The "one-percenters"

Do y’all remember the “Occupy Wall Street” movement? I bet you haven’t heard much about it recently. Though it didn’t actually disappear, we don’t hear about the “one-percenters” much anymore. These days, they focus more on a non-issue called “income inequality.”
Why do I say it’s a non-issue? Because we shouldn’t be worried about people making a lot more money than ourselves. If we have a roof over our heads, bread on the table, medical care and clothes on our backs, then we’re better off than many of our ancestors. We should be happy about that.
“But,” cry the 99-percenters, “a lot of people DON’T have enough to eat, a roof over their heads or medical care!” That may be the case, but we shouldn’t take it for granted that “income inequality” is to blame. Perhaps they should look at high birthrates among low-IQ people, low expectations/requirements for privileged groups (blacks and women), the costs of law-enforcement, incarceration and litigation associated with the proliferation of low-IQ populations, and the costs of forced integration and associated insurance rate hikes. If Reuben (a random person) is very successful, his success doesn’t necessarily come at the expense of Simon (another random person).
I was reading the transcript of one of John Derbyshire’s radio talks, and found this:

That’s how it is in the Cold Civil War. It’s whites against whites. It’s mostly the white liberals who scream and shout and swoon. Blacks will put on some kind of show if they’re paid to: like the Black Lives Matter movement, which is funded by radical white billionaires like George Soros and oil heiress Leah Hunt-Hendrix. The real passion comes from whites, though — people like those billionaire radicals.

“Radical white billionaires” AKA the “one-percenters.” For all their rhetoric about common folk, Clinton and Sanders are (or will ultimately be) working for the interests of the one-percenters. Even if Sanders breaks up the large banks, raises corporate taxes and increases the minimum wage, the one-percenters will remain ensconced upon their thrones. They will find a way to manipulate the system in their favor, and there’s nothing we can do about it.
I think one reason the very concept of “one-percenter” fell out of grace is that it conflicts with the “evil white people”/”holy people-of-color” dichotomy at the center of liberal ideology. If the one-percenters only care about themselves, then they clearly don’t care about poor, and middle-class, white people.
Some say that the wealthy elite uses race and politics to divide the rest of us. This may well be true, but it doesn’t  mean that such divisions are unimportant in their own right. One can take an important issue and capitalize upon it.
Speaking of important issues, I’ve signed up for the upcoming Amren conference. I hope to meet some of y’all there.

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  1. Common sense interpretation, JAY. I used to teach in my economics classes a version of what you’ve laid out here. If I were still in the classroom, I’d link to your piece and use it in class.

  2. missattempts says:

    How well do you know P.J., JAY? Have you read his site and do you know his history?
    The type of America that can’t be avoided now produced him.
    The reason why Trump is doing so well in the Rust Belt is because war has been
    declared against the white Christian male. The death and suicide rates of the white
    working man are off the charts now. And the non-white Jewish directed foot soldiers
    are only making it worse with their media concealed criminality.
    Nope it’s all over I’m afraid. America is a shadow of it’s former self.
    The “shark was jumped” when that bum from “Camalot” was elected in 1960.
    Good-bye white man, though white women will still be of use for “eye candy” on
    cable T.V. shows among other things.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Do I have to know each commenter here personally? Anybody, including neo-Nazis and Afro-centrists, is free to comment here and state their opinion. If I were to allow comments only from those who are in my camp, then what would be the point? I’ve read P.J.’s blog quite a few times, and he’s got some good posts. I don’t take it personally when he bashes Jews. Similarly, I hope that good blacks and Hispanics don’t take it personally when I bash them (as a group.)

  3. missattempts says:

    Dear J.A.Y.:
    Don’t get me wrong on Paladin! I was always a fan of his! I just stopped posting there
    after a while because he stopped responding to my posts, so I thought it was his polite
    way of telling me to go.
    I did predict everything regarding Trump. I knew he was a monkey wrench to destroy the
    Republican party. So not only will we end up with the cackling Wicked Witch Of The
    West, but the Senate and the Congress will be lost as well. I don’t blame people for
    clinging to false hope. Every terminal patient and those they love, cling to false hope.
    Send your daughter to Israel while you still can. The only “Day of Rope” that will arrive
    for deluded white folks is the nooses that will be looped around their necks, while their
    daughters are dragged off to produce bi-racial and towel head children.

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