Risk of dementia along racial/ethnic lines

Those familiar with Human Biodiversity (HBD) are aware of the ubiquitous hierarchy of races Asian-white-Hispanic/Mideastern-black. Average IQ, propensity for violence, time-orientation, muscle-mass, bone-density, and several other traits follow this pattern.
So it shouldn’t be surprising that a study of dementia fell in line with this pattern. A Medicalexpress.com article reports:

This is the first study to look at dementia risk in a large population representing the diversity of the United States. Researchers found dementia incidence to be highest in blacks and American Indian/Alaska Natives, lowest among Asian Americans, and intermediate among Latinos, Pacific Islanders and whites.

While the article doesn’t actually assume that these disparities are the result of environmental factors, it does conclude:

The emphasize that while this study documents racial and in dementia, the next step is to understand the mechanisms driving these inequalities.
“Based on the present study, we cannot determine the extent to which genetic or social and behavioral factors contribute to the observed patterns,” said Whitmer. “But if social and behavioral factors are the primary pathways, these findings suggest substantial reductions in incidence are possible.”

That’s a big “IF.” And it’s an “if” that comes with its own assumption: That different behaviors are not linked to different DNA. Even if it can be shown that these disparities are the direct result of different habits, it must still be shown that these habits are divorced from each race’s genetics. In today’s political climate, such questions are not likely to even be asked, let alone researched.
We’re told that…

“This study has major public health implications. If all individuals aged 65 or older had the same rate of dementia as Asian Americans, 190,000 cases of dementia would be prevented annually,” Whitmer added. “These findings underscore the need to better understand factors for dementia throughout life to identify strategies to eliminate these inequalities.”

A true scientist would explore all possibilities, not just the politically correct ones. Whether the main risk factors are environmental or genetic, this is yet another argument to carefully select who immigrates to the United States. It would be interesting to see what the dementia rates are for countries in Africa or Brazil. With current trends, our future could be one where those who make it to old age will have nobody to care for them, and where dementia patients will be on their own.

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  1. missattempts says:

    I really foresee a time when we are told not only where we can live, but with whom
    we can marry. If housing intergration doesn’t work (Mix the races) I see forced mating
    by P.C. devil worshippers.
    The land will soon be flooded by Towel Head refugees that are certain to team up with
    WHITE LIBERAL SCUM and the minority underclass.
    If Black Lives Matter can invade diners and college libraries they (And their refugee cohorts)
    can send armed people with concealed guns and knives into diners and other
    undefended public places. This happened in a diner in Ohio the other day.
    The bloodbath was beyond description.

  2. Contrarian says:

    This could be a misdiagnosis, similar to how mental retardation is sometimes misapplied to blacks.
    Mental retardation causes lowered IQ. The majority of whites with an IQ below 70 are retarded. But this does not apply to blacks, for whom such a low IQ is still part of the normal and healthy spectrum. 70 is in fact the average for black Africans in Africa.
    IQ tests are adjusted by age. Otherwise most children would be incorrectly classified as mentally deficient.
    Dementia diagnosis are partially based on cognitive tests. This should be adjusted based on the racial average of healthy adults as a baseline. I don’t know if this is being done or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.

  3. James Hyland says:

    The knee-jerk impulse to reach for the nurture straw in the face of genetic explanations being far more likely is a compulsion with all who must appear PC.
    Dementia epidemiology has always had a problem within the nature-nurture dichotomy. By definition dementia is a fall from a relative previous level of function sufficient to signficantly impair daily mental requirements to live a functional life. This leaves room for nuture, in that pre-existing mental requirements must be lower for blacks to function in America, on average, than for others, given their 15 point average IQ deficit compred to, say, whites.
    But the complexity of modern society being what it is, blacks will reach the point of dysfunction earlier. There is a floor effect that’s similar for all, regardless of the greater complexity of white American life.
    For example, let’s say the average case of Alzheimer’s involves a decline of 3 IQ points a year. Let’s say the average white needs to fall from 100 to 70 before dementia is clinically present. That’s 10 pre-clinical years that the white has growing Alzheimer’s pathology in the brain but is not yet at the threshold for dementia.
    The average American black, on the other hand, would be at an IQ of 55, given the same process.
    Now I grant that white American culture may be sufficiently more complicated than black that a black with Alzheimer’s pathology can function in his culture with IQ 65 about as well as a white with IQ 70. But no way can 55 versus 70 work that way, given basic Western cultural complexity.
    See the implications for dementia incidence?

  4. missattempts says:

    A warning to white men:
    The plot is continuing a pace. After today Donald Trump will be on an unstoppable
    trajectory to win the Republican nomination. This is exactly as the “set-up” was planned.
    Trump is NOT a serious candidate. He is a diversionary plant. It was never intended for
    him to be President. He is a decoy/Stalking Horse to help Hillary Clinton win.
    Demographically, Trump was unnecessary, but he was being used as insurence.
    Hillary Clinton is the most knowingly corrupt person ever offered up for President.
    Her husband Bill, was the most corrupt person ever to run at his time.
    The only reason he won, was because, another billionare Ross Perot, (Who had no real
    intention of becoming President) drew enough votes away in a third party run.
    They are using the same tactics now. Through a combination of media lies, criminal underclass,
    special interest and refugee SCUM. The ruthless, Stalinist Hillary will win, by being the last
    person standing. It’s no sweat off Trump’s back. He will be well rewarded. The suckers will
    watch his reality shows.
    But why should this matter to white men? Because very shortly, there’s not going to be ANY
    WHITE MEN. Once Hillary Clinton gets in, the long coveted plan to genocide white males will be
    enacted. This is what they have been working for since the beginning of time. Kill the white man
    and destroy western civilazation. NOT the white RACE. The white male. It was impossible to do
    it in the past. Not so now. In China when they wanted to kill a girl baby, they would only have to
    put her in the woods to be eaten by animals. That resulted in a lot of male babies.
    In this country, we have fertility clinics. The white male can be rooted out. The gorgeous
    white female can be bred without a single white male. You just need the sperm.
    Without white guys wouldn’t civilazation fall apart? Nope. You’ve got Asians. Angry Asians
    who could never get the time of the day from a white woman. They would be more then happy
    to keep society going for their “rewards” and have the intelligence to do so.
    Here’s whats going to happen:
    1) Trump gets the nomination or is denied the nomination because he is “racist,” sexist”,
    “fascist,” tempermentally unsuited ” for the job etc..
    2) If Trump is denied the nomination, he runs third party and draws enough away to give
    the election to the Wicked Witch Of The West. Even if Trump is allowed to keep the nomination,
    the media produces an 11th hour sex tape, or a racist or Anti semetic rant. It ensures Hillary’s
    election. Or Trump might simply impolode with babaling or a mental breakdown.
    Kind of like when he refused to reject David Duke’s endoursement and said there was something
    wrong with the mike.
    Beginning Jan. 20, 2017, you should expect to see a lot less white guys around. Maybe no more
    shortly after that.

  5. obadiah18 says:

    I’d love to know what the incidence of dementia is among Jews.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It probably varies depending on the racial/ethnic origin of said Jews. We’re a pretty diverse group you know.

      • SFG says:

        Ashkenazim? I’d be curious to know if the same genes that raise IQ are harmful later in life, or if they actually stumbled on genes that improve brain function throughout lifespan.

    • RaceRealist says:

      I found this on Ashkenazi Jews, though I can’t find anything scholarly at the moment:

      At least six rare metabolic disorders tend to appear more frequently among Jews of eastern European origin than among any other ethnic group in the world. Tay-Sachs disease (infantile amaurotic idiocy), a congenital lethal metabolic disorder with accumulation of lipids in the neurons of both the central and peripheral nervous systems, and manifested by arrest of development, progressive visual loss, and slowly occurring dementia, occurs in 1:6,000 Jewish births in the U.S. as compared to 1:500,000 among non-Jews; Neiman-Pick’s disease, a similar condition, manifested by poor mental and motor development, is also more prevalent among Ashkenazi Jews. Gaucher’s disease, a rare disorder of lipid metabolism, characterized by splenomegaly, skin pigmentation, bone lesions, and occasionally by hemorrhage and neurological symptoms, is found in about 1:2,500 Ashkenazi Jews; familial disautonomia (Riley-Day’s disease), a rare congenital disorder, manifested by poor motor coordination, emotional instability, indifference to pain, inadequate sense of taste, tearless crying, excessive sweating, skin blotching, and frequent upper respiratory infections, has been described almost exclusively in Ashkenazi Jews, with a frequency of about 1:10–20,000. Pentosuria, a harmless, rare anomaly, characterized by an excessive excretion of L-xylulose in the urine, which is usually discovered on routine urinalysis and often mistakenly diagnosed as diabetes, occurs among Ashkenazi Jews in a frequency of 1:2,500–5,000 as compared to 1:40–50,000 among U.S. gentiles. Also, approximately one half of the observed cases of Bloom’s syndrome, a rare childhood condition characterized by a marked sensitivity to sunlight, a small stature, and association with chromosomal abnormalities and leukemia, have been described in Ashkenazi Jews.


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