Untouchables.”
        Here’s the definition you just posted (emphasis added):
        “Also, BRAHMIN. a member of the highest, or priestly, class among the Hindus.”
        Do you see the difference or do I have to “spell” it out for you?
        “When whites do a lousy job, they’re unceremoniously fired. When blacks do a lousy job, it takes an act of Congress to get them fired.”
        George W Bush, George H.W. Bush, Rick Snyder. Remember, blanket statements rarely keep you warm.
        You should quit blogging while you’re behind. At least in your older posts, you made decent points, even though you were often incorrect. Now you make terrible points while still being incorrect.

  7. jewamongyou says:

    Re: jigga,
    Why don’t you visit the original definition at If you do, you’ll see that both spellings are acceptable.
    Yes, there have been plenty of white incompetents who it took a long time to fire. They had other things going for them, such as connections and political clout. Add race-privilege to their arsenal, and things get much worse. That’s the point of my post. Black privilege is not just for the rich and powerful; it extends to rank and file employees too. It definitely extends to mid-level government bureaucrats and school principals.
    Your simplistic worldview holds that all who have privilege, hold the same degree of privilege. That there are no degrees of privilege, and no nuances to that privilege.

  8. James Hyland says:

    VDare writers and others have suggested that in Western European countries, people slacking off as you describe can almost never be fired, so pre-employment screening must be far more careful. Yet another reason why the rapefugees will never be integrated into Europe without very aggressive affirmative action.

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